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Helambu Trek

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Trip Overview of Helambu Trek

Helambu Trek is specially designed for travelers who are looking for fewer travel areas nearby Kathmandu. This is the beaten trail and short best Nepal trekking, And the trails are blissfully famous for their outstanding natural beauty because of their fascinating culture, and favorable climates.

The trails pass through dense forests and traditional Buddhist villages. With the mountain views which are genuinely inspiring. You will walk into the Tamang people’s village with dramatic ridges. Enjoy the lush forests of rhododendron, Conifers, and oak. This trail also goes through mountain cattle grazing on rich alpine pastures. Under the watchful eyes of their herders.

Helambu Circuit Trek has easy access from  Kathmandu and the trek takes 6 days, so it is the best trip. For those trekkers who do not have a long holiday on a Nepal trip. The trail to Helambu starts from Sundarijal and climbs with Shivapuri ridge. You can see the great views of the central Himalayas from the region. This Helambu Circuit Trek is in the Langtang National Park we will walk some part of it till Tharepati. The Langtang National park has rare birds, wildlife, and different unique plants and flowers. During the trek, We will walk through the small villages of Chisopani, Kutumsang, and also Melamchi.

Highlights of  Helambu Trek

  • The Helambu trek is a near and short trek from Kathmandu valley with beautiful landscapes in the Langtang region.
  • The trail follows a beautiful forest with pine and green meadows. We will pass by famous rhododendron flowers.
  • Trek provides the undistributed view of above 7000m of the Langtang and Ganesh Himal ranges.
  • We will also explore and follows the path of Shivapuri National park.
  • Get the chance into the Himalayan Buddhist culture and visit the Stupas and Monasteries along the trail.
  • Get the know Hylmo culture and the local Tamang community.
  • The Moderate level of the trek goes a maximum height of 3500m.
  • Helambu Trek is a low-altitude trek suitable for all trekkers.
  • The highest point of the trek is Tharepati  3650m in height.

Difficulty Level of Helambu Trek

Helambu trek difficulty level is from easy to moderate level. During the trekking journey, we need to trek a maximum of 6- 7 hours of walking. On some trekking days, we will only walk just 3-4 hours.As this is a short trek of just 5- 6 days and the altitude gain is also relatively low. Trekkers who have an average level of fitness with sound health can do this trek. The Helambu area trekking route is very well-maintained and easy to walk. You don’t need any trekking experience for this route. For the trekkers wanted to start their first trek and for beginners, this is a suitable route.

We still suggest you do some physical training before the trek such as cardio exercises, jogging, morning walks, swimming, and Yoga, This small exercise will help you to make your physical condition strength and easy for you on the trek trail.

Helambu Trek Cost

The cost of trekking in Nepal has been greatly affected by the recent political upheaval in Nepal, and the current Government has implemented many new taxes and costs to ensure that people working in the hospitality industry, such as hotels, guest houses, restaurants, and tourism are paid fair and equitable wages. Daily needed things prices hike up, meals and rooms cost in trek increased seasonally, as in the rest of the world, fuel costs have been increasing on a regular basis.

However, even though we at Above Himalaya Trekking have been affected by these factors, we continue to offer best services to our customer in nominal cost. The cost for the trek is depends on different factors , mode of  transport, guide and porters and other things. However the Helambu area is relatively cheaper than Everest and Annapurna regions. For up to date cost and service please contact us.

Best season for Helambu Trek

Since Nepal is a country of diversification with its geography and climate, a nature lover can always make it to this destination for trekking year-round. Normally four seasons are considered in Nepal, each of which has its own particular attraction to offer.

The best seasons for trekking in Nepal are from mid-February to the First week of June and September to mid-December.

September to Mid-December: September to early December is the best season for Trekking in Nepal. This time of the year offers excellent weather and outstanding mountain views. The days are typically sunny and clear with moderate temperatures and the evenings are usually quite cold.

Mid-February to Mid-June:
The second finest trekking season. The Temperatures are relatively warm. Mornings are bright and clear especially since the rhododendrons are in complete blossom and the mountain views are excellent.

Note: July to August is the Monsoon period in Nepal and This is the preferable season to trek in the rain shadow areas like Mustang, Upper Manang, and Dolpo However, One can make Trekking in the Annapurna circuit, Langtang valley, Jomsom Muktinath Trek, Everest base camp respectively.

 Trek guide and staff

Your trekking guide for the Helambu valley trek speaks fluent English. We have also guides who speak additional languages (French, German, Spanish, and Japanese. They will always look after your s safety, maintaining health, security, and hygiene before doing anything else. On the tea house trekking, our guide will find you the best and clean guest houses for your comfort.

The local guest house serves you organic, and hygienic foods on the camping trekking. You can have wonderful international dishes, ranging from Italian, Mexican, Indian, and other western foods. Of course, they are always happy to offer you typical Nepalese food! We always use purified water for washing vegetables and fruits, and for washing dishes and glasses. While we are trekking at a higher altitude. We prepare suitable food to prevent altitude sickness and to provide healthy nutrition.

After your food, they served beverages including Nepali tea, coffee, and hot chocolate and you don’t need to be surprised to see your birthday cake if your birthday is on the mountain.

Our Sherpas and all other supporting staffs including porters are friendly and helpful, our porters carry all of your personal equipment, and group equipment, and set up camp each day, your job is to relax and enjoy your Helambu trek.

Helambu Trekking group or Solo

We organize a group as well as a private trek for the Helambu region. The price of a solo trek is a little more expensive than the group. However, if you are already 2 people you can do the trek the price is almost the same.

Our group size is small up to 12 people and if you are more than 10 people in the group we will have a discount for group leaders. We are able to run the trek from 2 people to the above group size. The small group is easier to handle and you can enjoy the fullest of nature and have a more easy time. We will give 1 guide and porter for 2 trekkers, porter is the basis for 2 trekkers. If you are above 8 person group, we will give you an assistant guide for your Helambu trek.

Travel Insurance

The Helambu trekking goes maximum height of 3500m and not a problem from altitude sickness. But during the trekking it might be a risk of getting injured due to twisted ankle. Therefore, before beginning the walk, we suggest that you get trustworthy travel insurance. An insurance coverage called travel insurance can support you if you are evacuated. It would be best to have basic insurance covering trip air ambulance, cancellation, medical costs, theft, accidents, and natural disasters.


The trek start point of Helambu is from Sundarijal which is about 1 hour drive from Kathmandu. There are various options for transport till Sundarijal from local bus to car, van and Hiace. Depends on group size we use private car, van and Hiace transportation for our Helambu trek  group. The drive is scenic with crossing the daily life of Kathmandu. We finish the trek in Melamchi Bazaar and it is about 4 hour drive back to Kathmandu, for this we mostly use local bus transportation but can use private jeep with an additional cost.

Trekking Permit for Helambu Trek

All trekkers require a trekking permit fee to visit Nepal’s interior regions. Trekking through National park areas requires an entry permit. Helambu trekking trail lies in Langtang National park and needs a trekking permit. The first part of the trek also visits the Shivapuri-Nagarjun National Park and the Entry Permit fee is (USD 10 per person ).

Similarly, there is the Trekkers (Trekkers Information Management System) Tims card which costs (USD 10 per person ). The Langtang National park entry permit fee is USD 30 per person. Above The Himalaya trekking arrange all necessary trekking permits for your guest who are going to the Helambu trek with us.

Electricity and Wifi

During your  Helambu trekking route, most of the teahouse has electric power to charge your mobile phone, camera, or other electronic devices. Some places offer solar system power too. Sometimes there can be a power cut so we suggest you bring a power bank or solar charger.

Most of the tea houses have internet facilities and they may charge you some extra money. You can connect during your trek with  WIFI or mobile data. For mobile date you can get sim on arrival at Airport nad can buy the date package. The mobile date is not that expensive,  So, you can easily contact your family, loved ones, and friends during the trek.

Trek from Gosaikunda

The Helambu Gosaikunda trek is a more demanding route nowadays. It is also the most easily accessible trekking route from Kathmandu valley.
We will enjoy walking in the forests of sub-alpine vegetation. We will pass by the dense oak and pine forests on the trail which look fascinating.  If you are trekking in the spring season the areas are covered by rhododendrons to form a spectacular display.

The people here are of Tibetan origin and call themselves Sherpa although they are quite distinct from the Sherpas of the Everest region both in language and customs. We will also encounter large numbers here the Tamang people who also originated in Tibet but settled in Nepal considerably earlier than the Sherpas.

We will cross the Gosaikunda pass and arrive at the Helambu part. From Tharepati we can trek to Melamchi pul bazaar with enjoy the local monasteries and Sherpa people different from than Everest region. Furthermore, we can come to Chisopani and drive back to Kathmandu.


Helambu Trek - Trip Info

Duration: 06 Days from Kathmandu to Kathmandu.

Max. Altitude: Tharepati (3597m/11801ft)

Trek Grade: Easy to Moderate

Drinking water

We suggest you at least drink 3/4 liters of water per day while you are on the trail. There is an availability of Mineral water in the tea houses. We don’t suggest our trekkers use mineral water as it is expensive and it is damaging to the ecosystem. Plastic water bottles are a significant problem in Nepal’s mountain areas. So instead of relying on bottled water, travelers should instead purify their water.

Having purification tablets/iodine is best because you will not have the time to boil your water. They are small, cheap, and light to carry, another better way is to get water filters they are low to carry and easy to use. You can bring two reusable water bottles. So that you always have one bottle to drink from, while the water in your other bottle is being purified. We can use the water purifier or water purification tablet and become responsible travelers.

Why Private and Tailor-made Holidays?

Whether you are a single person, couple, or family on your trekking holiday, we cater to each of your needs and plan a personalized holiday itinerary that can turn out to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. A private and tailor-made trekking holiday offers you the freedom to your personalize holiday.  Above The Himalaya, trekking custom design your holiday to your needs.

The private Tailor-made trips also offer:

  • Flexible dates
  • Only the destinations you want to see
  • Your own schedule and pace
  • Authentic experiences in ‘unknown’ places
  • Expert local guides with insider knowledge
  • Hassle-free transfers and private drivers
  • Peace of mind – everything is organized so you don’t need to worry

Your trip will be tailored as per your budget, you can choose luxury or budget accommodation and the trip price will be fixed as per your needs. You will have your own guide which is easier to succeed on your trip. As on crowded group tours you have to wait to get the guide’s attention. On the private trip, the guide is only at your service. You can get all your answers instantly. You can visit the destination and he will make your experience blissful and stress-free.

You can travel with your friends and family as we provide extra care and assistance for the elderly and children. With our personalized service, private travel guides and tour coordinators who cater to your individual needs, enjoy high-quality, seamless experiences.

You have complete control over your trip itinerary – when and where you want to go, what you want to do, and where you want to stay. You can choose the type of transportation and cancel or add activities to your trip.

Detailed Itinerary of Helambu Trek

We pick up you at your hotel to start the trek. Private car drive to Sundarijal which takes about 1 hour. It is at the height of 1350m. You can see the massive water project. It is the main source of Kathmandu city waters. after some climbing.

We will meet the small hydroelectric plant and starts up concrete steps alongside the water pipe. From here we trek steeply to a road to the top of the Shivapuri ridge and wildlife reserve. We are climbing continues to the hilltop with the forest to meet the Mulkharka Villages with the inhabitants of the Tamang people.

Today we are mostly walking in  the forest of rhododendron and oaks after pass the Borlang Bhanjyang trail goes downhill to Chisopani (2140m), The mountain views are excellent from here can see the sights of Annapurna to Everest

After breakfast at Chisopani, we start another day trekking. The first part of the trail is a downhill hill crossing the meadows and a nice terrace and also the cultivated fields. You will enjoy the excellent mountain views of the Langtang ranges. Today the path is mostly zigzagging as we leave the main trail.

While we are trekking till  Pathi Bhanjyang (1770m), the Brahman and Chhetri village, and a gentle ascent to a small white Chorten at the Sherpa village of Thakuni Bhanjyang. We climb the steep uphills until Chipping before arriving at the Jhogin Danda ridge (2470m).

You’ll have magnificent views of the peaks as you drop down through the rhododendron forest on the far side of the pass.

After lunch, we will continue trekking with forested ridge and descends to a large Chorten overlooking the Tamang village of Gul Bhanjyang, Stay overnight at Gulbhanjyangor we can still be trekking to Kutumsang.

Today the first part of The trail from Gul Bhanjyang needs to climbs the pass at 2620m. The trail goes through the prickly-leaved oak forest with excellent views of the Langtang mountains and the Helambu valley. Along the away today you will be rewarded by the best view of the Langtang range and the Gosaikunda peaks.

The trail climbs above Kutumsang on a steep, eroded trail, mostly through fir and rhododendron forests where there are only a few shepherds’ huts.  We will descend to Magen Goth and again continues to climb, steeply at first, and then more gradually, the trail makes some ups and downs passing through forests, across flower-strewn meadows, and crossing streams.

Most parts of the route are today steep above the village to a fluttering white prayer flag on a mind swept hilltop, offering a perfect panorama of the Langtang Himalaya. We arrived at Tharepati which gives you an excellent close-up view of Gosaikunda and surrounding high mountains. Overnight stay at the local lodge.

Today we take a rest day after long hours of trekking till Tharepati. this is the best viewpoint place and you can enjoy the spectacular mountain vistas.

The trail from Tharepati passes with pine and rhododendron forest. It is rich with birdlife and at the same time, you will also get excellent views. We will be trekking down into the Helambu valley. The elevation gives you a marvelous mountain view of the Jugal Himal and Nummer in the Solu Khumbu.

From Tharepati, the trail steeply descends through the pine and rhododendron forest with great views down into the Helambu valley and across to Jugal Himal and Nummur in the Solu Khumbu. The village here is surrounding by beautiful forests, where Sherpa people with their distinctive culture mainly inhabit it. from here we are following the descending path until you cross the stream named Melamchi.

Today you will see one of the oldest Buddhist monasteries at Tarkeghyang. It is also is known as Helambu, which is named after the Helamu caste. The Sherpa people living here are different than the Mount Everest region Sherpa.  Stay overnight at the lodge.

Today we take the short way to Timbu village about 2 and a half hours walking. From here, take a drive of around 5 hrs drive to the Kathmandu valley. Enjoy the panoramic views all the way, enjoying the fresh air and forested road. Drive back to Kathmandu by bus or private vehicle to finish your trekking.

Not satisfied with this itinerary? Cutomize Now

Cost Includes

  • Trekking guide who certified and licensed from Government and got training on high altitude sickness, first aid.
  • Local trekking porter for the trek, 1 porter for 2 trekkers basis.
  • Trekking staff, food, accommodation, salary, equipment, insurance, clothing.
  • Local Tea house also called guest house/ lodges twin sharing during your journey.
  • Your daily meal   (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). you can choose your meals from the menu, there are different types of food available.
  • Langtang National park Trekking Permit.
  • TIMS  Card for the Langtang Trekking.
  • Shivapuri Wildlife Reserve Permit fee
  • Group medical supplies (Guide will carry basic medicines).
  • Above the Himalaya duffel bag. ( If you need, please let us know before you book the trip and remind us in our pre-meeting at our office)
  • Kathmandu to Sundarijal transport by private car/van
  • Melamchi Bazar to Kathmandu transport by local bus, ( you can come by private jeep by adding extra cost)
  • Comprehensive pre-departure information and trip dossiers
  • Above the Himalaya Gifts and Trekking certificate after finish your trek.
  • All our official  paper works, Service charge, and all Government Taxes

Cost Excludes

  • Any services in Kathmandu.
  • International Airfare.
  • Alcoholic, hot and cold drinks, hot water.
  • Your personal expenses during the trek. sweets, snacks, beverages and bar bills, battery charging.
  • Travel Insurance should include both rescue and medical assistance.
  • Personal trekking equipment, you can rent or buy in Kathmandu.
  • Tips for tour/ trekking staffs and driver
  • Any others expenses which are not mentioned in the Price Includes section.

Helambu circuit trek

The Helambu circuit trekking region is about  80 km from Kathmandu. certainly, Helambu circuit Trek should not take more than a week of yours. The route can be best chosen as an extension to your trip to Nepal. If you only have a limited time in the country. Sometimes, the short trip is the best one as it does not result in much exhaustion. Thus, the trip is reasonably perfect for those who are restricted by time and health conditions. Or, the Helambu circuit trip might not require a reason at all.

The place is quite remote and is maintained by the native Hyolmo people. If you’re wondering what Hyolmo people are, they are known to be indigenous people of the Eastern Himalayan Region. By nature, they are neighborly – friendly and would love to see you visit their homeland. You might find them unfamiliar as they somehow look like Tibetans.

The trekking begins from Sundarijal from an elevation of 135om and ends at Melamchi Bazaar which is about 850m. During the trek, we will go to the highest point of the trek Tharepani 3650 which provides the best mountain view.

Trek start from Sundarijal a water resource of Kathmandu

We start our Helambu Circuit Trek with a drive from Kathmandu to Sundarijal [1,390 m/4,560 ft.] and initiate the trek from the point. The course takes you through some of the earnest viewpoints that provide you with striking sights of the surrounding places which are beautiful themselves. Chisopani, Hyolmo, Kutumsang, Magin Goth, Tharepati, Melamchi Gaun, Nakota, and also  Take gang is some of them. Most of the time, you’ll arrive at places habituated by people and meadows scattered with local animals.

There are greeneries everywhere in Nepal. And you won’t lack another form of natural beauty too. Beautifully shining high in the Himalayas, rough rocky trails, isolated landscapes, and remote settlements are what people have always admired in the country.

In short, this beautiful short trek is an enduring course for your holiday. It includes the cultural taste of Tibetan influence, green vegetation, sights of local animals, Get the best close panoramic views of the Himalayas, and homely hospitality everywhere. Furthermore, you can have some of the miracles of nature that you would nowhere else get to see. People’s reviews are what make us delighted in our motherland. If you wish to take a look at some of them, you may get into the testimonial section to read about everything that our previous visitors have said about us, the country, and their visit to their favorite places.

Visit the Sherpa Village Langtang Helambu trek

During the Helambu trekking, the main attractions are also The Sherpa village such as Tarkeghyang. As it is a charming enclave of farmers and yak herders. They are different from the Sherpas of the Khumbu region and have a unique culture. We go along the south ridge through Sermathang. The Kathmandu drinking water project is going to get from this mega-project via a series of tunnels. We can also get the best experience of the Yolmo culture of high mountain villages. Excellent views of lonely high mountains, and watch enthralled as the farmers. As they toil in the fields using handmade tools and teams of water buffalo.

Helambu trek altitude

The Helambu trekking is very pleasant and moderate as the altitude is not very high compared to other trekking in Nepal. Helambu trek altitude starts from Sundarijal at the height of 1350 meters and ends in Melamchi pull Bazaar altitude of 850 meters). The highest altitude of this trek itinerary takes us to the height of 3597 meters at Tharepati village. The amazing countryside is filled with Buddhist monasteries, pilgrimages, and delicious apples. There are many teahouse accommodations along the route. The trail resulting in Chisopani starts with the tangible steps alongside the pipeline trail which brings water to Kathmandu. After the short uphill hike, we arrive at the small town of Mulkharka which is 600 meters above Sundarijal.

The trail climbs further to Chisopani, at an altitude of (2300 meters) from Mulkharka which offers amazing Himalayan views across the valley. Gradually the trail runs right down to Paati Bhanjyang at an altitude of (1770 meters). Again from Chip ling (2170 meters), the trail climbs up to a pass at an altitude of 2470 meters before descending to Thodang Bettini (2250 meters) forested ridge. We will follow the descending trail to the Tamang village of Gul Bhanjyang, a hill village at an altitude of 2140 meters.

This is ideal for those people that don’t have much time in Nepal or would really like to short and medium-altitude trekking. People who have a short time less than a week can do the trek which starts in Kathmandu. Walking through the incredible villages like Gul bhanjyang at an altitude of (2620M). From here descending a touch to succeed in Kutumsang village at an altitude of 2470 meters.

Helambu trekking  map

While you are on the trail of the Helambu trek having a good trekking map is essential. The Everest route is a famous and well-traveled trekking region in Nepal. The Helambu trek map provides detailed information and major things insight and clear pictures of the mountains. You can buy a different map for this trek most popular one is the map of The Himalayan Map House, Helambu map, which can be purchased in the Kathmandu trekking store or can buy online also.

The route map of the Helambu trek goes from Kathmandu Sndarijal. the first night we sleep at  Chisapani. , Kutumsang, Tharepati-Timbu, and back to Melamchi if you have a longer time you can use the route map of Tarkeghyang, Shermathang also.  the trail is heading vias Tamang and Sherpa villages with their beautiful Buddhist monasteries. The views of the mountains are amazing, We can see the  Langtang Lirung, Manaslu range, Ganesh Himal peak, Rolwaling, and Gauri Shankar on this route map. Enjoy the best views of snow-crowned mountains. If we are also trekking in the winter, can have a chance to see the Losar celebration which is a part of traditional mountain  Nepali life.

With the help of a trekking map, you can gain information that is reliable and necessary while choosing your routes. the map gives you a clear idea of the different short trips and side trips along the trail. there are shortcut ways on the route and can drive to Kathmandu from various points also. So get the best map while you are in the Helambu region.

Helambu trekking 5 days

The Helambu trek 5 days are a standard itinerary of the region. This itinerary is best for beginner trekkers and families. The trek routes take you to the beautiful villages of the Helambu region and also experience the Langtang National Park.

Suitable for first-time trekkers, beginners, or with family these 5 days Helambu Trek is a fascinating short trek. We can get Beautiful views all year round with unique culture and traditions along with the popular sweet apples of Helambu.

The highest altitude we will be reaching during the Helambu Trek of 5 days is 3650 meters at the Tharepati pass. The highest point of the trek is not as high as other treks in the region. If you are looking for a short trek with exquisite food, magnificent views, and a taste of the traditional lifestyle, the Helambu Trek 5 days is the one for you. One can enjoy the best views of the surrounding mountains, valleys, rivers, and the lifestyle of the people in the region. Get ready and join us and our local team of professionals guides you to make your journey of a lifetime.

Helambu trekking 4 days

Helambu trek 4 days is possible only with fit trekkers who have very limited time, you need to trek 7/8 hours if you wanted to finish in 4 days, especially on days 02,03, and day 4 are top. The good thing for you is, you can take a jeep drive to shorten the trek and it makes is to shorten the trip now. The Helambu circuit trek is ranging in between 800m. and 3690m till Tharepati, which indicates less climbing and warmer temperatures. The main advancer of this route is there are fewer trekkers compared to the Annapurna base camp or Everest base camp.

Helambu is a comprehensive package of culture, natural beauty, and people of a different races, providing you with one of the most enthralling trekking experiences near Kathmandu without having to waste days just to reach the starting point. So if you’re short on time and wanted to enjoy the real trekking experience with being 3500m height this is the best short trek for you.

Throughout the Helambu trek, you will get the opportunity to get amazing views of the pristine Himalayas range. Remote farm with fascinating Buddhist cultures. Enchanting Rhododendron and oaks woodland. We will also pass by the Fascinating old and medieval traditional villages with impressive monasteries.”

The itinerary for the 4 days trek looks like this below

Day 01: An hour’s drive to Sundarijal (1460 m) and trek to Chisapani  (2165m – 4-5 hr walk). from here on day 02
Trek to Kutumsang (2470 m 7-8 hr hike) lunch stop at Chipling (2170 m).
Day 03: Trek to Tharepati (3690 m) – Melamchi Village (2530m). 7 hour’s walk.
Day 04: Trek to Timbu via Tarkegyang. Drive to Kathmandu by private Jeep.

The above information suggestion is just a guide. We can drive to Chisopani also by jeep and we can tailor-make all our trips as per your time, interest, and group size.


Helambu Trek in winter

The Winter season in Nepal is a great choice for trekking to hiking in the lower elevations. The temperatures are colder but you can enjoy walking in the snow with clear skies and fewer crowds. We can suggest you trek below 4000 meters will which is comfortable, as well as safer. If you are visiting Nepal from late December to February you can do our Helambu trek.

The Helambu region lies at the foot of the mountains. because the trek is brief and doesn’t reach higher altitudes, winter is additionally considered an excellent time for the trek. If you would like to ascertain some slight snowfall alongside the mountains and therefore the vegetation covered in snow, this is often the simplest time.

The months from December to February are that the best time for snow fights and snow-covered views from the Helambu region. you’ll get to experience the simplest views of the encompassing mountains, valleys, rivers, and also the lifestyle of the people within the region.

Eco-friendly trekking

Above the Himalaya Trekking (P) Ltd only run eco-friendly treks and tour in the Himalayas. Awareness and responsibility are the most important things to take with you on your journey. Your behavior affects the local’s attitude towards their culture and environment. Therefore, please not only keep to the legal rules but give the best example you can.

  • Purify drinking water yourself, instead of buying it a plastic bottle.
  • Use local toilet facilities wherever possible.
  • Adopt local customs, and don’t wear revealing clothes. Save caresses for private moments.
  •  Ask before photographing people or religious sites. Don’t enter houses uninvited,
  • Respect local management, Gompas and caves may be closed outsides or accessible for a small fee or donation.
  • Discourage begging and encourage fair dealing
  • Remember that is illegal to disturb wildlife, remove animals or plants, or buy wildlife products

Helambu Trekking in Reality

For the first time, trekkers Helambu trek can be a different experience, each day you walk into the countryside free from roads. Villages caught in a time warp abound, their terraced fields stacked up huge hillsides. We will also pass the pilgrimage routes, trails between villages, or tracks to high grazing pastures in our trekking.

The trekking usually starts at 7:00 am, you will be served breakfast in your guest house during the Helambu tea house trekking, after light breakfast bread, jam, Muesli, Porridge, boiled egg, tea, or coffee depending on your choice., we set off on the day’s walk. We will have a lunch stop in a small tea house along the way around 12 pm. After lunch, the walk is generally shorter and we usually arrive at our destination in time for late afternoon tea. After refreshment, you have some time to spend exploring the village, doing a bit of washing, or simply relaxing with a good.
There is time enough for spotting wildlife, photography, chatting along the way, and relaxing over lunch or a refreshing cup of tea.

The practical aspects of trekking are surprisingly easy. In the villages and along the way tea houses and trekking lodges, meals are ordered from menus in English. Generally, for breakfast bread, jam, Muesli, Porridge, and boiled egg. You can have different local pieces of bread, pancake, tea, or coffee depending on your choice served, for lunches and Dinners different soups. Enjoy the typical Nepali food Dal Bhat, spaghetti, lasagna, macaroni, different types of curry, pizza, and also other foods will be served.  So trekking is really little more than a pleasurable ramble through the beautiful village walk. You can also gaze in the wonder at the terraced hillsides and wander amid incredible mountain scenery.

Comfort and Safety for Helambu trek

Our top priority is the safety and security of our customers and staff during all of our trips. Our leaders are all thoroughly trained and highly experienced in leading groups through the Himalayas. They all have special training in first aid and as well in crisis management. In the rare case of an incident occurring on the trek, they can organize a rapid medical evacuation. We carry first aid kits on all of our tours, which are readily available for both customers and staff.

We are constantly in communication with our field office and monitor all aspects of government and weather issues that might affect your trip. Our help is always there for you and nowadays most of the Helambu trek route has wifi and cellular networks so easy to make communication.

Who can do Helambu Trekking

No special degree of fitness is required and age is no barrier, except in areas over 3000m altitude where extra care should be taken. So anyone, with a pair of strong legs and the spirit for adventure to explore the exotic will enjoy the thrills of trekking in the hills of Nepal. The route of the Helambu circuit trek is easy to moderate level of trekking so anybody can do this, Furthermore, the trek goes less than 4000m height so not a big chance for altitude sickness.

One of the main highlights of the Helambu trek 5 days is the duration and difficulty of the trek. It is a comparatively easy trek compared to other treks within the region.  Aside from being a simple trek, the trek is merely 5 days where you get to experience a good sort of things and have time for other detours also while you’re within the country. To be honest, this is often a simple trek of 6 days is suitable for beginners also.

The only difficulty you’ll face is going to be if you trek the world during the Summer season. With the monsoon rain pouring down on you each day, you’ll have difficulties continuing on the paths as they get muddy and slippery. aside from this, there are hardly any difficulties you’ll face during this short trek. past experience isn’t a requirement. However, some physical exercises assist you to finish the trek without any difficulties.

Gosaikunda Helambu Trek

Gosaikunda Helambu trek trails start from Dhunche and race through the dense forest and lower village Thulo Syabru to Shin Gompa. This is which is a famous destination for its oldest Monastery and Traditional cheese factory. From the lower region, the trail traces to the 2nd highest pass of the region Laurebina Pass. A pass is a serene place from where the green rolling hills, scattered villages, and coruscating peaks appear fascinating and appealing.

With a cautious walk along the pass, the trail leads to the most sacred lake of the region Gosaikunda Lake which is even visited by the national pilgrims during Janai Purnima in August.

This trek region also has numerous lakes like Saraswoti Kunda, Bhairav Kunda, Surya Kunda, Ganesh Kunda, etc; and during this trek, we can witness all these lakes while walking through the trails to Ghopte village. While returning back to Kathmandu from Gosaikunda tracing Helambu valley trails, we need to cross some bridges, cliffs, small passes, and Bhanjyang of Ghopte, Tharepati, and Kutumsang villages.

This is a moderate-grade trek crossing the 4610m height. Trekking in the Langtang region is blissful and it is comparatively easier than other trek regions of Nepal. This trek is suitable for everybody and no technical training or trekking experience is needed.

Our Gosaikunda Helambu Trek package cost includes the local guest house accommodation, local transport, entry permit, three times meals, well-experienced guides, and trek porters. The climate of this region is pleasant and the best time to trek is in the spring and autumn. At this time we can expect serene surroundings and a tranquil climate.

Langtang Helambu Trekking

Langtang  Gosaikunda Helambu Trekking is one of the gorgeous ways to explore nature inside out. you’ll visit the stunning Langtang park then afterward trek to the finish of the valley to look at the eminent mountains sees. This trek combines three different treks; Langtang Valley, Gosaikunda Lake, and Helambu Valley Trek. You will encounter a spread of landscapes during the Langtang Helambu Trek. This route includes mountainous landscapes, green meadows, quiet hamlets, and also great glaciers. you’ll see diverse vegetation at Langtang park. Langtang park is the first Himalayan park in Nepal.

The Langtang region is legendary for Red Pandas, a species in Nepal. alongside red pandas, you’ll also see Himalayan black bears, boar, and Langur monkeys. The Helambu area is surprisingly peaceful and calm. The landscape is classic Himalayan foothills, with many dramatic rises and plummeting descents.

During the trek, you’ll see some glorious mountains like Langtang Lirung, Pemathang Ri, Langshisha Ri, Dorje Lakpa, and Kang Chenpo, & Tillman’s peak. During the Langtang Helambu Trek, you’ll trek to an altitude above 4500 meters at the Gosaikunda Pass. steel oneself against hypoxia and its consequences.

Helambu Circuit trek goes via Shivapuri Wildlife Reserve

Helambu trek trail follows the National park of Shivapuri. because of is inhabits a paradise of flora. Including exotic orchids, and a myriad of wildlife and birds. You will encounter spectacular panoramic views, including Ganesh Himal Massif, Langtang Himal, Rolwaling Range, and distant views of peaks in the Everest region. With the diverse range of bright green valley’s dark rhododendron forests. The distant horizon of snowy mountains makes Helambu ideal for a short trek.

Helambu trek region lies to the north of Kathmandu. We can also get the  Sherpa culture without having to go to the Everest region. This itinerary is a comfortable and enjoyable trip for trekkers. Experience the best adventure trip of the Himalayas with an outgoing very high altitude as the treks go maximum height of 3500m. As a result, the main attractions of this region include beautiful Gompas. They are enshrining statues of Guru Rinpoche, Sakyamuni, and Chenresig (Avalokitesvara).

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      Helambu Trek
      Frequently Asked Questions

      Where is helambu located?

      The Helambu trek is located nearby Kathmandu about 75 km north of Kathmandu valley. The region is the home for Hyolmo people and trek goes from Sundariji to Melamchipul in a relatively low altitude.

      Helambu trek 3 days is it possible?

      You can trek to Helambu valley in 3 days only to the upper part of Melamchi gaon like Shermathang and Tarkeghyang which are the main village of these regions. Now we can drive to Timbu and further by private jeep and make the trek shorter, if you wanted to cover the full Helambu circuit trek in 3 days we can drive to Kutumsang by jeep and trek till Tharepani and drive back to Kathmandu from Timbu after the trek down from Tharepati.

      How difficulty is Helambu trek?

      Helambu Trek is a beautiful short trek in Langtang National Park close to Kathmandu and its difficulty level is from easy to moderate. We trek from 800m to 3650m in height in the nice trail.

      What kind of accomodation in Helambu trek?

      There are basic tea houses and local lodges  in the trekking trail. The guest house are quite clean  and it is basic. It has most of basic facilities like electricity, bed, dinning. Most of the guest house has a wifi facilities now.

      Which is the best time to Helambu trek?

      We can do the Helambu trek most time of the year except rainy season 9 July to Mid September) . The first season of trek here in Nepal is  Mid September to  December. The second best season is March – April and may for the Helambu trek. The weather is very nice, clear and pleasant. You can see the magnificent view of Mountain. This is short trek and only goes to 3500m so winter trekking also possible and enjoyable.

      Is there enough accommodation on Helambu trek?

      Yes, there are enough local guest houses and lodges in the Helambu trek route, this trekking route is not a busy trail so you will not have problems for the Accommodation

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