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Nepal Tour

Overview of Nepal Tour

 Nepal tour is the best easy thing to do in the Himalayan regions of Nepal. The beautiful Himalayas, wildlife sanctuaries, sacred temples and stupas, heritage sites, and unique local traditions. The land of Buddha’s birth is also known for its fabulous geographical location and long history and culture. It is also one of the wealthiest countries in terms of vegetation and fauna, due to its varied latitude location. Nepal has the best some of its regions as a ‘Shangri-la’ to outside visitors. It will allow you to experience the most stunning mountain scenery and landscapes. It is combined with the excellent hospitality of the local people. While visiting Nepal, you will get the chance to see the cultural heritage sites but also a very colorful way of life.

Nepal tour Package itinerary

We have a different Nepal tour package, The itinerary includes a sightseeing tour of Kathmandu, We can visit Pashupatinath Temple, Buddha Stupa, Bhaktapur, and Nagarkot. Nagarkot tour package is a very fantastic place that offers beautiful sunrise and sunset views over the magnificent mountains vistas. The Pokhara tour itinerary also offers the best view of the glorious Manaslu peak. Enjoying the  Snow-capped Annapurna Mountain ranges will be a memorable one. Moreover, beautiful places like Phewa lake, David’s fall, Mahendra Cave, and others are its major attractions.

Apart from infinite natural beauty and magnetic religious sites, Nepal is equally rich in cultures, customs, and traditions. It becomes important for any nation to preserve values from previous generations as they hold very strong importance and inspiration. Nepal has them in abundance, which has been a prime factor for the amusement of visitors.

Nepal Cultural Tour package provides you with the best way to explore the cultures of Nepal. Holy pilgrimage sites, temples monuments, and shrines add harmony to your life. Gumba and Stupas provide you with better insights into the enlightened founder of Buddhism. In addition to these, you’ll have extension opportunities to interact with the neighborly–friendly locals and get into their lives to gain a sounder understanding of the typical Nepalese lifestyle.

Nepal tour looks alike

Normally our Nepal tour is starting from your arrival day, On arrival, our representative will meet you there, after you finish your immigration formalities, you can get a sim card if you need it and we will take you to your hotel. When you have had your time to settle in and freshen up after your long flight. We will have a short meeting for a briefing about your program. The evening is free at your leisure, you can also enjoy a delicious dinner in one of the best restaurants. Overnight stay in Kathmandu.

From the next day, the Nepal tour will start, your tour guide is with you who gives you full information about the history and cultural aspects of Kathmandu. Today we will see the Hindu temple and Buddhist monasteries, A sacred Pashupatinath Temple which is the biggest Hindu temple of Nepal. you can also see the death rituals of Hindus at the bank of the Bagmati river. Furthermore, we will visit  Swyambhunath, very ancient, and mostly enlisted in UNESCO World Heritage sites. The biggest Buddhist Stupa at Boudhanath.

You can drive to Nagarkot hill station (35 km / 1-hour 40-minute drive). Arrive and check into the resort/hotel. After getting a refreshment, walk around the village and enjoy the view of the valley with the Himalayan ranges. Enjoy the view of the sunset in the golden panoramic Himalayas — an overnight hotel at Nagarkot. Furthermore, the morning hours to watch the spectacular sunrise over the Himalayan range. The first rays of the sun firing the peaks glowing a multitude of pink, gold, and red hues as it slowly lights up the Himalayas become extremely. You can go to see Pokhara the peaceful city, Lumbini, and Jungle safari at Chitwan National park.

Get into Nepali Culture

Spotlights of the Cultural Tour itinerary in Nepal include some of the most popular destinations of the country such as Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Patan, Lumbini [the birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha], and Pokhara. Undoubtedly, you’ll have one of the most enduring times of your life with the Nepal Culture Tour in the beautiful country.

Even Wikipedia says the culture of Nepal is rich and unique. People in the country have been preserving them for ages so that future generations may be able to acknowledge them and understand their values. No matter how much development takes place, it should never be able to overcome the existence of traditional cultures and norms resulting in its extinction. As the boundary of the country is sharing with Tibet in the north and with India in the rest of the sides. This is the reason a lot of taste is is find and can come from them. People of the flat Terai region tend to follow lifestyles and languages that match that of the Indians. And places of some other parts of the country is also following costume outfit styles and ethnicity of the Tibetan nature.

Nepal Tour Destination

Nepal has many destinations for great tour packages. With this, this tour comprises the travel to  Chitwan National Park, where we will have a look at the rare one-horned Rhino. In addition to that, you will also get to see several animals like deer, monkey, wild boar, bison, sloth bear, leopard, etc., if you are lucky, the Royal Bengal Tiger too. Whether it be trekking in the mountains or the Jungle safari in the forests, every minute spends here is priceless. Furthermore, Nepali people are believing treat the guest as God. Therefore, you will get the best service from them.

In our Nepal tour, we will take you to all the important places in this beautiful country. From the white mountains in the north to the green hills and the plain lands of  Terai. Nepal is altogether amusing. Other best destinations for Nepal tours are Dhulikhel, Pokhara Lumbini, Janakpur, we cover most of the destinations of Nepal.

Our tour package can be customized as per your time availability. We will visit Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha. Tour of the famous archaeological site, Tilaurkot. It is also the ancient palace of King Suddodhan (Siddhartha Gautam’s father). Were the Buddha spent his formative years as a Shakya Prince? Once you visit the country tour All of Nepal.  You will not be able to get it out of your memory for a long time to come.

Guided tour of Nepal

In our guided tour, You will enjoy meeting local people, learning about their traditions. Furthermore, The country has its own, unique charm, and it is widespread that most of the people will often come back for a more extended visit.

Apart from the lovely cities and villages, We also have several destinations for National Parks and wildlife reserves – a real treat for nature lovers. you will get a chance to dine with the local people and stay at their homes as family visitors. In addition, you can enjoy unique culture and traditions. Strong religious tolerance is widely present in Nepal, with a wide variety of gods and goddesses, numerous temples, Stupas, and monasteries- reflecting a deep faith of the people.

We at “Above the Himalaya Trekking Pvt Ltd” always arrange our tour programs to give you the best experience at an affordable cost. Also an unforgettable and exciting time, and memories to treasure for years to come. For a short time, visitors are not focused on trekking; we have a full offer of city tours itinerary are available.

Nepal luxury tour

Nepal Luxury tour

Nepal luxury tour package provides you with a glimpse of Nepal that includes a variety of cultures as well as individuals, flora, and fauna, and high Himalaya. The tour begins at Mt Everest(8848 m) mountain flight from Trivubhan International Airport(TIA). The Everest mountain flight offers you eye-catching mountain views including the world’s highest peak Mt.Everest existing on this earth.

A vast city Kathmandu is the actual mixture of the ancient world and developing a hectic way of life. The prior things to do in Kathmandu are to have a Day tour of Kathmandu City with visits to major UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The tour goes to Patan Durbar Square, Swoyambhunath – Monkey Temple, Pashupatinath, and Boudhanath. The Katmandu valley is colorful and so a different culture. It’s consists of touring Major cities carrying great historic, creative, and cultural interests. You can observe weed carving (which is one of the traditional Nepalese crafts) in Kathmandu Valley.

Nepal Luxury Tour Holidays in Nepal

Welcome to the Country of Himalayas for experiencing a grand Luxury Holiday tour. We assure you to provide the Luxury tour packages in Nepal with our professional, experienced tour and trekking guide. Our all well-skilled guide with full knowledge about history, culture, the society of the sightseeing place of Nepal will give you a great companion with tremendous experience. Moreover, we offer you a guide who can speak multiple languages fluently. We tend to use the Sherpa trekking guide as the best and simplest trekking guide in the world. Sherpa, whose birthplace is Himalaya is very active, reliable, and has all the Knowledge about all routes, cultures, and hospitality for a deluxe guest. They are always happy to serve people all around the world by providing them the pleasure they want.

Best panoramic views from Sarangkot

Nepal Luxury Tour packages another attraction in Pokhara natural depression. The valley increased by its three famous lakes, as well as Fewa, Begnas, and Rupa that own their resources. You will have a spontaneous, delightful view of the gigantic mountains while stepping to every place of the Pokhara.
Also, Pokhara is the natural paradise depression of beautiful lakes with crystalline water of Lake and stream. The Annapurna & mountain peak geological formation is just about the abode of world fame eight thousand meters high mountains. We can enjoy the panoramic views of the mountains while lying at the edge of the Sarankot. Annapurna range and overlooking the valley of the Pokhara is what it feels like heaven.

Additionally, a Nepal luxury tour will offer you a visit to Chitwan National Park, which is located at the Tropical and subtropical inner Terai lowlands of the south-central part of Nepal.
In the parkland will observe one-horned rhinoceros, the royal Pantheratigris. Wild boar, gaur, Neelgai(blue cow), wild elephant, etc. The park is inhabited by 450 species of birds as well as geographical area horizon, and many more.

Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour

It engulfs the visit to various Buddhist religious sites in different parts of Nepal.
Anyone who wants to rejuvenate the spiritual and religious aspirations of Buddhism is urged to visit Nepal. Talking about the history of Buddhism. It was originated after the birth of Lord Buddha in Lumbini in round 536. Since then, Nepal has been a sacred place for meditation and spiritual exercises from various Buddhist monks and religious leaders.

Truly Nepal is a paradise for those who want to experience quality time. Lying in the lap of nature. Popular among the pilgrims from different countries. Asa a result, this tour has a lot to offer. Nepal acts as the central hub for all Buddhists because Maya Devi gave Lord Buddha birth in this beautiful country. Therefore this is the primary reason why this land offers various types of Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour.



Halesi Maratika tour


Nepal tour cost

The cost for the Nepal tour is as per its time and mode of transportation. The flight cost is an expensive but easy and fast way to travel, Kathmandu to flight time is just 25 minutes and cost you above USD 100. if you take a private car it is 6/7 hours. We normally use private transportation for the tour. to make the tour cost lower you can use a tourist bus also. The tour itinerary covers most of the aspects of the acquisition of knowledge of Nepali cultures, customs, and traditions.

Nepalese architecture, languages, cuisine, religion, traditional music. Literature, art, and clothing are other forms of curiosities that are found to be the prime forms of interest for foreign visitors. our day tour includes the guide and private care fee. Our tour cost ranges from USD 85 to USD 990. choose our different tour packages on the bottom menu. The extra cost for the tour is Lunch and dinner which are USD 5 to 10 per meal,  It also depends on the restaurants.

Nepal offers varieties of tour and trek

Nepal is the favored destination in the world. You can enjoy the best helicopter tours, mountaineering, and whitewater rafting. Wildlife safari and other many different adventure activities. because of its extremely high Himalayan ranges and incredible biodiversity. It is also the best place for a cultural and historical tour. including its rich history, fascinating arts with varied architecture.

Nepal’s natural beauty and common tradition and culture are widely famous for their uniqueness and charm to the world. Nepal travel gives you the best experience of its fascinating land of ancient history. Therefore, With its vibrant, colorful culture, and tolerant people.

Nepal Travel packages

We have different travel packages for you. Nepalese people know for the best to e welcome and hospitality they offer to visitors who remember it more than any other. Nepalese are naturally friendly, welcoming people. We enjoy meeting people from around the world and are proud to share our beautiful country with you. Despite extensive common grounds shared with neighboring India and China, the people stand a world of their own, offering astray from the routine of everyday life for visitors who come here seeking a break. The varied mosaic of various races and ethnic groups has given Nepal its distinct character and culture. We have the best travel packages from city tours to Himalayan tours and Everest tours.

Nepal‘s climate varies with its topography makes the best travel package in the world. Nepal’s climate is from tropical to snowline, depending upon the altitude. Terai regions lie in the tropical part, Therefore, it has a hot & humid climate. The Midland areas are pleasant almost all year round, although winter nights are cold. The northern mountain region, around an altitude of 3353 m has an alpine climate with a considerably lower temperature in winter as can be expected. In the north, summers are cool and winters severe, while in the south side of Nepal summers are tropical and winters are chill. We cover from Terai to Mountain in our travel package.

Best of Nepal Tour

We can offer you the best of Nepal tour packages in Nepal.  We can explore the major Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimages sites. The tour of Kathmandu Nagarkot and Changu Narayan offers you a great opportunity to visit the historical Durbar square, museum, temples, Living Goddess Temple, and artistic courtyards. This Nepal exotic trip will enchant you with its bustle, spectacular views, and its noteworthy historical heritage.

Our best Nepal tour packages start with a full-day sightseeing tour around Kathmandu valley. We will take you to the famous temples, monasteries, and essentially enlisted in UNESCO World Heritage sites. Visit the Boudhnath Stupa, Monkey Temple, and the historical architecture of Kathmandu Durbar Square reflecting the ancient Nepalese culture that is highlighted on the tour.

Nagarkot is our next destination, which is a popular hill station in Nepal. The first rays of the sun firing the peaks glowing a multitude of pink, gold, and red hues as it slowly lights up the Himalayas becomes extremely beautiful gracing the exotic Tour of Nepal. The sunrise outlook from Nagarkot hill presents you with the ever-refreshing remembrance of the magnificent panoramic view of the Himalayan range from Dhaulagiri in the west and Mt. Everest in the east. From Nagarkot, the journey towards Dhulikhel continues through a cool dense forest and local villages exploring Nepalese village life.

Nepal’s best tour packages offer you the chance to revel in the ethereal beauty of sunrise and sunset, heritages and monuments, idyllic hamlets, and forests inhabited by varieties of birds and wildlife.

Mount Everest tour

 Enjoy the Mountain Flight in our Nepal tour package

The magical touch to the sacred and majestic mountains is the factor that motivates you all along the way. It is always advisable to book your flight in the early morning so that you can watch Mount Everest’s view clearly. The flight price and features offered by these two flights are almost similar, despite their flight timing.  Explore the tallest mountains with super safety and luxurious features. A comfortable flight and the eye-catching beauty of the mountains would be beyond your imagination in the Nepal tour.

These aircraft have an air-conditioned airplane and service of a glass of complimentary wine. Moreover, you will get a window seat for having a spectacular view of the giant peaks. You can also go for the Everest mountain flight tour operated from Kathmandu to make your trip the most daring one. You must be well prepared with the weather alert. Other than that, the flying cost and the schedule might be frequently changed with prior notice. Be well prepared for that. Besides these, all the flight price depends upon the occasion and the weather condition. At last, you would also be offered certificates of honor for the amazing trip on this Mount Everest view tour.

Capture the best mountain vista

Experience the best mountain vistas on our Nepal tour of more than a dozen mountains, including the world’s tallest mountain (Mt. Everest 8848m), ShisaPangma 8,013m, ChobaBhamre 5,933m, DorjeLakpa 6,966m, Gauri Shankar 7,134m, Gyachungkang 7952m, Cho Oyu 8201m, Menlungtse 7,023m, Number 6956 m, Karyolung 6511m, Pumori 7,161m, Nuptse 7855m.  The perfect combination of the window seat and amazing scenic flight would melt your heart. Having a comfortable and luxurious tour could save a lot of time and offer the maximum beauty of natural resources in our Himalaya tour.

On our Nepal tour, you will be Flying over the highest mountain in the world. It is a matter of pride and the greatest achievement you could have. You would be offered a window sheet in case of having a smaller group. Enjoy the view of spectacular flora and fauna, Accumulate the heavenly feeling by flying over the valleys and plateaus. Customizable trip itinerary based on your choice,  Comfortable and air-conditioned sheet, Free airport picks up and drop-off facility.

Nepal cultural tour

Nepal Cultural Circuit Tour offers you the grand tour of Nepal covering almost all the major tourist areas in Nepal and also including many of the UNESCO world heritage sites of Nepal. Most of the festivals celebrated in Nepal have their own religious significance. While you visit Nepal you can observe the many festival events. There are more than 50 major festivals in a year celebrated by Nepalese. The biggest and the most celebrated festival are Dashain and Tihar in Nepal.

For almost three weeks joining Nepal cultural tour, you’ll get a chance to walk across temples and places of origin, witness breathtaking views of the Himalayas, and see Nepal’s beautiful natural surroundings. Nepal cultural tour also takes us into the different ethnic groups and interact with the friendly local people. We can witness their daily life as Nepal is considered as the land of colorful cultures, ancient history and people, picturesque scenery, and some of the best walking on earth.

In our Nepal cultural tour, also covers UNESCO world heritage sites of Nepal and explores the temples, monasteries. Which are the palaces with ancient and medieval arts and architecture. The capital city Kathmandu holds a very long history in culture, religious and political aspects. We will cover the 3 cities in the valley with their ancient arts, crafts, and architecture of Kathmandu, Patan, and Bhaktapur. These cultural wonders were remade by man and still standing majestically, some of them as old as 2500 years.

Similarly, Nepal cultural tour comes to the Lumbini city tour. This tour also offers you the opportunity to explore the unique characteristics of the culture and nature of Nepal.


Where is Nepal?

Nepal is a small county that lies in the southern part of Asia between two huge countries China and India. Despite being a landlocked country Nepal is geographically, culturally, and naturally diverse. You can explore and observe different cultures and traditions inside Kathmandu. In addition to this Nepal is also famous for the wide range of mountains. There are more than 1310 mountains small and big mountain peaks in Nepal along with the greatest mount Everest.

The landscape, the remote villages, culture, ethnicity, and the natural beauty allure people from different countries. Moreover, Nepal tour adventurous activities like rafting, bungee jumping, mountain climbing, and paragliding are also quite famous in Nepal.


Is Nepal a safe country for tour ?

The crime rate of Nepal is very low that is why Nepal tour is safe. Although crimes are less in Nepal there is some safety concern that you will have to follow. Generally trekking with travel companies is considered to be safer than trekking solo. While going on the tour, it is better to check with your guide about the safety of the areas that you are trekking to. Moreover, always make sure that you zip your purse and wallet.

What are the culture and etiquette of Nepal?

Nepalese people are the most humble and welcoming people. there is a Nepali saying called “Atithi Devo Bhava” which means “guest is the god”. Even the local people enjoy talking to the foreigners about their culture and lifestyle. Nepalese people respect foreign culture. People in Nepal generally say “Namaste” which means “I salute the God within you” while starting the conversation.

You can talk to the local people about work, music, lifestyle, culture, nature, and the history of that place. You can talk to people freely without any hesitations. You should not use any abusive language with the local people. In addition to this, you should always tip guide and porter.

What is the security level for tourists in Nepal?

Nepal is a small country with poor economic status, but people in Nepal are warm and open-hearted. As mentioned above, local people with great respect in Nepal. nonetheless, we suggest you take some precautions for your security. Do not carry huge money, jewelry, and other valuable things openly. Try to avoid crowds and stay with your trekking groups. If any accident happens to you then immediately inform the police or your guide.


Do I have to buy trekking equipment or can I rent it?

There are several things that you will need for trekking and traveling. Buying this equipment might be very costly so, you can always rent that equipment. For renting equipment you can go to the equipment hire organization which lies in Kathmandu. There you can find all the trekking materials. Moreover, you will have to arrange your gear yourself. After using the trekking materials you will have to return them.

Do I need insurance for traveling in Nepal?

Insurance is the safety policy for your safety. You have to take travel health insurance with recovery costs while traveling. There might sudden accident or illness during the travel, in such a situation getting insurance will help you a lot. There is different insurance that you can take however, we suggest you take our travel cancellation insurance. You will need this insurance if you need to cancel or change your traveling seclude.

Can I extend my travel to Nepal?

Of course, you can extend your travel to Nepal.
Although the itinerary is very flexible for trekkers if you want to make your trek longer then you will have to extend. For extending your trek in Nepal you will have to inform the travel company and they will help you to make your stay longer in Nepal. Remember that extending your travel will cost more.


Will there be ATM facilities during the trek in Nepal?

There are many ATM machines in the main city of Nepal like Kathmandu and Pokhara. But you might not be able to find ATM machines in remote villages or higher altitude places. So, you will have to carry enough cash with you during the Nepal tour. In addition to this, shapes and hotels in Nepal will not accept cards and other currencies. Make sure that you have Nepalis currency.

What is there to take home form Nepal?


There are so many things that you can take back from Nepal. It depends on your personal choice but we recommend you to buy handicraft materials from Nepal. Moreover, Pashmina, Nepalese art, and craft, musical instruments like Madal and Banshuri are also some famous things in Nepal. Thanka and clothes made up of Dhaka are the things tourists generally prefer to take back home. You can buy these things in Pokhara and Thamel at a reasonable price after your Nepal tour.

What food will I get during Nepal travel

Rice is the most common food in all Asian countries. Dal and Bhat is the common food in Nepal. You can find a variety of food in major cities like Kathmandu and Pokhara on your Nepal tour. But in remote places in Nepal, you will find less variety in food. Tea houses will serve Dumplings full of vegetables or meat and with a spicy sauce which is very famous. Momo is also quite famous in Nepal. Nepalese people believe that eating fresh vegetable will increase your energy for the trek.

Will there be network coverage during the Nepal tour?

Network coverage in many places of Nepal has improved a lot. But still, many higher altitude places in the Himalayan have poor coverage of the network. You might have connection problems. Electricity is not available all the time so, you should bring a power bank to change your electronics. Some of the hotels will provide you internet facilities.

Do Nepalese people speak English?

The official language of Nepal is Nepali. Other than that local person of Nepal speaks many languages like Tamang, Hindi, Newari and Sanskrit are. mostly, local people of Nepal do not speak English that is why you will need a guide with you. people in cities can speak English. For making it easier for you to communicate with local people you will need to hire a guide.



How can I have a healthy tour in Nepal?

Visiting Nepal is the brilliant experience of observing the raw nature. For having a healthy tour in Nepal, you should eat food at the proper time. Drinking plenty of water helps to keep your body hydrated during the trek. You have to maintain basic hygiene to avoid disease. making you trek slow and steady will help you to stay away from altitude sickness. If you are feeling uncomfortable and sick then you should immediately stop or tell your guide. You should also communicate with local people for enjoying this trek more

Why tourism in Nepal is so addictive

If you have traveled to Nepal before then you know the reason for being addictive in Nepal. The main thing that allures tourists are the raw natural beauty of Nepal. Remote villages are untouched by industrialization and urbanization. Here you can experience the magnification views of high mountains. The green landscape, snow peaks, welcoming people, and numerous waterfalls are the major attraction of Nepal. People also prefer to observe the culture and tradition.

How can I get a travel visa to Nepal?

There is a different method to apply for a visa in Nepal. However, the best way is to get it to from the Nepalese diplomatic missions in your respective country.  Another option is to apply from the immigration office at the entry points of Nepal. All citizens of other countries except China and India need a visa to enter Nepal.  You must carry your passport and photos everywhere you go. If you want to extend your stay in Nepal you will need to pay an additional US$30.



Is traveling in Nepal difficult?

The difficulty of traveling in Nepal depends on the place.  The trekking trail is also very hard to walk. In addition to his, you might get altitude sickness if you are traveling in higher altitude places.  Trekking in Nepal is not very difficult if you are physically and mentally fit.


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