Nepal Temples – The list of famous Hindu sites of Nepal

Nepal temples

Nepal is rich in religious and cultural heritage and has many temples. It is regularly called the home of Gods and Goddesses. Numerous national and international pilgrims discover their way to some of Nepal’s famous religious sites. Therefore, Nepal temples have lots of offers for visitors.

The list of famous Nepal Temples

Muktinath Temple:

Muktinatinath Temple is also a famous site for both Hindus & Buddhists and is one of the most frequented & favorite places of the Himalayan Nation. It lies in the Mustang district with an altitude of 13000ft above sea level. Furthermore, Devotees from far locations come here to get their sins. Afterward, they believe it goes away.

The main attraction of this Temple is the three-story traditional Nepalese-style temple of Lord Muktinath. It lies at the foot of the Throng la Mountain Pass, a pleasant and quiet place. The scenic view of the Kali Gandaki valley below Muktinath is more interesting. This is also a holy place where Hindus and Buddhists visit and get religious satisfaction.

Besides the temples, the 108 waterspouts and the Temple with the mysterious fire are the most important and interesting sites. Pilgrims hardly bathe due to the extremely cold spout; some drink at least a few drops of water from each one. It is believed that if the devotees honor the deity after taking in this spout, they will get salvation.

The temple roof is copper and has a gilded pinnacle with an umbrella. You can see the bronze images of Vishnu, Laxmi, Saraswati, and Garud inside the Temple. Buddhists also Worship Lord Vishnu as Lokwshwar.

Jomsom muktinath trek

Muktinath is the best place for trekking as well.

The wind bells in this Temple lie below the roofs. This Nepal temple has carved trusts and lattice windows. The main door facing the west is one of the most decorated. There are two big prayer wheels in front of the Temple, which move 24hrs by the current generated by the 108 waterspouts.

The deities are worshiped every day in the morning and evening by unmarried local Buddhist girls as well as priests. Every year, many pilgrims from Nepal and India visit this Temple. A blue flame from natural gas burns at the Temple’s floor level.

This Nepal temple is also known as Jawal Mai, Goddess of Fire, and Ning-Ma-Pa, as Tibetans call it. It is also believed that the founder of Tibetan Buddhism had meditated at Muktinath on his way to Tibet. There are several Buddhist Monasteries around Muktinath, and among them, Narasingha Gumba is the most important one.

It is also called the place of salvation as the Hindus perform the Shraddha ritual on the bank of the Kagbeni River and worship Muktinath, believing their ancestors will get salvation. You will fall in love with this Temple, your lifetime memory.

Visit Vishnu God Temple

Muktinath Temple, one of the most famous temples in Nepal, is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. A sacred place, Muktinath is renowned among the Hindus and Buddhists. It is lying in Muktinath Valley at an altitude of 3,710 meters. It lies at the foot of the Thorong La mountain pass (part of the Himalayas), Mustang district, Nepal. The real meaning of Muktinath is “The god of Nirvana.”

This Temple is also believed to relieve people. Buddhists in Tibet named This Temple Chumig Gyatsa (hundreds of waters). Another name for this Temple is Dakinis, which means sky dancer goddesses. For Buddhists, this place is one of 24 tantric places.

It is the Temple of Hindu Lord Vishnu.

Muktinath is the Temple of Lord Vishnu, and many Hindus visit here to pray to Lord Vishnu. We believe that lord Vishnu got salvation from the curse of Brinda here. According to Buddhist culture, Muktinath is also the founder of Tibetan reliance’ Guru Rinpoche,’ who was there and devoted himself to meditation there. The principal inhabitants of the area are Gurungs and Sherpa native people living around the Muktinath area. Muktinath Tour is one of the most exciting and pleasurable tours in Nepal.

Muktinath tour is a sacred and secretive place; it was unfamiliar to the outer world, but since 2006, many developmental activities have been done in the Muktinath area. Now, the site is famous inside and outside the country. Nowadays, you can visit the Temple in just 20 minute’s flight from Jomsom.

Mustang is situated between the Himalayan and Tibet in the Annapurna region. Muktinath Tour is also known as the treasure hunt of Nepal. Mustang is one of Nepal’s very remote places without modernization. Thus, this place is far from noise and dust.

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     Major Attraction of Muktinath Tour Package:

    Muktinath Temple, the Temple of Lord Vishnu, has many spiritual and religious importance. Besides, there are various Kunda, Dhara, saligram, etc., around Muktinath temple, which is considered the major attraction of this area.

    Mukti Kunda:

    Mukti Kunda is the two holy water ponds known as “Laxmi Saraswati Kunda.” This Kunda is located in front of the Temple. If you plunge in that Kunda, all sin will be rinsed away.
    Mukti Dhara:
    Mukti Dhara is another major attraction of this Temple. You can see 108 bull-headed-shaped waterspouts on the backside of this Temple. In those 108 waterspouts, holy water from the Gandaki River flows.

    Jwala Mai Temple:
    Julia Mai Temple consists of a continuously burning holy flame. This flame is generated from a rock inside the Dhola Mebar Gompa. This place is just five minutes from walking distance and in the southern part of the temple side.

    Pharma Lha Khang Gompa:

    The Monastery, located in the north region of the Temple, is dedicated to Guru Rimpoche, also known as Padmasambhava.
    Swaminarayan: Swaminarayan is called the Satguru of Sabij Yoga.
    Another main attraction of this Temple is Shaligram. Shaligram is the Jurassic Park of the ages. These Fossils are found on the edge of the Kali Gandaki river. The stone’s color is black, and it symbolizes Lord Vishnu. These are usually kept in the prayer room in the home.

    Brief Itinerary for Muktinath Tour Package

    Muktinath tour is a pilgrimage tour. It takes seven to eight days to complete this tour. People trek Muktinath for salvation. Muktinath is essential for people following Hinduism and Buddhism. You will also get to see the beautiful landscape, dense forests, and the fantastic Himalayas, along with your visit to Muktinath Temple.

    Day 1: Arrive in Kathmandu

    You will first have to reach Kathmandu for this trek. Our office representative will greet you and pick you up at the hotel. Have a welcome drink and check-in at the hotel. After refreshments there, you can take a short walk inside Kathmandu Valley. You can also visit and roam around Kathmandu for the rest of the day. After sightseeing in Kathmandu, you will discuss the trip above the Himalayas with the team.

    Day 2: Kathmandu Sightseeing and Drive to Pokhara

    The following day of the Muktinath tour,  you will be visiting the Temple of Pashupatinath in Kathmandu Valley, the most magnificent Temple of Lord Shiva. This Temple is a World Heritage site by UNESCO. After lunch, you head towards Swayambunath stupa by driving for 1 hour. At midday, you will go to Pokhara(200km) on the beautiful 6 hrs scenic drive. We can also visit Manakamana Temple by cable car.

    You can buy the ticket at the station or also in advance. Get breathtaking views of the magical Himalayas, Hills, farming land, etc.
    If you are in a sort of time, then you can also take the Everest mountain flight.
    Overnight in Pokhara

    Day 03: Fly to Jomsom & drive to Muktinath Temple

    Distance: Jomsom 2700 m, Muktinath (3800 m)
    The third day of the Muktinath tour will be a little exciting. We will take you to the Airport and catch a flight to Jomsom. It will take you exactly 25 minutes to get there. After the arrival of Jomsom, walk to the hotel there, which is nearly 5 mins from the Airport.

    After a short break, walk to the jeep stand, and your journey to Muktinath begins from there. Muktinath is approximately 20 km from Jomsom and takes an easy 2/3 hrs. Along the way, you can also see the beautiful natural scene, the gorge of the Gandaki River, Various monasteries, and Kagbeni.

    You will then reach Ranipauwa (3710 m) and have a 40-minute walk towards Muktinath Temple. There, you will have 40 minute holly bath on 108 waterspouts. These waterspouts are also called “MuktiDhara.” There are also 2 Kunda in front of the Temple called Mukti Kunda. Overnight in Jomsom. After visiting and receiving blessings from the Temple, walk to Jwalamai Temple. This Temple is a continuously burning flame; from there, walk to Ranipauwa. Drive back to Jomsom by Jeep and go to the hotel. Overnight at a hotel in Jomsom.

    Day 04: Fly back to Pokhara/ Pokhara Sightseeing

    On the end day of our Muktinath tour, in the early morning, You will go to  Jomsom airport. Then, catch a short flight from Jomsom to Pokhara. You will have a full day of sightseeing in Pokhara on this day.
    Pokhara offers tons of adventure activities to entertain you. Pokhara is a city full of lakes and temples, such as Phewa Lake, Rupa Lake, Begnas Lake, Gude Lake, Neutani Lake, Maidi Lake, Barahi Temple, Bindyabasini Temple, and many others. You can also hike Sarankot Day and visit the World Peace Pagoda, David Falls, Barahi Temple, Fewa Lake, Gupteshwor Cave, Seti Gorge River, etc.
    Overnight in Pokhara

    Day 05: Drive back to Kathmandu
    In the early morning, you can have a spectacular sunrise view above the skyline of the majestic Himalayan ranges. Seeing the stunning views of Mt. Fishtail, Mt. Dhaulagiri, Nilgiri, and Mt. Annapurna would surely melt your heart.
    Overnight in Kathmandu

    Day 06: Final Departure
    This is the last of your stay in Nepal. Our office member will drop you off at the International Airport 2 hours before your flight. This concludes the end of your Muktinath Tour Package.

    Manakamana most visited Nepal Temples:

    The Goddess Who Grants the Wishes of the People The Temple of the goddess is on the top of a hill in the Gorkha district. It is also one of Nepal’s most adored and visited pilgrimage sites, which you can reach by cable car from Kurintar. This is a unique temple with a traditional Nepalese roof.

    The most beautiful thing about this Temple is two tire copper roofs and wood carvings in struts, windows & doors. Similarly, the wind bells and red banners hanging below the roofs make the Temple more eye-catching. The bronze flag Paths is suspended on the roof’s first floor, and the main entrance’s tympanum is another attraction of these Nepal temples.

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      People believe that King Prithvi Narayan Shah built this Temple. It is also one of the wealthiest temples in Nepal in the context of artifacts and decors. Furthermore, The figure of Durga & Kali is hanged on the wall of the Temple. The main gate of the Temple has a lion holding a flag. It is on the stone pillar’s top, with four Bhairav figures in its corners. The pujari or priest performs daily prayers and rituals in the Temple by closing doors and offering eggs, orange, rice, red powder, and strips of cloth to the deities. After the ritual worship, the shrine will also open to the public for prayer.

      We can ride the cable car to reach Manakamana temple.

      The goddess Manakamana is the goddess of wish-fulfilling deity. Therefore, people believe that the Manakamana Devi fulfills the people’s wishes after performing tantric worship in the morning. The sacrifices of animals and birds will occur. On every full moon day, many pilgrimages from the country cut the goats—both Hindus and Buddhists worship Goddess Manakamana. During winter, the ridge appears as an island in the sea of the morning; the most spectacular view includes deep valleys, terraced fields, and the Manaslu Himchuli and Annapurna trekking.

      kathmandu day tour

      Pashupatinath Temple

      Pashupatinath, or Pashupati, is a Hindu Nepal temple on the banks of the Bagmati River in Deopatan, a village 3 km northwest of Kathmandu. This is also one of the four Hindu temples in the world. The shrine of Pashupatinath is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Built-in the 17th century, the Temple glitters in gold and silver.

      The pagoda-style temples, featuring roofs made of gold plates and four entrances in four directions of silver, portray the artistic works of highly skilled artisans. Thousands of pilgrims worldwide come to pay homage to this Temple that also says ‘The Temple of Living Beings.’

      Budhanilkantha’s Best Nepal Hindu Temples

      Budhanilkantha Temple is another famous Hindu temple in Kathmandu Valley. It is at the base of Shivapuri Hill on the valley’s northern side. It also says the mystical Budhanilkantha temple or Narayanthan temple. Budhanilknatha means “Old Blue Throat.”

      The deity inside the Temple is about a thousand years old. Also, a giant statue of Lord Vishnu is lying down (Seventeen fits) long in a thirteen-meter (forty-three holds) long tank as if floating with his legs crossed with his sleeping body. God is resting on the coils of Ananta and his 11-hooded head. His four hands hold Vishnu symbols: the Shankha as the conch shell, the Chakra as the disc, the Gadha as a club, and the Padma as the lotus flower.


      Muktinath Temple, lying at a height of about 3710 meters and standing on the foot of the Himalayan region, has enormous importance in today’s society. It lies in the Mustang Valley region and along the Thorong La Pass in Nepal. The sacred place of Muktinath is especially for both Buddhists and Hindus’ pilgrimage. The site is famous for Mukti Kshetra and includes Moksha, or the location of Liberation.

      Considering the importance of the Temple, many domestic and international tourists were influxed there. You can choose any package tour based on your budget and time. The Muktinath tour on the snowcapped mountains’ laps is beyond the expectation.

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        Thus, the Visit Nepal 2020 campaign has pushed and motivated every adventurous lover to visit and explore Nepal once in a lifetime. While visiting Nepal, you can visit the Moksha-related Muktinath Temple. You can also visit other famous temples in Nepal, such as Pashupatinath, Halesi Mahadev, Bouddhanath, etc. Sightseeing and field visits are the main activities we can do during this trip.

        You can contact the Above the Himalaya team for the Muktinath tour. For having a safe and comfortable package. In addition to this, we will offer you a customized itinerary based on your choice.

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