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Best time to Visit Nepal – Reason to Travel

Best time to visit Nepal

Best time to visit Nepal

Nepal is a beautiful country full of natural and cultural resources. This is the country that is the land of many mountain peaks along with the highest mountain peak. Nepal has never failed to quench the thirst of adventure lovers. People from around the world come to enjoy the natural beauty. Another thing that tourists also come here to enjoy and get into Nepal’s ss culture and tradition. Nepal has also been called unity in diversity. Research has shown that there is altogether 125 ethnic group who speaks more than 127 different languages. The unity of Nepalese people is famous around the world in October is the best time to visit Nepal.

You may not find lodges in a different place but will have to the homestay where you will feel more comfortable. Selecting the right season for trekking is very important. You will have to study the climatic features of a certain place before traveling. For example, if you want to visit Mount Everest and you decide to trek to mo. Everest in winter season then you will not be able to enjoy the view as most of the mountains are covered with. So having proper knowledge before traveling to any place is very important.  If you are in the dilemma of when to visit Nepal? Then this article will solve your dilemma.

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 When is the best time to visit Nepal?

Nepal has many cultural and historical places to watch and enjoy its uniqueness. Some places of Nepal that have been enlisted in the world heritage site by UNSECO are Pashupatinath, Swyambunath, Sagarmatha national park, Chitwan national park, Lumbini, and many more. Another attraction of Nepal is the soft heartened welcoming local Nepalese people. When the best time to visit Nepal is a matter of utmost importance.

Best time to visit Nepal

Types of the season in Nepal are:-

1) Summer season

The summer season in Nepal starts in early June and ends in August. This season in Nepal means is tropical and moist. Summer in Nepal is very beautiful and in this season enlarges beauty. The summer season brings a lovely change in nature flower starts blooming on the circle on the luxurious hills. Summer is one of the best times for short travels, this season brings elasticity to nature. Monsoon and summer season start and ends at the same time. So the weather becomes rainy with occasional storms. This season falls after the spring season and best time to visit Nepal.

We can see the early sunrise view

The sunrise starts from early morning and lasts up to the end of the day. Days are longer and while the night on this season is shorter and warmer. Summer is the time of vacation. Many places of the Himalayas situated on the rain shadow are the best for traveling in this season. Places like an upper mustang, Manang, Dolpo, Lim valley, and high altitude areas like Everest and many other places Himalayan places are best to travel in this season.

These places offer a great view of the high mountain peak and many other places. Terai is the hottest plain region of Nepal and during the summer season temperature may exceed 40 degrees Celsius while the temperature of other places ranges from 25 – 35 degrees Celsius. During the monsoon season lots of small festivals like planting rice and Purnima. You must carry an umbrella with you every time you go anywhere because rainfall in these seasons is not certain. And if you are going too long your flight may get canceled sometimes due to rain.


2) Autumn season

The autumn season falls between the summer and winter seasons. This season falls from the month of September to November. The autumn season is the finest season for trekking. With the end of summer and monsoon seasons, the autumn season brings a lot of change in weather. Slowly day shorter and night become longer. The sky starts getting clear, during these seasons you will get a clear and stunning view of the snowy mountain. The temperature rises to 20 degrees Celsius throughout the day and falls to 5 degrees at night. You will get to watch and observe the Nepali culture and tradition as the main festival like Dashain, Tihar and chat falls on this season. this is the best time to visit Nepal.

This is the best time for trekking

This season is best for the long trek because the route is neither too greasy nor too foggy. This season is very relaxing for the farmers in Nepal because the crops grow strongly during the monsoon season, so this season is the time to enjoy the crops. During this season trees change their color to yellow and orange. You will see the beautiful red rhododendron blossom throughout the trekking route. There may be some occasional small rainfall as the monsoon recedes.

This season is the most popular for trekking so, most of the trekking places may have crowded. Weather will not cause any type of problem as it will be moderate throughout the season. The problems like less visibility of the places, muddy roads, and cancellation of the flight may not occur in these months. This is the main season and best time to visit Nepal.

 3) Spring season

The Spring season falls in the month of March and lasts till the end of May. This season is also suitable for trekking. The weather of these seasons is sunny. This season is preeminent for trekking and traveling after autumn. Days in the spring season are warm and long. The maximum temperature of the spring season is 29 degrees Celsius and the minimum temperature is 8 degrees Celsius. During the month of spring, you will get the best glance at Himalayan that’s why this season is also called the season of Himalayan trekking.

Due to this reason, the Himalayan trekking trail is very busy. A famous place in Nepal to visit in the spring season are Larkya La, Thorong La Pass, and Kongma La. Along with these passes, the view of Mt Everest from Kala Patthar is indescribable. If you do not like the crowd then you may visit or trek around Kathmandu valley. The Rhododendrons which blooms in the spring season will be still blooming. this is the best time to visit Nepal to enjoy the best view of flowers.

The most enjoyable festival of Nepali Holi falls on this season. This festival is celebrated by putting colors on each other. And also Nepali New year falls in the month of April. If you visit Nepal in the month of April you must visit Bhaktapur where BisketJatra is celebrated with lots of enthusiasm and excitement. Tiger is very easy to find in Chitwan National Park during the spring season, you can do a jungle safari. So if you want to enjoy the trek without any disturbance in the weather then the spring season is best.

4) Winter season

Winter is always clod and the lump in Nepal. It is the driest season of the year. The Winter season falls from the month of December to February. Trekkers during this month are slightly less than in other places. It is not suitable to trek to the Himalayans because of the cold and foggy weather. However, traveling near the Kathmandu valley is enjoyable. Bandipur, poon hill, Pokhara in winter energizing. The Winter season provides the best view of sunrise and sunset from poon hill. Winter in Pokhara is famous for the street festival in December.

The temperature of Nepal during the winter season arises to 11 degrees Celsius and falls to 2 degrees. Temperature sometimes might fall to minus. During these months Nepali festivals like Saraswati puja and Gurungnew year. Nepal is best for mountain biking and touring in the winter season. The winter season is best for planning a family vacation. Local people believe that visiting the lower Everest and Solu area is best in winter. Packing warm cloth is very important. You may feel sick due to the cold weather, keeping yourself warm during the trek is very essential. Traveling to a lower altitude place is more fun and pleasing in the winter season.

When trekking in Nepal

If you are planning to trek in Nepal Autumn is the best time. In January and February, heavy snowfall can make some trails and roads dangerous or impossible to cross. Trekking in Nepal doesn’t always get to involve great heights. There are many short and lower-altitude hikes you’ll do around the Kathmandu Valley. You can go for a day hike to a 2/3 day trek from here, Chisapani Nagarkot trek, Phulchoki trek, and trekking to Dhulikhel Namobuddha route are best. The easy trek in Nepal can do all year round, aside from the season.

When is the monsoon in Nepal?

Nepalis welcome the monsoon from mid-June and peters out in the last weeks of September.  During these months, expect to determine heavy rains each day, especially in July and August. During June and September, the rain is considerably lighter. the good news is that monsoon rains usually only last for a couple of hours and their timing is kind of predictable. So it’s still possible to enjoy a superb trip to Nepal during the monsoon – all you’d wish to attempt to do is choose your destination and itinerary carefully, especially if trekking is top of the list. Monsoon is not considered the best time to visit Nepal.

There is a rain shadow area also in Nepal, like Dolpo and Humla in western Nepal and thus the Mustang region north of Annapurna can travel in this time. Please remember that flights could even be delayed or canceled because of heavy rains. Landslides can happen, causing road closures. Always ask your hotel or guesthouse before heading on a road trip during monsoon season. they need to be able to find the foremost up-to-date information about road conditions. Bring appropriate waterproof clothing and keep your electronics in waterproof bags if you’re out and about.

Types of Nepali Weather:

  1.  BasantaRitu
BasantaRitu falls on the month of Chaitra and Baisakh in the Nepali calendar and mid-May to mid-march of the English calendar. The weather is mid i.e. not too cold and not too hot. This season is the season of greenery with a blooming flower. During this season new bud starts to grow. This is the season of the storm. This is the time of the spring season in Nepal which is the best time to visit Nepal. Green vegetation and blooming flowers add beauty to nature. This is the most relaxing time of the year. You will hear the birds chirping everywhere. Weather-wise also this season is satisfactory.

2 Gresham Ritu

This is the second season of the Nepali calendar. If falls on the month of Jestha and Ashad month in the Nepali calendar and mid-May to mid-July in the English calendar. This is the hottest season of the year. The temperature rises from 30 – 35 degrees Celsius. This is the best season to produce crops. Mangos and many other fruits are grown in this season. This is the early summer season in Nepal which is perfect. As the trail also remains easy and smooth.

3. Barsha Ritu

BarshaRitu of Nepal falls on the month of starts from Shrawan and ends on Bhadra i.e. mid-July to mid-September. Barsha is a Nepali word that means rain in English. As its name states, it is the rainy season of the year. This season is very important in terms of agriculture as most of the crops are planted during this season. This is not considered the best time to visit Nepal. The main crop which is grown in this season is paddy. In most parts of Nepal, people celebrate the festival of paddy plantation are celebrated. Paddy plantation is celebrated in the field people sing and dance while planting paddy. This season is not much taken as the trekking season as the trail gets muddy and steeply.

4. Sharad Ritu is the best time to visit Nepal

Sharad Ritu is the autumn season in Nepal. It starts from Ashwin to Kartik in the Nepali calendar and mid-September to mid-November in the English calendar. This is the time when the farmer harvests the crop that they planted on BarshaRitu. This time is the best time for trekking and traveling as the weather remains fine throughout the season. Another importance of this season is the main festival of Hindu Dashain, Tihar, and Chhat falls on this season. So people outside Nepal can get to observe Nepali culture and tradition. this is considering the best time to visit Nepal.

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5. HemantaRitu

This season starts from Magh to Poush in Nepali whereas mid-November to mid-January. This is the pre-winter season in Nepal. The farmer again plants new crops on the field. Slowly temperature starts to fall. This season is also suitable for trekking activity. If you are avoiding the crowd then this season is the best time to visit Nepal. People visit Nepal mostly during SharadRitu so during this season the trekking destination becomes less crowded. Since many festivals are already gone, during this season people prepare themselves for winter.

6. Shishir Ritu

This season is the last season of the year. It falls on the month of Magh and ends on the month of Falgun in the Nepali calendar and mid-January to mid-April in the English calendar. It falls in the winter season of Nepal. This season is not good for trekking and traveling. this is not the best time to visit Nepal. The sky will not be clear during this season. You will not get a clear view because of the fog and clouds. You may not bear the cold if you are traveling to the Himalayan region as there will be heavy snowfall.

Reason to visit Nepal

Nepal is a nature paradise and God-gifted country for natural assets. The country’s beautiful regions with great perspectives of nature, distinct culture, and way of life, historical art and structure, and so forth. One can find much Reason to Visit Nepal.

Many people from around the globe visit Nepal. The rate of vacationers is growing every day. here are the reasons people loving traveling to Nepal.

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Naturally Gifted Country:

There is no doubt that Nepal is a naturally beautiful country. Nepal is the paces to seel the high Himalayas, deep valleys, jungles, Flora and fauna, rivers, and so forth. it has many high mountains including the highest mountain in the world to the highest lake, Nepal consists of plenty more for the explorer who loves nature.

Annapurna base camp trek via poon hill

Distinct culture is the reason to visit Nepal

Nepal is a multi-ethnic country with a diversified lifestyle and culture. There are people of various cast, language, and religion with a unique way of living. An excellent way of celebrating the different festivals, consistent with their caste and tradition. Dashain and Tihar are an essential and famous festival in Nepal. These festivals are enjoying almost all the Nepalese and these festivals are the bests reason to visit Nepal.

Country of Temples:

There are plenty of Temple and shrines in Nepal. The one visiting Nepal maybe wondered about the range of Temples they see more often, mostly in each place they go to. Pashupatinath, Swaymbhunath, Manakamana, Gokarna Mahadev, Bouddha, Budhanilkantha, Dolkha Bhimsenthan, Kapilbastu, are some of the well-known Temples. The best time to visit these temples is in the festival season.

Nepal is additionally referred to as the land of temples. it’s said, you’ll see as many temples as houses and as many Gods as people in Nepal. Pashupatinath, Muktinath, and Janaki Temples then many other holy shrines are pilgrimage destinations to the Hindu all across the planet.
Nepal, with a majority of the Hindu population, has uncountable temples, shrines, stupas, and various other icons, idols, statutes, and pictures that folks worship. they’re all built for various gods and goddesses, or their different forms or incarnations.

Many temples were created by rulers of various times to point out their devotion to the gods and goddesses they worshipped the foremost. Most of the temples in Kathmandu are built in the 15th century. But, there are a couple of that are found or known to be older than 1,000 years old. These are the landmarks that hold centuries of history and knowledge, making them a valuable part of national heritage.

Best Place for mountaineering:

Nepal is a country with many mountains. It consists of the very highest peak in the area.“Mt. Everest. Besides Mt. Everest view,  we have more than Eight 8000 meters peaks out of 14 within the globe in Nepal. With this, there are 1310 other peaks out of which 238 are already opened for mountaineering. For individuals who want to revel in mountain climbing is the main reason to visit Nepal. Nepal has a variety of mountain peaks from easy to top of the world, you can choose climb as per the wish and altitude.

With eight of the world’s highest mountains within the country, Nepal may be a mountaineer’s paradise. the last word glory of mountaineering is reaching the summit of Mt. Everest. The best time to climb ing these mountains in Nepal is in the Spring.

The Nepal Himalaya is that the most formidable range within the world with nearly a 3rd of the country lying above the elevation of 3,500 m. Eight of the world’s highest peaks lie within Nepal’s territory: Everest, Kanchenjunga, Lhotse, Makalu, Cho Oyu, Dhaulagiri, Manaslu, and Annapurna, which are everywhere 8,000 m above water level. the primary to be climbed among them was Annapurna in 1950 by a French Expedition with Maurice Herzog as a leader while Everest was first summitted by Hillary and Tenzing Norgay in 1953 with a British Expedition led by John Hunt.

Besides these eight giant peaks, there are 326 other mountains within Nepal that are open for mountaineering expeditions, and out of them, 103 haven’t been climbed before. Nepal offers mountaineers more opportunities than the other country within the world and throws endless challenges at them including the less glorified trekking peaks which still require climbing gear and climbing skills if you would like to climb them.

Nepalese food:

Dal Bhat is the first meal in Nepal. In most of the houses of Nepal. It is taken each day for dinner. Except for Dal Bhat, Mo: Mo is the popular fast food and generally eaten by many people inside the country as well as it is a favorite for folks who come to visit Nepal. Apart from this, there are lots of other delicious food like Newari food and so on which one needs to taste while touring Nepal.

Nepal’s most distinctive dishes are probably Dal Bhat (rice and lentils) and therefore the popular momos (dumplings). But Kathmandu has become the food capital of the planet because the international cuisine that’s available around the valley is sort of impossible to seek out in the other city. From continental, Italian, Mexican, Russian to Indian, Chinese, Thai, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Burmese, Thai, Singaporean, Korean, Japanese, and even Naga food, you name it, all within a couple of square miles. Then there is the amazing sort of local cuisine like Thakali, Newari, and food of the ethnic minorities.

There are no better thanks to understanding Nepal and therefore the Nepali people than through their cuisine. Nepal doesn’t have one distinct cooking style. However, food habits differ counting on the region. Nepali food has been influenced by Indian and Tibetan sorts of cooking. Authentic Nepali taste can find in local Newari and Thakali cuisines. which are available during a sizable amount of eateries spread everywhere in the valley.

The regular Nepali meal is dal (lentil soup), Bhat (boiled rice), and Tarkari (curried vegetables), most frequently amid achar (pickle) or simply raw Chillie. Curried meat is extremely popular. Acquired from Tibetans, momos (steamed or fried dumplings) deserve a mention together of the foremost popular snack among Nepalis. it’s also taken as an entire meal especially by office goers during lunch.

everest view trek

Beautiful Views:

Nepal has lots to explore except for mountains and trekking. The surroundings and environment are so good that one will be fascinated and also adds a positive vibe to people. The unique old buildings, forests, mountains, rivers, lakes, and so forth are the views that one should experience.

The viewpoints let people view the mountains, sunrise, sunset, and the city from above. The most visited site of Everest, Kalapatthar, is a popular viewpoint at an altitude of 5545m. Kala Patthar is the main reason to visit Nepal and the best time to get the views is in Autumn.

It is the spot for the view of Mt. Everest, including Lhotse, Nuptse, etc. You can even enjoy the alpine forest, waterfalls, glacial rivers, monasteries on the way to the Kala Patthar trek. Poon hill lies in the Annapurna region at an altitude of 3200m. It is famous among many people, especially trekkers. Annapurna I, Annapurna South, Gangapurna, Nilgiri, Hiunchuli, Dhaulagiri peak are the mountains that you can view from Poonhill with a sunrise in the morning.

Bird watching tour in Nepal

Bird watching is another best reason to visit Nepal

Nepal has more than  856 species of Birds, i.e., 10% of the sector population of birds. It can be heaven for people who love watching the new species of birds and taking pictures of them. it is best to do a birding tour in Nepal.

Nepal is the best place for bird watchers with national parks and conservation areas making up an outsized part of its territory. More than 850 species of birds are found in Nepal, and surprisingly an honest number of those birds are often spotted in and around the Kathmandu Valley alone. Bird watching is possible in any corner of Nepal, be it within the sweltering plains where Koshi Tappu, Chitwan, and Bardiya are the most sites while within the mountainous region, the Everest and Annapurna regions boast other well-known species of birds. The Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve within the eastern Terai is that the place to be. Bird watchers cannot miss this excellent reserve which abounds in birds of all types. it is a place where one sees trees full of birds as if asking for a photograph.

The hills around Kathmandu valley especially Nagarjun, Godavari, and Phulchowki are popular bird-watching areas and therefore the Taudaha Lake the thanks to Dakshinkali is right for watching migratory waterfowl during the winter months.

Koshi Tappu has better sightings of a fantastic sort of both resident and migratory birds that come from as distant as Siberia. Nepal’s national bird is that the lophophore, Impeyen Pheasant locally called Danphe which is found within the Himalayan region. Bird watching trips are organized by most resorts and are amid experienced naturalists.

Rich in art and architecture:

Nepal is a well-known country for its ancient techniques and styles. The handmade things, mandala painting, pottery works, and other architecture are what make Nepal distinct from others.

Nepal is one of the best destinations in the world, which offers you a natural and culturally rewarding experience. If you are planning to visit Nepal, then it is one of the cheapest and adorable travel destinations in the world. Nepal is a pleasing country enriched with natural, historical, and cultural beauty that offers a full experience to your mind, body, and soul.

After the devastating earthquakes in Nepal, there was some damage to some temples & houses, and some are still standing and now safe to visit. The rebuilding process is underway and now slowly getting back to normal. So visit Nepal and join our  Nepal Tour that might change your life with the life experience you have been looking for. Here are the Top 8 reasons to travel to Nepal:

Safe to travel with the best time to visit Nepal

Nepal all regions are safe to travel. The most popular Everest base camp and Annapurna base camp trekking routes and other different places are safe and untouched.

Nepal is a safe place to travel for international visitors traveling alone or with the family. Many of the travelers that tour Nepal from India will tell you that Nepal is really the safer of the 2 nations, and this is often due partially to the conservative culture of Nepali society and therefore the general openness to other cultures and religions. If you are planning on trekking alone within the Himalayas better you can go with a trekking guide. As there are several issues to think about while you are traveling alone.

for safe travel you can always buy travel insurance and for trek high altitude insurance. If you get sick during the trek, stolen your bag or money purse. Good travel insurance doesn’t cost tons and may save your life if things fail in Nepal. Hospitals in Nepal aren’t free, and you’ll get to show the capability to form the payments first. All of the hospitals have affiliations with the main insurance companies. They may quickly and simply validate and verify your travel insurance to require care of the bill, or transfer you to a different country or maybe home, in severe cases.


everest base camp trekking


Adventurous activities are the best reason to visit Nepal

Nepal’s unique geographical diversity makes it the best destination for adventures tour and activities. If you are looking for adventurous activities, then Nepal is your destination for rafting, paragliding, bungee jumping, zip flying, kayaking, mountain climbing, and other various activities. You will obtain your lifetime experience while Paragliding in Pokhara.

best time to visit Nepal

Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha

Lumbini is the holiest pilgrimage site for Buddhists where Gautam Buddha was born. This is also the place where Gautam Buddha spread the message of love and peace around the world. You will feel peace & calm. Lumbini is the center of appeal for many folks involves in visiting Nepal.

It is the peaceful region wherein one will have the heavenly view of snowy mountains and revel in the stunning garden which continues to be there from the Buddha’s period. The fourth-biggest vacationer destination has a super potentiality to increase the number of travelers each year. Therefore the most visit in Lumbini is the Mayadevi Temple, famous for the place of Buddha’s birth.

There are the stupas along with the Ashoka pillar. The newly formed temples are there to protect the ancient ruins. The well-known vicinity in Lumbini is Panditarama Vipassana Centre, where one may visit for yoga and meditation. People can walk across the garden, spend time with the monks, and may learn the new strategies of meditation in this place.


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