Nepal Trekking Guide, Porter Hiring Service

Nepal trekking guide hiring service for trekking in Nepal. It can be done quickly with us as we have practical guides and porters with more than a decade of experience in the Himalayas. We have the best operations and trekking/tour leaders team, providing a captivating combination of Eastern and Western skills.

Having grown up in the Himalayas, our guides and porters have an excellent knowledge of the country’s culture, religion, and traditions. They are all versed in Nepali culture, history, beliefs, and art, and they will always do their best to reveal genuine Nepal.

Nepal walking holidays tour

Besides, Nepal’s Tourism Board has updated trekking rules for international tourists to ensure their safety and security. This update brings about a profound change in solo trekking in Nepal for foreigners. The main concern of this drastic change was the safety and security of every cherished tourist in Nepal.

Under the new rules, trekking guides or porters are required for international tourists trekking in Nepal. In addition to ensuring your safety, this will also create jobs and contribute to the economy in Nepal. Furthermore, a travel guide’s knowledge of the origin of various places will enhance your trekking experience. 

For a similar purpose, all of our guides have trained for and attained a Trekking Guide license provided by the Government. TAAN and the Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management (NATHAM) organize the license exam annually.

They have vast knowledge about trekking trails and kinds of medical treatments and emergency services such as first aid, altitude sickness, and other relevant issues. Our Porter and Guide will never leave you alone or mislead you during your trekking period, as it can be against the law and sorted as a severe crime.

When you take our Nepal trekking guide hiring services, you are fully protected from your finances. They will help you to know the culture and local traditions, intermingle with the people, know the trails, and get information about the natural resources, flora, and fauna.

They sincerely believe in responsible travel and hospitality and allow you to give back to the communities you visit. Many clients have become our friends because of our quality, safe, friendly, and economical service.

Guided Travel and Types of Trekking Guides in Nepal

Because many solo trekkers get lost, injured, or face uncertainties, the safety of the trekkers is crucial. Additionally, Nepal’s tourism has increased over time, resulting in several uncertainties regarding solo trekking, which has attracted attention in recent years. Nepal’s authorities are trying to improve travel quality and safety.

There are the best of the best guides in Nepal from whom you can expect excellent knowledge. Hiring a local guide is always beneficial as they are significant sources of information about the place you are traveling.

The guidelines for various trekking agencies are culture and tour guides, yoga-trekking guides, rafting guides, safari guides, and mountain biking guides. Each of these guides has different areas of expertise and diverse linguistic skills.

While traveling in Nepal, all of your safety and fun are the responsibility of your guides. So they should be well-skilled. Whether you are trekking in the high Himalayas, exploring the city, rafting, or enjoying the jungle safari, you will need a guide. Your Guide will know every detail of the trip, making your trip the most memorable one.

There are many reasons to hire a guide, and you will need them for the safety of social and cultural benefits. Even if you prefer independent travel, hiring a guide doesn’t necessarily mean joining a group tour (unless that’s what you’re looking for); guides can enhance select experiences on your custom journey, be it mountain biking, trekking, or cultural immersion.
Trekking with a guide is always fun and pleasurable as they let you enjoy nature based on your comfort. Besides, hiring a local guide has the advantage of gaining local expertise, and safety and comfort are maintained during travel.

Here are some of the significant requirements that the tour guide must possess:

Requirements for Trekking Guide:

• Two years of working experience as an assistant guide or Porter. Must be fluent in the English language
• Must have excellent knowledge about trekking trails, people, culture, history, etc. Must have a travel guide license from the Government.

To become a licensed tourist guide, you must apply at NATHAM (Nepal Academy of Tourism & Hotel Management), which provides three months of training. For that specific training, you must be one of the selected candidates among the 300 applicants. After completing the training, you should pass the exam NATHAM took.

Finally, you will become a licensed tourist guide in Nepal after completing all the requirements. Enough knowledge about tourism, tourist guides, and tour operators is essential for being the best tour guide. However, knowing intimately about Nepal’s culture, History of Nepal, places, and many more related to tourism is another essential factor.

Our Nepal trekking guide hiring service uses an experienced guide.

Hiring Our experienced guides give you innumerable trip details, ensuring everything runs smoothly and everybody has fun. The hired guides and porters will handle every arrangement of hotels or tea houses, luggage, ticketing, permits, and name registration. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the moment. After all, you’re on vacation.

We always select a physically fit and healthy enough trekking guide porter to carry your bags during the trek. All our porters have good equipment and insurance and are paid well. They are professional and expert trekking porters who can take a maximum of 30kg. Service of trekking guide porter hiring in Nepal will help you to make your trek more enjoyable and memorable.

Trekking guide/porter hiring

Why do I need a trekking guide porter hiring service?

We currently have language guides for climbing, expeditions, rafting, and hiking. Aside from providing excellent trekking services, our central vision is to provide our clients with as much accurate information about the people of Nepal, their religion, culture, and the country itself as possible. Hiking in the Himalayas is a severe undertaking, and having somebody experienced along for the trip is a good idea.

Well, knowing the people

The local Guide will help you gain a more genuine perception of the country. Local guides, porters, or guides working in that region have excellent knowledge of culture and lifestyles. They will help make you comfortable with local people and intermingling with them. You can learn more from our trekking guide porter hiring service.

Familiarity with trek

Guides will likely be specialized in particular trekking regions and have completed the trails multiple times. Maps are helpful, but guides’ first-hand knowledge won’t be replaceable.

Your hired guides are well-known about the terrain, the time of trekking, the next stops, and the best places to stay during the trek. A bonus is that they may know people on the trail, leading to prime campsites and better teahouse rooms and services.

Break the Language Barrier

It’s always better to know the language of the place where you will spend your holidays or go trekking. You may remember a few Nepali phrases, but your Guide can get the scoop.

It will be helpful to know the accessible routes, the following villages to come, the availability of tea houses, and whether it is easy to make other arrangements. Besides, especially in the high mountains, it’s advantageous to have a native speaker available to handle essential communications.

Safety and Security

While you are trekking, you are at a Different altitude, which can also be a climatic disorder that may occur during the journey. So, your Guide will have good judgment on several issues related to your well-being.

Some security issues may sometimes arise in remote parts, so the Guide will help keep an eye on you and your belongings. Regarding free safety, your Guide will know the routes, conditions, and health concerns, among other things.

Culture insights

Guides will cooperate, enlightening you about the places’ culture, traditions, and importance. It can be more fruitful to ask about religions, local people, ethnic groups, customs, and traditions. You can have insight into the history of various places and their civilization.

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Why is our trekking  guide porter hiring

Some of our guides and porters’ distinct and divergent features and characters make us most suitable and trustworthy for hiring guides and porters for your trekking. You will have an entirely safe and most enjoyable trekking experience of a lifetime with them.

  • Our Guides are experienced and highly skilled in various aspects of Tourism and trekking in Nepal. Our Guides are Government License holders with proper training and examination.
  • Training undertaken by each Guide addresses such issues as First Aid, Eco trekking and tourism, Altitude/Mountain Sickness, and Rescue Protocol.
  • Our employed guides have a proven track record of honesty and personal integrity.
  • Our guides speak English and other languages, including Spanish, French, Japanese, and others.
  • Our Staff have a vast knowledge of local culture, Hinduism, and Buddhism and are keen to share their expertise with our clients. They will also share less well-known facts about our country, Nepal.
  • Our Guide will invite you to a special briefing each evening about your program for the next day’s activities. This will include the reasonable distance to be traveled, points of interest to look out for along the way, and all other relevant details. It can also be a great time to ask questions and discuss your day,
  • We provide an essential Medical Kit to each Guide, which includes items commonly needed during trekking. These items include bandages, analgesics (painkillers), antiseptics, etc.
  • He will manage all the practical aspects of your trek, including ensuring comfort and privacy for your night’s accommodation at the end of your day. You will find the high standard of our Guides is consistent and always considerate of all your needs.

Our porters:

  • Hundreds of thousands of families in Nepal depend upon pottering as their primary source of income.
  • Our Porter will safely take your belongings, making walking easy, pleasant, and comfortable.
  • They will carry your luggage, food, and other necessary items safely and securely for your convenience.
  • They look after your belongings in good condition, protecting them against wet conditions, sharp rocks, and other potential hazards.
  • Our porters are honest and proud of their integrity. Because they are mountain folk, their heritage is a valuable asset that benefits you.
  • They are always keen to join in singing and dancing at the end of the day, which always brings a smile and laughter, creating an environment of fun and enjoyment for you to participate in.

Our Nepal trekking guide hiring cost includes:

  • All required Transport of Guide & Porter
  • Daily wages/salary of Guide or Porter
  • Our guides and porters have good equipment, and they have insurance.
  • All meals & Accommodation of Guide or Porter
  • Service charges & all applicable Govt. taxes at the time of hiring

Trekking guide/porter hiring

Suitable Guide and porters

Guide: Good in English, has a government license, and has different training for altitude sickness/first aid and other environmental aspects. Have 7/8 years of trekking experience and arrange all necessary logistics during your trekking. The Guide will not carry your bag.

Porter: English is just ok. Carry up to 30 kg weight and know the trekking trail; experience from 2 to 8 years. They can find you an excellent guest house.

For the single traveler: 1 guide/ porter is good; the same person guides and carries your bag. Instead, you can take one Guide and one Porter.

For two travelers, 1 English-speaking guide and one Porter are a must.

Nepal trekking guide hiring: Female Guide

Hiring a female guide is necessary if you are a solo female traveler. But we also cater to all types of travelers looking for a guide with a difference. In saying that, we’re more than manuals; we’re companions who understand your needs while feeling safe as a group.

Unfortunately, there are fewer female Nepal tour guides than male guides. However, the number of female guides is increasing with the increment of the tourism industry. Female guides refer to females as those responsible for leading tourist groups in trekking or tours.

The companies’ primary reason for having a female guide is to help female tourists and those who prefer to travel guided by a female guide for a better sense of privacy or security. The significant benefits of female guides are women’s empowerment.

Creating outlets as such for women will provide women from underprivileged groups with a valuable opportunity to raise their financial standards. As travel agents, we are responsible for the guest’s safety and security provisions. Male guides are aimed primarily at Solo trips, Groups of Females, or Family Travelers, meaning a family that may include male family members. Thus, Nepali female guides are preferable because most female clients feel more comfortable and secure with female leaders on the mountain trails.

Moreover, if you are seeking a female traveler, we are here to provide you with one of the best licensed female guides to make your journey safe and memorable forever. So get the benefit of our female trekking guide and porter hiring service in Nepal.

Highlights of Female Guided Tour/trek:

Our Nepal female tour guide would be a great companion for trekking, hiking, rafting, bungee jumping, and paragliding.
Female guides will be perfect for solo female travelers as a guide accompanies them, and the female Guide speaks fluent English.
Women travelers prefer female guides as their tour guides.
The female Guide is boosting women’s empowerment in Nepal.

Note: You can ask questions about the culture, people, and country. We provide the best Guide and Porter for your safety, comfort, and a pleasant journey. Please tell the Guide immediately if you have any problems during your trek. We are always ready to provide the best service to our clients from our trekking guide and porter hiring service. We suggest you give them some tips when using this kind of service.

To meet and choose our guide/porter, please click here and go to the field/team.

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