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Chitwan Jungle Safari

Duration 03 Days
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Trip Duration 03 Days
Group Size 2-12 people
Maximum Altitude Kathmandu (1,400m)
Difficulty Grade Easy
Start & End Point Kathmandu/Kathmandu
Best Seasons Mar-May, Sept-Dec

Trip Highlights of Chitwan Jungle Safari

  • The best national park in Asia for a Chitwan jungle safari
  • Discover Nepal’s first national park, which covers an area of 952.63 square kilometers and was founded in 1973 AD.
  • Home to native plants and animals (700 species of wildlife, 17 species of snakes, 133 species of fish, and 543 species of birds),
  • Canoeing in the Rapti River and exploring the aquatic animals like gharials, crocodiles, etc.
  • Full-day Chitwan Jungle safari in a Jeep
  • Take an elephant ride through the dense forest.
  • Visit the Elephant Breeding Center.
  • Jeep safari, walking trip through the jungle, sunset tour, village tour, and bird viewing tour
  • Engaging in some adventure activities and experiencing wildlife
  • Enjoy the local cuisine and take part in traditional Tharu dance on our Chitwan Jungle safari.
  • Discover the astounding variety of species and natural ecosystems in Nepal.

Overview of Chitwan Jungle Safari

The first recognized national park in Nepal is Chitwan, which was established in 1973 AD. It started to gain popularity among tourists after being included on the list of world historic sites. It is worth seeing because of the numerous endangered species and lush vegetation. During your Chitwan jungle safari tour, you have the option of staying anywhere between the east side of Chitwan and Nawalpur in the west.

Chitwan is home to a variety of flora, animals, and natural features. You can participate in a variety of activities throughout the day.Jeep safari rides are one such activity. Your heart will be filled with a lot of satisfaction as a result of a pleasant journey. The Jeep tour into the wild offered you comparable joy. Additionally, seeing creatures like rhinos, tigers, elephants, and deer, as well as the lush vegetation and diverse birdlife, will help you calm down. The national park’s main draws are the six endangered species. The “big six” also refers to these. Gaur, a wooden bear; a tiger; a leopard; wild elephants; and a one-horned rhinoceros are among the animals on display.

The highly endangered reptile known as the ghariyal, as well as another creature of the same species, the crocodile, are two additional attractions of the national park. The national park is home to four different types of deer, including sambar deer, spotted deer, hog deer, and barking deer. In addition to these animals and reptiles, the national park has 584 distinct bird species. Some of the birds are local residents, while others are migrants who came in search of safety. The vivid attractiveness of birds like the ruddy shel duck, cormorant, snake bird, and kingfisher draws tourists.

More than 900 soldiers are now guarding the national park. This has aided in preventing illegal smuggling and hunting in the national park. Three years have passed without a single piece of proof of such activity. This might be the cause of the statistics showing a doubling in the number of tigers. The national park, the local community, and WWF Nepal have all been essential to tiger and rhinoceros protection. The national park is similarly covered with three distinct plant species. 20% grassland, 12% pine forest, and 8% riverine forest.

Best time to visit

People can visit Chitwan National Park all year round. However, the winter months, particularly February and March, would be the best in terms of weather. However, the months of April and May are better for sightings as the weather begins to heat up and animals begin to move toward the water.

How to reach

The capital, Kathmandu, and Chitwan are both very well connected. The shortest airport to the national park is in Bharatpur, and flights there take thirty minutes and cost between three thousand and four thousand Nepali rupees. Another option is to take a 4-hour, 175-kilometer drive from Kathmandu.

Best Place to Stay

In Chitwan, there are several lodging options for every price range and preference. The majority of the hotels and resorts are situated along the Rapti River, close to the national park. The hotel staff is always prepared to greet guests in a formal manner. A private pool and breathtaking views of the river and national park are included in each villa on the site.

It also provides various accommodations. The chance of staying in a community homestay decorated in the style of those remarkable people is available in Chitwan. Additionally, there is a possibility of living in the luxurious style that the resort offers. The cozy accommodations, attractive interior design, traditional foods, swimming pool, and lush landscaping add romance to the environment.

Chitwan jungle safari tour through a jeep ride

One of the well-liked and popular ways of discovering animals in Chitwan National Park is a jeep safari. After breakfast, you’ll hop in the jeep early in the morning and head out on a safari. The safari jeep is waiting for you after you cross the Rapti River in a canoe.

On this safari, you will observe the animals while riding in the back of an open jeep. The guide, on the other hand, will hang from the back of the jeep to detect wildlife. Additionally, he will provide details on the surroundings, habitats, and fauna. To point out locations and creatures, the driver will stop at different places. This will provide you with a fantastic opportunity to get some amazing photos of animals and birds. There are two ways to engage in the Jeep safari:

The first choice is a quick safari that lasts for roughly 4 hours. The vehicle can accommodate up to 7 passengers. You should sit with your back on the side of the vehicle. This Chitwan Jungle safari will begin at roughly 13:00 and end at about 17:00.

A full-day  Chitwan Jungle safari is the second choice. Given that you have superior seats and a private vehicle, the Jeep is more comfortable. This journey will begin early in the morning and go on until late in the day. You will go further into the forest on this tour, where your chances of seeing tigers will increase. You will spend the entire day on a vehicle safari in the wilderness. Therefore, throughout this tour, lunch will be eaten in the jungle area.

Tip: Avoid wearing bright colors on a  Chitwan Jungle safari  since this will frighten the animals. black, off-white, dark green and grey are preferable.

Itinerary of Chitwan Jungle Safari

Kathmandu to Sauraha, Chitwan, and Transfer to Jungle Resorts

Your trip starts in Kathmandu with a 5–6-hour bus ride to Chitwan. When you arrive at the Chitwan Jungle Resort and Hotel, the staff will formally greet you and offer you some refreshments before showing you to your rooms. After a short rest, our tour guide will provide a quick overview of the day’s schedule.

You can take a walk down the Rapti riverbank, viewing the endless plains of land of the Terai region of Nepal and the sun setting from the side of the river. We can also encounter some Gharials and muggers lounging in the sun on the other side of the river.

Bus 5-6 hrs
Accommodation Resort
Meals Dinner
Altitude Chitwan (415m)
Full Day Jungle Safari Tour

One of the most intriguing days of the entire trip is today because we embark on a forest safari right after breakfast. Our first step into Chitwan’s wilderness will be a short canoe trip along the Rapti River. The wild varieties of crocodiles may be seen basking in the sun. There is also a quick forest walk program where a guide will be with us to talk about the trip’s unexpected surprises.

There are two alternatives available to you: an elephant safari or a jeep safari. You may explore Chitwan’s wilderness in any case. You must note that an elephant may explore a deep area of the forest, but a jeep simply travels along the road, often in the forest’s buffer zone. On the journey, one-horned rhinoceroses, deer, peacocks, and other animals are commonly seen. The Royal Bengal Tiger, on the other hand, is a rarely seen species.

In the evening, we will witness indigenous Tharus performing a traditional dance.We will spend the night at the resort in Chitwan, where we will participate in the dinner, cultural performance, and campfire.

Accommodation Resort
Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Altitude Chitwan (415m)

This is the last day we will be in Sauraha, Chitwan. We start the day with tea or coffee in the early morning, followed by a quick tour into the jungle to view the birds. Following that, we depart for the Kathmandu Valley.

Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


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Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour: Extra Activities

Exploring Sauraha City

A visit to the city of “Sauraha,” which is close to the Rapti River, is essential for every trip to Chitwan Jungle safari. Sauraha is situated in south-central Nepal. It is a town that is situated directly on the Chitwan National Park’s border. The objective of visiting Sauraha is to experience a unique ambiance, such as the serenity of the deep forest, the tranquility of the Tharus society, and delightful animal interactions. The nighttime, the increasingly vibrant lights in and around Hatti and Gaida Chowk, the nearby hotels and restaurants, and the music played in those places all contributed to giving your excursion a unique flavor.

Cultural program

Your Chitwan jungle safari tour will also feature a traditional Tharu show. Many of the resort’s facilities host the Tharu cultural program. The vibrant traditional costume that the Tharus wear while performing their dance will captivate you. Some of the dances that will be performed by the locals are Maayur Naach and Laathi Naach. You may participate in the dance with the locals and have a great time.

Visiting Maulakaliika Mandir

Maulakaliika Mandir is a temple that may be reached by ascending 1700 steps on foot. Even the Narayani River and the city of Bharatpur can be seen from there. The “devghaat ashram,” which links three separate Nepalese regions, is significant from a religious and spiritual standpoint to visit on Chitwan Jungle safari.

Elephant Ride

A Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour on an elephant is the greatest way to get up-close views of animals while having adventures. An elephant ride will allow you to discover the depths of the jungle. The Chitwan National Park’s Elephant Back Ride Safari is the excursion that receives the most publicity. Your coming elephant ride will be an Asian or Asiatic elephant (Elephas maximus). It is the only living species of the genus Elephants, and it is found across Southeast Asia, stretching from Borneo in the east to India in the west. Likewise, tourists may participate in activities like elephant bathing.

A Campfire

You are welcome to spend your final evening at the resort around the campfire and enjoy the barbecue served there on our Chitwan Jungle safari. This lovely setting fosters an aura of serenity and tranquility, as well as a clean environment. It can aid in mental and physical relaxation and foster an upbeat, joyful environment.

Exploring the village and their culture

Chitwan Jungle safari offers more than just visiting the national park and taking in the local wildlife. There is a lot to learn about their unique way of life, communities, culture, etc. Here we are addressing the Barauli, Kasara, and Sauraha villages situated near the Chitwan National Park. From west to east, we are traveling to three distinct locations in the neighborhood.

In a few unique settlements close to the environmental richness of the national park, the Tharus celebrate their culture and traditions. Barauli contains one such community. This community is located in the national park’s western region. It is said by one of the elders of the village that before, there were just two or three houses. The only inhabitants of the settlement were tharu. However, once several immigrants from other cultures and religions arrived, the village began to expand. Four to five years ago, agriculture was their only source of income. The women took care of the household while the men worked in the fields.

The residents were financially weak despite living close to the national park. This forced those people to engage in hunting and deforestation. However, the resourceful locals there established the Barauli Community Homestay with the aid of the community homestay network in order to address issues like these and raise awareness of their own culture and customs.

Homestay at Chitwan Jungle safari tour

A homestay program was launched to attract both domestic and foreign guests. This increased the community’s financial well-being. The happy smiles and independent demeanor they exhibit demonstrate the good effects the community homestay program has brought about in their lives. Both men and women hold equal responsibility for running the homestay in support of women’s empowerment and equality.

The interior design of the 12 homes and 14 rooms combines both traditional elements and modern equipment. Each room has a feminine name as encouragement for the women. Tourists are drawn in by the cozy accommodations and excellent local cuisine. The cuisine offers foods made using ingredients that are farmed and harvested locally on the Chitwan Jungle safari tour. Additionally, you may go on a jeep trip around the national park and see the community.

You can return after watching the sunset over the Narayani River and thoroughly enjoy the Tharu people’s traditional program. Lathi Naach and Mayur Naach are two examples of the traditional dances performed by the people of this distinctive and particular culture.

The next settlement you can visit is Kasara on our Chitwan Jungle safari tour, which is also where the main entrance to the national park is located. Kasara represents the natural world. Similarly, Kasara Lodges has made an effort to present the same reflection. If you want to visit the national park from its central location, you can stay at any of the Kasara hotels or resorts.

Additionally, a conventional bullock cart may be used to get to the tharu hamlet in Kasara. The village has a population of about 200 people who live in 40 households. There, people are kind and polite. They also believe it is their duty to protect the wildlife and the forest. They have established a small museum to conserve and display their antique equipment. The museum has wooden rice husks, a grinder, a traditional hat, a plough, a fishnet, and traditional slippers.

You may go see the elephants nearby after touring the village. Because these animals are among the most intelligent, the caregiver finds it easy to communicate with them.

On the Rapti River, you may go canoeing on the Chitwan Jungle safari tour. You’ll come to understand the value of rivers for wildlife as you float around in the boat. A thirsty one horned rhinoceros comes to the river to drink water, and numerous types of birds make a lively picture of flying and driving in the river. Fish-eating gharials sit on the river bank, warming their bodies beneath the hot sun. You could find great value in these views.

Similarly to this, the next step includes visiting more locations in Nawalpur and Chitwan. The surrounding greenery is reflected in the “twenty thousand lake” that is located in the buffer zone. The Mahabharat range and the Chure range are divided by this lake. Elephant breeding facilities allow visitors to witness an elephant herd.

Chitwan Jungle Safari cost

The Chitwan National Park Tour is South Asia’s best jungle safari. Various itineraries and packages are offered, with varying pricing schemes. The cost of the Chitwan jungle safari tour depends on a variety of factors, including the mode of transportation, the lodging, the length of your stay, the meals, etc. Each person must pay, on average, between $100 and $230. A Chitwan jungle safari excursion typically costs between $100 and $230 with all meals, transportation, guide, lodging, and permit charges included. For tour packages, you can consult a reputable company.

Barahi Jungle Lodge

The Barahi Jungle Lodge has located at Andrauli 5 km from Meghauli airport and 32 km from Bharatpur. The hotel is ecologically designed with local materials and its 13 hectares of land encompasses 28 deluxe rooms, 1 Presidential suite, and 3 interconnected double rooms in a family cottage.

The property is situated on the bank of the Rapti river facing the Chitwan National Park and runs parallel to it. The hotel complex resembles a mini forest itself, due to tree plantations over the years, and shelters a varied species of bird life and lesser mammals like rodents, mongoose, and jackals who sometimes add to the thrill of the guests by getting unexpectedly sighted. The keyword at The Barahi Jungle Lodge is space and luxury. An infinity pool, several dining areas, a basketball and badminton court, and a Spa add to the comfort and variety during the guest’s stay. All travel inside the hotel is by battery-powered Carts.

Getting there

a) Daily flight from Kathmandu and Pokhara. The closest airport is Bharatpur 32 km from the Lodge. The driving time from the airport to the lodge is about an hour.

b) By private vehicle from Kathmandu, (178 km one way)Pokhara (158 km one way), and Lumbini (202 km one way).

c) By chartered helicopter which can land directly at the hotel. The hotel has 2 helipads and can accommodate up to 5 helicopters at a time.

Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour for Tourists

Nepal is much more than you may think. We visualize it with the triangular temple top, a snow-covered mountain peak, and a waving red flag. But Nepal’s natural Himalayan beauty is the real winner. From the valleys of Pokhara and Kathmandu to the Chitwan tropical lowland, Nepal offers a wealth of sights and activities.

Visitors may enjoy a variety of activities on the Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour, which is regarded as one of the most thrilling and unique safari tours in Nepal. Chitwan National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, covers 932 sq. km. of subtropical valleys and thick forests.

The one-horned rhinoceros, wild elephants, Royal Bengal tigers, spotted leopards, crocodiles, blue bulls, and other wild species are the main attractions of this park. More than 650 different bird species can be found there. Chitwan National Park allows visitors to relish the wild ambiance of the forest due to its arrangement of natural animal treasures.

By booking one of the Chitwan jungle safari tour packages, you can participate in adventurous activities such as canoeing, bird watching, jungle walks, elephant back safaris, visiting local villages and learning about their cultures, to name a few. While viewing gharials, mugger crocodiles sunbathing on the riverbanks, and many bird species in their natural habitat, tourists may canoe over the Rapti River.

The Tharus’ rich cultural heritage and old traditions are other key draws for Chitwan’s Jungle Safari. Tharu settlements may be found all throughout the forest area. People may even enjoy the area with its magnificent sunset views. Additionally, you may visit the Tharu museum, the community’s history, and customs, cultural events, and a typical Tharu hamlet. Also, this opportunity to discover the distinctive culture and customs of these ethnic people is provided by the Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour. You may stay the night away in a safari homestay, a cottage, or a forest lodge. One may enjoy the traditional performances of the Tharu people while dining.

A forest safari tour in Chitwan is the ideal place to spark your enthusiasm for photography. This is the ideal tour for you if you want to discover what it means to be in the wild. You will get 3–4 days to experience your dream in the Chitwan National Park jungles while discovering several endangered animals, vegetation, and birds.

The Chitwan Jungle Safari tour is ideal for family holidays and tourists of all ages, especially if you are bringing children. You can reserve a family package in order to discover a new place and have an unforgettable time with your family. Adventurous travelers can reserve the Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour Package for thrilling walks in the Chitwan National Park’s deep forests.

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