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Nepal is a secular state which is geographical, religiously, culturally, ethnically. Linguistically diverse with the full range of amusements and unbelievable panorama. It is a popular destination in the world for trekking. Mountaineering, whitewater rafting. wildlife safari. Also many different adventure activities. Due to its extreme high Himalayan ranges and incredible biodiversity. Nepal travel information, It is one of the best countries in the world. For a cultural and historical tour with its long history, fascinating art, and distinctive and varied architecture.

Nepal’s natural beauty and typical tradition and culture are widely famous for its uniqueness and charm to the world. Nepal travels information, It is an exciting jumble of fascinating land of ancient history. Vibrant, colorful culture, and tolerant people. Nepal is one of the wealthiest countries in the world in terms of bio-diversity. Due to its unique geographical position, a wonderful gift of nature, and altitude variation. Very few countries in the world can offer as many varieties of adventure tourism packages as Nepal. Of all the 14 peaks above 8000m in the world, eight are located in Nepal.

Nepal has the world best trekking trail

Nepal is also known to be the land of Sagarmatha (Mt. Everest, 8848m). It is also the highest peak in the world, and other 1310 mountain peaks. Other peaks in Nepal are Kanchenjunga, Cho-Oyo, Makalu, Manaslu, Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Lhotse, etc. Trekking is by far the most significant tourism industry in Nepal, attracting climbers from all over the globe. Nepal travel information presents walking around, the ground of yaks and yetis, Stupas and legendary Sherpa, the most outstanding celebration escapade trekking in Nepal onward and travelers target with remarkable countryside side, the summit of the highest mountains in the world, snow-white Himalaya passes, glaciers and icefalls, superlative Himalaya landscapes and remote framework.

Nepal is a country of exceptional biodiversity and a beautiful natural environment. In Nepal, a wide range of the earth’s topography and climate zones including a diverse range of ecosystems from tropical jungles of the Terai to the arctic conditions of Himalaya highlands. Nepal travel information has the most magnificent sceneries in the world and the great variety of flora and fauna. Nepal is home to 167 species of mammals, 50 amphibians, 130 reptiles, 863 birds, and more than 6000 pieces of plants. Nepal’s 20 protected areas cover 23.23 percent of its land.

Nepal Travel information for National  parks and safari

Its ten national parks, three wildlife reserves, six conservations areas.  Also, have one hunting reserve cover various geographical locations from the sub-tropical Terai jungles to the northern Himalayan region. Therefore UNESCO lists two of Nepal’s natural areas as Natural World Heritage Sites. Namely Chitwan National Park and Sagarmatha National Park. Lots of conservation areas as Sagarmatha Conservation.  Langtang National Park, and also  Annapurna Conservation Project, etc. have been successful in preserving the rare and endangered species of wildlife and vegetation abundantly.

Nepal is the land where Gautam Buddha was born – Buddha. The symbol of peace. It is a “paradise on the earth” due to her typical culture. Offers hidden traditions, people’s unique ethnicity, and also custom. Rich with many temples and historical places full of architectural interest. That display excellent craftsmanship and artistic ingenuity. Therefore Numerous religious and social festivals are celebrated all year round and are part of the rich, spiritual, and traditional heritage of people from this part of the world. Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Patan are culturally and traditionally important cities for observing the diverse Nepalese religions. Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, Christians, and people of other faiths live together here in perfect harmony.

Travel to Nepal for a unique culture

Nepal has a composite population stemming from various racial and ethnic communities. Nepalese people are renowned for the welcome and hospitality they offer to visitors who remember it more than any other. Nepalese are naturally friendly, welcoming people. We enjoy meeting people from around the world and are proud to share our beautiful country with you. Despite extensive common grounds shared with neighboring India and China, the people stand a world of their own, offering astray from the routine of everyday life for visitors who come here seeking a break. The varied mosaic of various races and ethnic groups has given Nepal its distinct character and culture.

Nepal‘s climate varies with its topography. It ranges from tropical to alpine, depending upon the altitude. The Terai region, which lies in the tropical southern part of the country, for instance, has a hot & humid climate. The Midland areas are pleasant almost all year round, although winter nights are cold. The northern mountain region, around an altitude of 3353 m has an alpine climate with a considerably lower temperature in winter as can be expected. In the north, summers are cool and winters severe, while in south summers are tropical and winters are mild.

Nepal can travel throughout the year

Even in December and January, when winter is at its severest. There are compensating bright sun and brilliant views. Some places of Nepal have yet remained unspoiled or untamed. That is full of wilderness ecological and cultural museums. Jungle Safari tour in Nepal is also a great way to relax. Discovering the best of viewing flora and fauna. The original local people and culture along with watching wild animals and scenery. Nepal travel information is a predominantly agricultural society. Also, its rich culture and ethnic diversity are the best to experience your vacation.  Many hotels, camps, homestay are available in Nepal for your excellent stays and quality services.

Due to the richness in geographical diversity. Most of the recognizable & attainable hiking and trekking trail in various regions. Nepal offers you incredible mountain scenery, a diverse parade of attraction, and landscape. Aside from geographical diversification. Nepal has unbelievable cultural, religious, and traditional diversity. It offers you a real image of Nepal. Travel information and make your vacation meaningful. There are numerous rewarding festivals in Nepal that you can participate in while you are on vacation. Walking through the terrain will provide you a combination of cultural richness and natural beauty. Making your vacation in Nepal will lead to exploring the hidden beauty, mystery with inescapable adventure, and fun.

Enjoy your vacation in Nepal

So make your vacation in Nepal travel information. Unforgettable with a lifetime experience. We invite you to join our Tour in Nepal. We will be waiting for you that will be an unusual and exceptional experience during your vacation in Nepal. Also, join our unique package of Annapurna Base Camp, Everest Base Camp, and Mardi Himal Trekking for more excitement and fun.


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