Why Travel With Us?

Above the Himalaya Trekking (P) Ltd, since the establishment of the company, it has been continually growing as a leading adventure trekking operator for the trek, tour, and adventure services in the Himalayan region. So, Why travel with us? Above the Himalaya Trekking is a fully licensed and registered company in the Government of Nepal.

It has been providing Treks/Tours in the Himalayas for a long time. Our elite team consists of dedicated, young, and, most of all, experience trekking/mountaineering /expeditions professionals. Who has been involving in the travel sector for a long time? We specialize in treks and tours. Which will be a lifetime experience for our customers either in Nepal, India, Tibet, or Bhutan.

Above the Himalaya is the trekking and tour agency based in Kathmandu, Nepal, therefore, we have firsthand knowledge of the country, top activities, and driving distances, and we regularly update both the new destinations options and their quality.

We offer tailor-made treks, customized for every client. Also are running tailor-made trekking that fulfills every client’s aspect. We believe in the quality of personalized service, and we offer a wide variety of different treks that will suit both inexperienced and experienced trekkers. Whether you have two days or two months to spend in the mountains, we can design a tailor-made itinerary to suit your needs.

Top Five Reasons for Why travel with us

  1. We have been organizing customized tours in the mountains region with long-time experience.
  2. All our guides are locally employed, receive excellent training, can speak English, French, German, or Spanish, behave professionally, and know the destination, history, and culture inside and out.
  3. We are recognized as one of the leading trekking and tour operators and have won many awards, both locally and nationally.
  4. Above the Himalaya, trekking is always first in taking the responsible travel. We are very serious about it and provide you with the opportunity to ‘give back’ to the communities you visit. Read more about what we have done to our community.
  5. As we live in Nepal and the nearby mountain region of Tibet, India, and Bhutan, this knowledge ensures that you book a trip that is right for you!

Trekking or traveling with us can be the best part of your every journey as we are one of the top trekking agencies in Nepal operating in the Himalayan regions.

Why travel with us: Here are the motivations!!!!

  1. We specialize in the Himalayas

It’s our passion and our expertise and has been for over a decade. We know the trails and the Nepal village tour inside and out. We know the Lodge owners and their rooms, as well as the menus. Therefore we don’t guide on any route we haven’t done many times before. Our expertise gives you a more productive, more enjoyable experience, and makes better use of your time, whether you’re experienced or a first-time trekker.


  1. Personal service

We provide a professional personal service and will meet you at the airport and transfer you to the hotel on the first day and will be there to help you throughout your stay. you will get a thorough and complete orientation, so you are fully prepared to make the most of your Nepal vacation and Himalayan hiking adventure.

We choose the best trip leaders for you. Who is with you for the entire trip? During the Himalaya trip, our leaders, employees, and office staff are empowered to do whatever they can for our customers and guests—before, during, and after the tour.

  1. All-Inclusive Pricing

Most of our tour packages are on a full-board basis. It includes all transportation (private car/flight, porters) and a full array of activities every day. All lodging and meals, focused on local cuisine are also guaranteed. You’ll enjoy the entire trip without any out-of-pocket expenses other than personal items (souvenirs, beer, and wine at dinner, hot shower, or special treats)

  1. Luggage carriage

We have dedicated porters to help you carry your bags, so you can bring everything you need and still travel light during the day. You’re on vacation to enjoy the Himalayas, not to carry bags.

  1. Experienced guides

Our Trip Leaders, know where you’ll find the best photos, most fascinating wildlife, and the best stream crossings. We can point you toward the best views, take you to the most welcoming local villages, and experience with you the natural beauty of the mountains. Enjoy the best Himalayan scenery with the help of Nepal’s best guides. Which you never have encountered traveling on your own or with other less experienced guides.

  1. Proven reliability

Safety is of paramount importance to us, and we know all of the escape routes should you encounter a problem. We know where to go on a rainy day and how to take maximum advantage of a sunny day. We know the hut and hotel managers, and they bend over backward for our guests.

  1. Customized group size

You’ll typically travel with a small group, although we can offer a customized guided tour for as few as one guest. You’ll enjoy intimate hotels, excellent personal connections, and the fun that comes from traveling with like-minded friends.

  1. Flexible and Experienced

When you travel with an experienced guide, you’re not the one worrying about rerouting in changing the weather or finding accommodations and a shuttle if a change in plans is required. Your trip guide will help you to make changes based on weather, route conditions, and the needs of our clients. This means you get the best possible experience no matter what the weather or route conditions may be.

  1. Price Guarantee

We guarantee our prices in advance, so the vacation price we quote you in August is the price you pay in December. We don’t leave you wondering what the final cost will be based on how many show up for the tour.

Unlike some tour operators who “float” the exchange rate, then cancel the assignment or increase the price if the fluctuation doesn’t work in their favor, we have never canceled a trip or changed the price once someone is on deposit. It’s our commitment to you.

  1. Individualized

We encourage you to do your best. You’re not obliged to march lockstep with the slowest member of the group. Instead, our hiking tours are flexible and allow you to go at your own pace. Routes can adjust to accommodate your health or inclinations.

  1. Owner Operated

We own the operation. With us, there is no intermediary. Above the Himalaya Trekking vacation in the Himalayas is like a family vacation with your best friends in Nepal.

Why travel with us: Our working team

We are a  group of dedicated, young, and experienced trekking leaders, offering you diverse forms of trekking and tour options. All our working team members are dedicating to provide the best services. Which will give you once in a lifetime experience and share with you interesting facts about the Himalayas. And also the Nepalese culture, history, and religion. this is the best reason why travel with us.

Our trekking team and working staff have more than a decade of experience in the Himalayas. It is no overstatement to say our team can create a world of distinction to the satisfaction of your holiday.

All of our team members are aware of the fact that safety, health, and security are the main priority along with the client’s main aim of visiting Nepal. We have earned a reputation for total professionalism, high-quality customer service, and an excellent track record.

We have the best operation team, providing a captivating combination of Eastern and Western skills. All of our guides have trained for and attained a Trekking Guide license offered by the Government. They all know the Nepali culture, history, religions, and also art. They do their best to reveal genuine Nepal to you. Honesty, Good manners, intellectual, and qualifications are some attributes to mention for our working team.

We have Nepal best guide and porters

Because of our quality, safe, friendly, and office service, many of our clients have now become our friends. Our all treks and tours are tailor-made holidays. We can customize your trip to accommodate your needs. We are committing to assuring our clients that they will have only hygienic food.  During their time traveling with us, be it in the urban areas, or the more remote areas of Nepal.

We all always believe in work and quality. Let’s join us for beautiful experiences in this untouched land of the world with our working team. It gives you the best reason why travel with us

Our working team is a combination of hard-working and highly committed guides, porters, trekkers, rafters, climbers, drivers, and also office workers.

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