Tiger Tracking Tour Nepal

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Trip Duration 05 Days
Group Size 2-10 people
Maximum Altitude Bardiya (3,300m)
Difficulty Grade Easy
Start & End Point Kathmandu/Kathmandu
Best Seasons Mar-May, Sept-Nov

Tiger Tracking Tour Nepal

  • Royal Bengal Tiger
  • One horn Rhino
  • Flora and Fauna of Bardia National Park
  • Tharu Culture

Overview of Tiger Tracking Tour Nepal

Tiger Tracking Tour Nepal is the best tour for adventure and nature lovers. We are rich not only in mountains and temples but also in wildlife. Our Tiger tacking tour in Nepal will take you to the famous Bardia National Park. It will provide a great way to relax and discover the best way to view the flora and fauna.

It also gives you the historical heritage and culture. You can watch wild animals and scenery. We know Nepal is one of the few places in the world quite likely to encounter wild tigers on foot in their natural habitat. Tiger Tracking Tour Nepal analyzes different animal categories, especially Tigers.

It focuses on observing their track, signs, and sounds. The Tiger Tracking Safari Holiday tour deeply explores Bardia’s beautiful national parks. You can be sure of some exciting experiences during this tiger-tracking tour.

You can improve your tracking skills. The chance of tiger sighting is very high in Bardia National Park. Our Tiger Tracking Nepal tour trail starts from Kathmandu and flies to Nepalgunj. Finally, we will arrive in Bardia.

Bardia is the best place for Tiger tracking tours in Nepal.

Bardia National Park Safaris has fantastic jungle walks, elephant safari, and bird watching. You will also do canoeing, elephant bathing, traditional shows, and dances. You can do many more activities, along with a Tiger tracking tour of Nepal.

This trip occurs in Bardia National Park, so there will be an active quest for Bardia National Park. You will deep-dive into its diverse wildlife, including the elusive Bengal tiger. Bardia National Park is remote and challenging. It offers a unique wildlife adventure as it was initially a hunting reserve.

We will have a whole-day tiger tracking tour in Nepal in the national park. Including this, you will also have a chance for a Dolphin Sightseeing tour. You can have a bird-watching time during the tiger tracking tour. It helps you to make your tour a lifetime experience.

Tiger tracking tour Nepal safari package

Our Tiger tracking tour in Nepal includes an elephant ride safari or jeep drive. It has canoe rides, nature walks, and bird watching. Besides that, you can do excursions and quick tours around the villages. There you get the unique culture and traditions of the local town.

Local cultural entertainment is a highlight of your wildlife safari trip in Nepal. We combine these Safari trips with the other adventures you’ll wish to require. Like – trekking, rafting, cultural tours, or peak climbing trips per your requirements.

These wilderness activities raise your fun and spirit to explore the corners of Nepal. You can luxuriate in a variety of lively experiences. Wildlife Adventure Tours knocks on your enthusiastic spirit to find Nepal’s pristine natural pearls. You can ride on an elephant’s back or drive a four-wheeler into the jungle.

The selection is yours. Tread on Himalaya will be managed accordingly. Once you enter for the safari, a unique world of greeneries is ahead. It welcomes you to dip within the ocean of tranquil nature. The Nepalese government makes a great effort to preserve these natural wildlife sanctuaries.

They help maintain balance in the local Ecosystems. The Nepal Jungle safari tour takes you to the heart of the Nepal forest. The wildlife safari tour takes less than one week of holiday in Nepal. The Forest of Nepal has grassland and sal trees, which are very popular in this continent.

Enjoy the wildlife adventure on our Tiger tracking tour in Nepal.

A Tiger tracking tour in Nepal is an ideal option to enjoy the engulfing natural diversity of the country. Chitwan Park allows you to prospect the Royal Bengal tiger, One-horned Rhinoceros, Crocodiles, and Gharials. The deep and thick forests of Bardia Park offer an exciting outdoor feeling of Jungle Safari.

During the autumn, you can spot the Greater Spotted Eagle, Pallas’s Fish Eagle, and Eastern Imperial Eagle within Chitwan Park. Similarly, the colorful Bengal Pittas usually visit here during the monsoon for breeding.

The sight of the Paradise flycatcher with its undulating long tail during flight is mind-blowing. Bask in the sun next to the juggling rivers. Relax in the thatched huts. Enjoy the sunset views, bonfires, overnight picnics alongside the river, etc.

There are daily flights from Kathmandu to a significant town near Nepal Safari. You can drive by bus or private vehicle. There is good road access to Chitwan, Bardia, Parsa, and Shuklaphanta National Park within the Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve.

Tiger tracking tour Nepal is in the southern lowland of the Indian border.

The southern part of Nepal has dense tropical forests. It shelters world-famous threatened animals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and various plants. National park guests see the Royal Bengal tiger, sloth bear, one-horned rhino, and birds.

They also see monkeys, butterflies, crocodiles, Gangetic dolphins, bison, and deer. There are omnivorous, herbivorous, and carnivorous species. Poaching has been controlled at zero levels by military patrolling. Tiger tracking tour Nepal welcomes the Natural UNESCO World Heritage site (1984), Chitwan National Park.

The tour excludes hunting and does not disturb graceful wildlife. Many jungle cottages deliver safari packages. These include a jeep tour, an elephant ride, and a canoe ride. They also have a Tharu village walk and a Tharu cultural show. You can also do bird watching, jungle walking, and Elephant breeding center tours.

Thousands of tourists join safari activities yearly. They are there to spot rare animals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and aquatics. The Parks have basic luxury lodges and tented camps. They deliver food and accommodation near the national parks. This region also offers impressive views of sunrise and sunset over the Himalayas.

During the Tiger tracking tour of Nepal, you can enjoy the encounter of many animals. You may encounter a herd of elephants, a crash of rhinoceros, a leap of leopards, and a prickle of porcupines. You can see a bask of crocodiles, a quiver of cobras, and a streak of tigers. They are nature’s beauty in Nepal. You will learn all sorts of wildlife trivia: chameleons, monkeys, bison, deer, and birds.

Itinerary of Tiger Tracking Tour Nepal


Day 01: Fly to Nepalgunj and Drive to Bardia National Park, Tharu village tour in late afternoon.

After breakfast or a Tiger tracking tour, the Nepal itinerary begins. We drive toward another heart-touching tourist area, Bardia National Park. We will transfer you to Lodge. They will offer refreshments. The rest of the day is free for individual activities.

Go on a Village tour to a nearby ethnic Tharu village. You will learn more about the Tharus’ life and lifestyle. A cultural program performed by the Tharus is another way to enjoy and make a significant contrast to a visit.

Accommodation Hotel
Meals Lunch & Dinner
Altitude Bardiya (3,300m)

Day 02: Whole day tiger tracking mostly focused on tiger trail and territories.

This park is the only National park with a large territory of Royal Bengal Tigers. It is the best place for tiger-tracking tours in Nepal. Today, we will have a whole-day tiger tracking tour in the national park. Of course, tigers do move around.

We have seen plenty of tiger evidence all over the park. But we recommend staking out some locations where tigers are often spotted. From watchtowers, you can see out over the grasslands. You can spot a distant herd of elephants or a tiger leaving the long grass to come down for a drink at the river.

Walking Day
Accommodation Hotel
Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Altitude Bardiya (3,300m)

Day 03: Dolphin sightseeing tour in the morning and Jeep safari in the evening.

There are two places within the local area where you can see the rare Gangetic Dolphin. One site is close to Thakurdwara, and it takes half a day to walk there.

We will take you across into the jungle on a Jungle Safari drive for our Tiger tracking tour of Nepal. We will also have more frequent sightings of the park’s unique animals, vegetation, and birds.

Accommodation Hotel
Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Altitude Bardiya (3,300m)

Day 04: Return to the Jungle

There’s a good chance you will see a tiger on day 02. But today, you get to return to other parts of the jungle to see more wild animals, including the Royal Bengal Tiger. There are wild elephant herds and crocodiles. There are rare Indian One-Horned Rhinoceros, also called Bardia National Park homes.

We will continue on our Tiger tracking tour in Nepal to look for a variety of birds all along our path. Be sure to bring your camera. There is plenty of scenery and animals to photograph. Have another fantastic day before returning to rest and relax by the pool. There is even an opportunity for a relaxing massage and sauna at Babai Resort (slightly extra cost for a professional massage and sauna).

Walking Day
Accommodation Resort
Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Altitude Bardiya (3,300m)

Day 05: Bird watching in the morning and fly back to Kathmandu

We will walk around the prime areas of the park to view nature’s gifts. We can see wild animals and 407 bird species. After having lunch on our Tiger tracking tour of Nepal, we will fly back to Kathmandu from Nepalgunj.

Flight 45 min
Meals Breakfast

Fixed Departure Dates

Note: We can run a trip for solo travelers, couple, friends and family with children. Our private trips are running everyday. If you are looking for a group joining trip please contact us.


What's Included?
  • Airport / Hotel / Airport transfers by private vehicle.
  • Bardia full package with meals, accommodation, nature guide, all programs, park permit
  • Comprehensive pre-departure information and trip dossiers
  • All necessary papers, office Service charges and all Government Taxes
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  • Nepal entry visa fee, you can get a Nepal visa upon arrival at the Airport.
  • Tips and gratitude
  • Any other expenses that are not mentioned in the Price Includes section.

Tiger Tracking tour Nepal more info

Why National Park for Tiger Tracking Tour Nepal?

In far western Nepal lies the most critical national jungle parks in Nepal. It lies within the Terai region. This park is home to many species. It has the Royal Bengal tiger, the One-horned Rhinoceros, and the Gharial Crocodile. Herds of untamed elephants roam the jungles alongside leopards, five sorts of deer, and monkeys.

Bardia National Park encompasses 968 square kilometers on the riverbank of Karnali. It is farther west than its more famous neighbor, Chitwan Park. Bardia sees fewer visitors and is the best spot for a tiger-tracking tour of Nepal. It is often honest. You’ll see a few people once you leave into the jungle with your trained jungle guide.

Instead, you’ll have the rare chance to enjoy the incredibly great thing about the jungle. You’ll see a lot of wildlife. There is much to ascertain and do when in Bardia Park. On our Tiger tracking tour in Nepal, you can enjoy jungle walks. You can do rafting trips, fishing trips, elephant safaris, jeep safaris, and many more.

Visit a Tharu Village and enjoy a Tharu cultural show in the evening. The Tharus have called this place home for many years. Our guides and staff were born and raised in this part of Nepal, and the skill is best to measure and add to the jungle. The sounds of feral animals and birds merely break the quietness of Bardia Park. No people are talking on mobile phones.

You won’t be handling loud music and other artificial nuisances. Instead, you’ll relax at the resort and enjoy good meals. Permit yourself a pleasing experience in one of the most beautiful places. Nepal could also be home to the Mighty Himalayas, but it’s also home to incredible jungles. On this tiger-tracking tour of Nepal, take the road less traveled. It gives a most delightful jungle experience.

Nepal is best for tiger-tracking tours Nepal.

Nepal is astonishingly rich in natural beauty and green vegetation. The country’s potential outplays most others in producing herbs, medicines, and paper sheets. The Himalayas and abundant water resources are present. There is a temperate climatic conditions. A wide range of altitudes makes it a very suitable kingdom for vegetation.

Being rich in large varieties of flora is just an initial impression of tourism in the country. There are far better reasons for being a spotlight in the global context of world tourism. Currently, the government has 6,000 flowering plants and about 4,000 non–flowering plants. Many national parks, wildlife reserves, and conservation areas are still in operation to preserve them.

Our Nepal Jungle Safari Tour provides access to these hidden areas. The diverse flora and fauna are widespread. During the tour, visitors will have a chance to see the luxurious environment. They get lots of birds and animals to see. Apart from them, we’ll be carrying out the following activities.

Tiger tracking tour Nepal has always satisfied everyone in the history of the country’s tourism affairs. Visitors have always loved the way Nepal has reflected amenities to them. If you are looking forward to having an experience of such kind, we wish you a happy holiday in Nepal.

Best time for Tiger Tracking Tour Nepal

You can do tiger tracking tours in Nepal in a different National park. They care for culturally significant national parks in southern Nepal. After your taxing trekking in the Himalayas, you can stroll through the jungles of Chitwan and Bardia. They will prove to be the perfect complement to your Nepal excursions.

Apart from being one of the last shelters for the rhino and the Bengal tiger, it also gives refuge to exotic species. It is home to sloth bears, endangered gharial crocodiles, leopards, and hundreds of other birds and animal species. Nepal has a tropical monsoon climate. Nepal safaris witness three main seasons with humidity throughout the year.

Ideally, the best time of the year to visit here is October, November, March, and April. The weather is a relatively relaxed and rain-free atmosphere. The sounds of feral animals and birds merely break the quietness of Bardia Park. No people are talking on mobile phones. You won’t be handling loud music and other manufactured nuisances.

Instead, you’ll relax at the resort and enjoy good meals. Permit a pleasing, relaxing experience in one of the most beautiful places. Nepal could also be home to the Mighty Himalayas, but it’s also home to incredible jungles. On this tiger-tracking tour of Nepal, take the road less traveled. It provides a most delightful jungle experience.

Clothing for the Tiger Tracking Tour Nepal

Comfortable walking shoes are recommendable for the Tiger tracking tour in Nepal. We recommend a pair of light sandals. We advise you to ‘wear’ your walking boots/shoes for several weeks before your trip. You’ll be so much more comfortable if you do so. Sandals with rugged bottoms are suitable for hiking around town and wearing in showers.

You can store your luggage in hotels. Bring better clothing to look good around the city, like Kathmandu and Pokhara. Sunglasses are a must. A warm hat, swimming costume. Good socks and a sun hat

Here are some things you might want to bring from home depending on your planned activities for your Tiger tracking tour in Nepal:

  • Walking/hiking, river shoes are broken in.
  • Clothes you can layer. Jacket, T-shirts, fleece, windbreaker, shorts, lightweight pants, sports pants, gloves & sun hat (for summer and autumn season, not many clothes).
  • A nice shirt/pants for nightlife
  • Good camera – this country is a feast for the eyes and a photographer’s dream!
  • Pocket-size Flashlight (you can buy it here if need be, but there are always power cuts, so have it handy! (It seems like the lights go off whenever you are in an unfamiliar toilet.)
  • A sarong (for girls) and a lightweight towel.
  • Ladies, if you like wearing makeup when you go out, bring it. It is hard to find here, and most of the makeup is weird, cheap stuff. Just get some things that make you happy for party nights!

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Sara & Megan
Englewood Colorado, USA
Great time of life with the encounter with Tiger !
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Our whole process with Above The Himalaya Trekking was great. From flexible planning to a fantastic guide, we had a blast on the Jungle safari tour at Bardia. The best moment was an encounter with the Royan Bengal tiger. It was just short seeing Tiger, but we had a great memory.

We would highly recommend planning any trip with these guys!

Sara & Megan

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