Social Contribution

Social Work of Above the Himalaya Trekking has been involved in the social welfare sector since our establishment. We are not only doing the trekking business, but we also believe in our responsibility towards our society. Employers’ actual social works are made for the benefit of their employees.

A part of our profit goes directly to a local community. We help them create homestay trekking programs and introduce new trekking routes in the countryside. We focus on Porter training, education, etc. Therefore, we always give something back to the areas where we work, supporting schools, orphanage houses, recycling projects, and helping disabled people.

We opened The Himalayan Library Sham Bhanjyang Higher Secondary School in Maidi VDC, 19 km west of Dhading District headquarters and about 108 km west of Kathmandu. The Shami Bhanjyang School is the apex public educational institution among five VDCs: Maidi, Dhola, Khari, Nalang, and Salang. These VDCs are meant to be densely populated in the rural mid-hill area.

Meet the Children at Gatlang Village with 110 kids from grades 1 to 10 in Nepal National Higher Secondary School Aamachhodingmo 3 Rasuwa.

Gatlang is a traditional Tamang village located in the Rasuwa district of Nepal, in the Langtang region. The picturesque town offers a glimpse into the Tamang community’s rich cultural heritage and traditional lifestyle. Here’s everything you need to know about Gatlang:

Our MD, Purushotam Timasena, went to the school on November 22, 2023, to give 110 pairs of shoes to the school’s kids. The village is about 2200m tall, and the winter brings more cold there. When we were there, we found almost all the students had only sandals and no shoes. For this kind work, Thank you for the great help from our guests, Mike Ferrara, New Hampshire, and Balasundaram Chandrasekhar, Birmingham, U.S.A.

social contribution

Serve as Lions from different clubs in Nepal.

Puru timalsean social work

Our social work Support for Nepal Earthquake Victims

Dear all of our family and friends around the globe, we would like to inform you that all of our staff at Above the Himalaya Trekking (owner, office staff, trekking guide, and porters) and their families and relatives are safe and sound from the devastating 7.8-magnitude earthquake that occurred in Nepal on Saturday, April 25.

According to local media reports, a number of buildings and historical landmarks in different parts of Nepal have been damaged massively.

We went to villages to see the situation and found that the people were now safe but had more significant problems regarding shelter and food. We have provided some Tarpaulins, but there is still a considerable demand. Many people are sleeping on the floors without Tarpaulin and food. Due to the electricity cut out, even people with foodstuff cannot prepare it.

We visited the village a second time and provided 3000 kg of rice and other support; considering our responsibility, we are now working on making a few houses for the victims in need as a sustainable program. We are thankful that so many people are helping in the Kathmandu Valley.

However, we focus on more remote villages and mountains with much less support. We must help them with basic needs such as food, fuel, clean water, hygiene products, and, most importantly, shelter.

social work

Social work to build The Himalayan Library

ABOVE THE HIMALAYA TREKKING, a library has been established in the countryside of Nepal. It is a small school library called “The Himalayan Library” in Maidi Ukhubari Dhading Jwalamukhi Gaunpalika ward no 1.

The library is fully supported by Puru Timalsena, managing director of Above the Himalaya Trekking, and by Mr. Jim and Mrs. Carol Jonen, our honorary members from the U.S.A. Mrs. Val Riches from Australia has helped edit the texts and is involved in many other social projects in Nepal.

social contribution

Donation to the Local School Shree Baraha Kalika Higher Secondary School to upgrade their +2 program

We have been providing a scholarship for orphanage children of Dhola Village, Dhading District, and given our help to 15 old boys who lost their hands on an electric shock. We recently donated US$ 1255 to Shree Baraha Kalika Higher Secondary School at Dhola 3 Dhading to run their +2 program.

We have helped the local club at Nayabazaar Kathmandu. Recently, a woman from Dhola village, who stayed in Kathmandu, burned herself to death due to poverty. We helped her husband complete the ritual funeral. We have been doing many other small acts of help for needy people in the village.

social work

Our Help for Shamibhanjyang Higher Secondary School for E-library. on February 21/2018

We have helped to establish the Shami Bhanjyang E-Library Computer Study Center, a Shami Bhanjyang Secondary School of Jywalamukhi Rural Municipality in Dhading,

E-library allows people to study books from around the world even without the help of the Internet. “So, an e-library is the best window to the world, and getting children used to it is a massive matter of pleasure.

social work

Donation to Shree Shami Bhanjyang Higher Secondary School to run the graduation program.

We have participated in the ritual storytelling event at the Shami Bhanjyang Higher Secondary School program to raise funds for their graduation ceremony. We donated USD 2550 to the school. On the service, Education Minister Mr. Gangalal Tuladhar was the chief guest. You can see our M.D., Puru Timalsena, being complimented with him in the picture.

Puru Timalsena with former Education Minister

Our social work donation helped open the Dhola Sports Development Community.

We donated USD 400 to the local sports club of Dhola VDC, Dhola Sports Development Community—the Volleyball program, which ran from October 11 to October 13, 2013. We also provide some regular help and aid to the local communities. Our social works and the preservation of nature have resulted in different letters of Appreciation and felicitation.

social work

Our social work Donation to the Thulochaur Computer Study Center

The young leaders and social workers of Thulochaur Maidi, Dhading District. Which is about 115 km away from Kathmandu, started the campaign to open a computer study center for the village. There was no computer institute, so the students and villagers needed to attend the district headquarters or Kathmandu for computer education.

We participated in the opening program and donated USD 1077 to the center. We hope the study center will run smoothly and that the local people will benefit most.

socail work

Our help will continue for many other programs and needy and poor people from local villages.

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