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Pokhara Tour

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Trip Overview of Pokhara Tour

Pokhara tour, Pokhara is the second major tourist destination in Nepal. It is 200km west of Kathmandu. The height of Pokhara is 884m above sea level, Pokhara offers a mild climate. Pokhara is the wonderland, “The Switzerland of Nepal.  the most popular destination which makes your dream come true. A place of remarkable natural beauty. Pokhara day tour offers beautiful views of the fishtailed summit of Machhapuchhare.  which rises from behind the Phewa Lake. This city became the most interesting.  It is the best valley people love to come from the world. It offers the best-snowcapped mountains higher than 8000m.

Pokhara day tour is a combination of the long arrays of world-famous snow-clad peaks, emerald lakes, turbulent rivers with deep Georges, and picturesque villages inhabited by Magar, Gurungs, and Thakalis.  Lots of things to see in the valley. which is enhanced by its lakes Phewa, Begnas, and Rupa which have their source in the glacial region of the Annapurna range of the Himalayas.

Pokhara city tour

Pokhara city day tour offers both a combination of nature and culture. There are many nearby hills to take a day trip. We can do the best hiking trip which interacts with the community of Khas and Gurung. Which takes you to the cultural and traditional livings of people. Near Pokhara and the best sunrise viewpoint is Sarangkot (1592 m). A former Kaski fort lying atop a hill five km west of the old bazaar. Pokhara Regional Museum, World Peace Pagoda, Gorkha Museum. David’s fall, Mahendra Cave as well as Bindavasini Temple, etc. are some places worth visiting for more excitement.

All kinds of tourist facilities such as foreign currency exchange, ACAP entry permits, visa extensions, flight ticket reconfirmations, etc. are available in this multicultural city. It is a very peaceful and quiet area and absolutely free from any pollution.

Adventure Activities in Pokhara tour

Pokhara is one of the best and beautiful cities for the day tour package. Pokhara is one of the most goes places’ in Nepal for a city tour.

This place is known as Lake City as well. Pokhara tour is one of the significant destinations for International tourists and domestic tourists as well. Pokhara is the second-largest city in terms of population after Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. There are the greatest tourist places in Pokhara to visit that will impress you with their grand magnificence and quiet environment. It is usually known as the “city of seven lakes”. It is enhanced with characteristic and social legacy. That is the reason it is popular for touring and mountain sees and also it is the main starting point of every trekking and tour to the Annapurna region.

There are different activities Pokhara tours are paragliding, Zip Flyer, Boating, and Cannoning in Pokhara. Pokhara dependably has been extremely prominent in the travel industry area. Almost everyone wants to go there for tours, gatherings, and family trips so onwards. To make it possible for you to settle on this tricky decision, I’ve listed some best places to visit in Pokhara.

After Phewa Lake, Begnas Lake is another well-known lake around Pokhara valley, based on other tourist places in Pokhara. The lake is one of the most loved destinations of travelers where you can see numerous vacationers visiting here. Begnas Lake is a grand incredible sight. The lake is the third biggest lake in Nepal and the second-biggest, after Phewa lake, among the eight lakes in Pokhara Valley. As the name implies the city of lakes has magnificent lakes where you can do boating and drown your all nervous tension.

Pokhara tour package

Pokhara tour package is a complete retreat for every traveler. the package trip to Pokahraoffers the tantalizing view of towering Himalayan ranges, beautiful lakes, mysterious caves, and a glimpse of the multi-ethnic culture. To do the Pokhara city tour you can rich easily from Kathmandu by surface -route or by air- route. The flight duration is 25m from Kathmandu to Pokhara. We will take you to the scenic beauty of the waterfall and mighty deep gorge of the Seti River, Mahendra Cave, the K.I.Singh Bridge.

Our tour package takes you to the famous Phewa Lake on the boating. The Lake has an island temple dedicated to Goddess Barahi in the middle with its serene water reflecting the Annapurna mountain. There are other two Lake Begnas Tal and Rupa Tal has situated northeast of Pokhara valley about 16 KM away from the lakeside.

Our Pokhara tour package takes you to Sarangkot hill in the early morning to catch the best mountain view. after breakfast we will leave for the city tour which covers the best of Pokhara. the main highlight is David’s fall is a unique waterfall flowing into a narrow and deep canal that has not to end yet.  Our tour takes you to  Bindabasini Temple, Mahendra cave, Chamero Gufa (Bat cave), Shiva cave (nearby Devi’s fall) that are popular among travelers. International Mountain Museum, Tibetan Refugee camp, Gurkha Memorial Museum, and World Peace Pagoda Stupa, Which is situated on the southern shore of Fewa lake are other attractions of the Pokhara tour package.

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     Pokhara tour Cost

    Our Pokhara tour cost starts from USD 50 for a car and driver if you wanted to hire a tour guide it cost you USD 30. there are different options for the out and the cost also varies as per the activities. The cost for paragliding, zip-lining, and ultralight flights is extra on the tour. our tour cost includes the private car and driver and tour guide. the sightseeing and monument entry fees are extra cost.

    Full-Day/half day Pokhara tour

    Devis Falls ( Patalae Chango)

    Locally known as Patale Chango (Hell’s Fall), Devi’s fall (also known as Devin’s or David’s) is an impressive waterfall lying about 2 km southwest of Pokhara airport on the highway to Tansen. A delightful modern legend says that a foreigner, Mr. David was skinny dipping in the Pardi Khola (river). The floods came from the damp and sweeping him into an underground passage beneath the fall, never to be seen again.

    Gupteswar Mahadev Cave in Pokhara day tour

    After visit Davis falls we will come out the road and goes down to visit the amazing caves. This is one of the sacred lakes in Pokhara in our Pokhara tour. The entrance distance from  Devi’s Fall and the cave is almost 3 km long.  It has a very big area inside, you can see small temples and local people often seems to pray here.  This cave holds unique value for Hindus as a phallic symbol of Lord Shiva. It preserves the condition.  you need to pay Rs 5 as An entrance fee. They don’t allow us to take pictures inside the cave.

    Tashi Ling Tibetan Village

    The village is located southwest of Pokhara city. In this Village, you can visit several Tibetan carpet shops. handicraft shops, and small Shree Gaden Dargay Ling Gompa. Therefore you can buy handicrafts and eat momos in real Tibetan taste.

    Bindhyabasini temple

    The temple is the center of religious activity in the old bazaar. It is the temple of goddess Bhagwati, yet another manifestation of Shakti. Worshippers flock here to perform sacrifices, and especially on Saturdays, the parklike grounds take on a festive fair. This is the best temple to visit on our Pokhara day tour.

    Flowing right through the city, the boisterous river runs utterly underground at places. Amazingly, at specific points, the river appears hardly two meters wide. Therefore depth is entirely beyond imagination, It is just over 20 meters! near the small bridge of Mahendra Pul. which is also nearby old Mission Hospital. It provides a perfect view of the river’s dreadful rush and the deep gorge made by its powerful flow.

    World Peace Pagoda

    This is another highlight in our Pokhara tour. It is a massive Buddhist stupa that lies on the top of a hill on the southern shore of Phewa Lake. The Buddhist monks from the Japanese Nipponzan Myohoji organization have built the World peace Pagoda. Besides being an impressive sight in itself, the shrine is a high vantage point that offers spectacular views of the Annapurna range, Phewa Lake as well as the  Pokhara city

    Seti River Gorges

    We visit this spot on our Pokhara day tour. Seti River Gorges Carved by Seti-Gandaki is one of the best places to see in Pokhara. The river has carved a deep, narrow gorge through the middle of town, turning the milky water white in the process. If you like to see the best glimpse of this river just go to  Seti River is the park. it just north of Old Pokhara near the Gurkha Museum. You can observe the perfect view of the river’s dreadful rush as well as the deep gorge made by the turbulent flow of white water.

    International Mountain Museum

    The International Mountain Museum is about 2 miles southeast of Lakeside Pokhara. The museum is definitely accessible by bus and car. If you favor walking, then it’ll take you half-hour a whereas, in the car, it takes a mere 10 minutes. For those that need a scenic display of the gorgeous roadside, we recommend that you simply walk. About 70,000 people visit this museum annually and are left in awe at the sight of the many exhibits of famous peaks, culture, and lifestyle of individuals living within the mountains & the biological makeup of plants and animals.

    History of International Mountain Museum.

    The International mountain museum in Nepal was built with the assistance of the Nepal Mountaineering Association. Many international and national organizations, groups, and individuals have provided their relentless support to form the museum what it’s today. The museum was inaugurated by famous Everest summiteer Ms. Junko Tabei from Japan and Appa Sherpa from Nepal in 2002 May. The museum spreads on a neighborhood of 12.6 acres with a display area of quite 4200 sq. mt. This museum was hospitable to the general public on 5 February 2014.

    International Mountain Museum features a strong presence within the mountaineering community for being the simplest place to watch the history of mountains. If you’re on a visit to Pokhara, then you ought to definitely visit this place because it is that the place to be. There is a global climate change section, which demonstrates the effect of global climate change on Nepal’s mountains. The Hall of Temporary Display features a prayer room and a library. there’s a figurine of Mount Manaslu and a Yak and you can see this in our Pokhara tour.

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      Begnas lake day tour

      Begnan Lake is Located in the Lekhnah Metropolis of the Kaski district of Nepal. Begnas Lake is out of town and away from the hustle and bustle. , Begnas Tal is quiet, clean, and peaceful. Enjoy the walk along with the road leading to Begnas Tal is fascinating, you can capture the great image of the lake and local lifestyle.

      The lake has freshwater that changes color depending on the season. This lake is it is the second largest of the eight lakes in Pokhara valley with a maximum 10m depth. The day tour of Begnas lake starts with a 30-minute drive from a private vehicle from Pokhara. You can make a Pokhara tour package also at Begnas lake. during the hiking and tour, you can explore the untouched and less modern villages, compared to villages located on other trekking routes in the Annapurna region.

      We will walk to the small settlement of Thulokot. We can get the s excellent views of the Annapurna range, Machhapuchhre, and panoramic views of the Pokhara valley, Phewa Lake and Begnas Lake. here The trekking is about an hour from Kalikastan to Thulokot which is an uphill climb.

      After admiring the view, we will start our gentle downhill trek to Kaulekot village, which is home to some different castes and ethnic groups of Nepal. We will continue trekking down to Begnas lake and take a boat ride to cross the lake. after some time with refreshments and photography, we will drive back to the lakeside.

      Tour to Rupa lake

      Rupa lake is another small lake in Pokhara and less travel day Pokhara tour package. Only a few tourists visit this beautiful yet calm and peaceful lake. Rupa Lake resides 10 km away from Pokhara on the southeast part. We can take different routes and means of transport to reach here. If you are planning to go there by bus, then you can easily catch a bus on Prithvi Chowk, Pokhara. It will be about 30 minutes bus ride to visit Rupa lake. and it is also a relatively cheap option. Another easy way to visit Rupa Lake is by private Vehicle. You can arrange a private vehicle through us and make a day tour package with a tour guide or just a driver. Booking a private car for the day before heading out in order to prevent any sort of hassle.

      Another convenient way to travel to Rupa Lake is by cycling or hiring a scooter. It takes you about USD 7 to 8 to hire a bicycle for a day. There are many biking renting stores on the lakeside but you need to submit the necessary documentation in order to hire a bicycle. You can enjoy the beautiful nature while doing so. If you fancy a short and discreet ride that doesn’t cost as much as a taxi, then opt for a motorbike. You can easily hire motorbikes here.

      There are more than 36 species of water birds, which account for 19% of the total 193 wetland-dependent birds found in Nepal. You can choose to visit the fish farming areas as well. If time permits we will go to explore Begnas Lake during your visit to Rupa Lake. You can explore the Begnas Bazar as well in our Pokhara tour.

      Tour of Sarangkot Hill Station

      Sarangkot is an amazing hill station in Nepal for the best sunrise and mountain view. It is 5km from the Lakeside of Pokhara. It is the major destination for tourists, as it presents the picturesque views of the major mountains of the Annapurna region like Annapurna massif (8,091 m), Machhapuchhre (6,993 m), and Dhaulagiri (8,167 m). You can see the is a small village just below the viewpoint, which sits on an ancient fort. It is also the best place for paragliders to fly over the clear sky.

      Sarangkot Viewpoint is a mini version of Poon Hill, but it offers almost the same level of scenery and enthusiasm as Poon hill. On our Pokhara day tour, we can take you to Sarangkot in our private car in the early morning.
      the driving time to the viewpoint may take somewhere between 30 to 40 minutes depending upon the weather conditions. Our driver will drop you off at the starting point from where you have to walk the remaining part to reach the top. on arrival, you can capture the best sunrise over the Himalayas. You can have tea or coffee and drive back to Pokhara for breakfast after the Pokhara tour.

      If you love to do hiking you can hike down to Pokhara also from the Sarangkot viewpoint. It is easy downhill walking in the nice jungle and rice fields. The trail goes from the Phewa Lake border (Phedi). If you wish to observe the best mountain view, then it is recommended that you start very early in the morning. The downhill trail is steep and can be slippery, so be sure to walk carefully. For long-staying travelers in Pokhara tour can hire a motorbike and drive Sarangkot with Naudanda and nearby small hillside also.

      Tour of  Jangchub Choeling Monastery

      On the Pokhara tour, you can visit the Jangchub Choeling Monastery is one of the most prominent and old monasteries in Pokhara. The Jangchub Choeling Monastery was officially established in 1967 under the guidance of Lama Dupsing Rinpoche by HH the 14th Dalai Lama. After that, the monastery was continuously expanded with increasing the facilities and cater many visitors.

      When starting there were only 35 monks who reside in the Jangchub Choeling Monastery, but now it has become home to hundreds of monks. After its establishment, the Jangchub Choeling Monastery has become able to collect and store many volumes of Kagyu texts and Tengyur (commentary by the Indian Buddhist Masters).

      HH the 16th Gyalwa Karmapa asked Lama Dupseng Rinpoche to move to Pokhara back in 1963. His suggestion was to suffice the religious requirements of the locals residing there. He came here and built a small monastery carrying Buddhist rites and ceremonies. Slowly its gate its fame and devotees begins to grow many guardians began to Lama Dupseng Rinpoche to ordain their sons as monks

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        Things to do in Pokhara Tour

        Pokhara, the contemporary city full of appealing beauty and captivating sources of entertainment, is the favorite travel destination of many people. A never-ending list can be made about the things you can do in Pokhara, as it provides you with a variety of travel options. It is a city of exotic lakes, stunning Himalayas, and breathtaking adventures.

        You can wake up in the morning, enjoying the beautiful sunrise in the snowy mountains, and take a walk around the city as the sun sets. It is also the gateway to the famous Annapurna base camp trek. Annapurna Sanctuary consists of the Annapurna ranges of mountains, Machhapuchre, Dhaulagiri, and many more. This trek goes through the dense forests; white spring falls, lakes, glaciers, rare wildlife, and bird species, making it the most exciting and fascinating trek in the world.

        The city full of natural beauty is the perfect place to have family time or fun with friends or enjoy solitude. The serene and peaceful lakes, amazing landscapes, and people with happy faces enjoying different adventures are guaranteed to make you most comfortable. Also, various stupas and temples are reflecting the culture and religious habits of the diverse people of Pokhara. It is the land of different ethnic groups like Gurungs, Magar, Newaretc with their customs, festivals, and spiritual values. It is another important thing you can do in Pokhara; explore the culture and traditions of different people and their livelihood.

        The variety of options of things you can do in the Pokhara tour makes this place highly attractive. And today we are providing you with the best ten things you can do in this captivating city:

        Here is the list of the top 8 things to see on the Pokhara tour.

        1. Enjoy the lakesides

        Pokhara tour is famous all over the world for its lakes. There are seven most beautiful and famous lakes in the city named; Fewa Lake, Begnas Lake, Rupa Lake, Maidi Lake, Dipang Lake, Gunde Lake, and the beautiful Gunde lake. These exotic lakes with sparkling water are the major attractions of the city. You can enjoy boating on our Pokhara tour and also take the best pictures.

        You can also enjoy the local food in the lakeside cafes with the scenic beauty of the lakes. These lakes also have temples in the middle of them, so you get to enjoy and take part in the sacred religious activities of local people and make your journey even more memorable.

        Lakes reflect the quietness and calm, where you can be peaceful, happy, and take a look at your life, and know the ways to make it even better. These lakesides can be visited in any season and are incredibly cheaper. So, want to take a break from your regular life, why not visit the exotic lakeside of Pokhara.


        4. Sight-seeing tour is the best thing to do in Pokhara

        Pokhara is full of stunning scenarios of lakes, snowy mountains, green hills, waterfalls, and many more natural beauties. It is a perfect place to enjoy the fantastic scenes and make lifetime memories. You can sit beside the beautiful lakes or dwell in the green hills. You can also visit the Annapurna Sanctuary and get magnificent views of snowy mountains.

        The sunrise and sunsets in this place are truly precious. The sun rises from the snowy white mountains bringing rays of hope and new energy into your life. And when you see the breath-taking sunsets from the lakeside, rivers, or waterfalls, it seems to set along with all your plan in our Pokhara tour.

        Being a place of cultural diversity, there are various temples and stupas, as well. You can visit these amazing historic places and be part of local cultures. There are museums as well as storing the essential materials of the past. Pokhara has everything you want. You can sit there and enjoy the fantastic sceneries or walk with beautiful nature and enjoy a sightseeing tour in Pokhara.

        5. Enjoy local food and culture

        There are varieties of foods you can find on the Pokhara tour. The residence of different ethnic groups, caste, and creeds, Pokhara, offers you tasty local dishes that can make your day. You can enjoy the Newari food, Thakali, and many more with fantastic hospitality at an affordable cost. The people of this place are famous for their best behaviors and religious faiths and values. Every month they have different festivals and cultural activities which you can freely take part in.

        Also, get to enjoy the delicious dishes of local people. The recipes like Sel Roti, Daal Bhat, Gundruk are healthy as well as cheaper in cost. And the food available in Pokhara carries the proper Nepalese taste and unique style.

        6. Shopping

        It is the second-largest city of Nepal with a distance of just 200 kilometers from the capital, Kathmandu. The beauty of Fewa, Begnas, and many other lakes, natural scenarios, views of snowy mountains, and adventure sports are the main features of this place. The alluring mountains’ opinions around the city, green hills, and the perfect cold weather make this place a piece of heaven.

        Shopping is always number one among the things to do in Pokhara. You get to make your journey even more exciting by buying more and more new things. From personal items like clothes, accessories, etc. to antiques, paintings, and statues, you can buy everything on the Pokhara tour.

        You can enjoy shopping at any time of the day as the weather in this place is excellent. There are many local shops, shopping malls, and many other places. You can even find different things nearby the lakesides of Pokhara, in the temples and other streets. You can also take away the famous Pashmina Shwals, decoration materials, local sweets, and many more from Pokhara. So, shopping is the best thing to do on a Pokhara tour.

        7. Paragliding

        Pokhara is famous for paragliding and you can add it to our Pokhara tour. Can you imagine being in the sky flying freely like a bird? Well, if you are excited and dream about it, paragliding can make it real. In it, you get to flow from a height freely.
        Especially in a beautiful Pokhara, paragliding becomes the most exciting adventure. There are many places in Pokhara from which you can enjoy the thrill of paragliding.

        You did not just flow in the sky; you can also enjoy the beautiful sceneries around you. The view of white mountains, green hills, small villages, forests, spring falls, etc. below you make you feel like heaven.


        Detailed Itinerary of Pokhara Tour

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