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Hiking to Hotel Everest View, Book a Room Cost, Route Info

Hiking to hotel Everest view

Hiking to the hotel Everest view is the best hiking that provides a miraculous view of Mount Everest. This trek also provides an amazing view of other mountains Lhotse, Thamserku, Ama Dablam, and various small peaks throughout the trek. Normally, the Everest region trek is very hard to trek but hotel Everest view trek is the easiest way to see Mount Everest. Hotel Everest view hike is a short trek and is perfect to trek with families.

Through this trek, you can observe the culture of the Sherpa people and get to know the local life. There is the oldest Buddhist monastery in Tengboche, which is very famous and holds many religious beliefs. However, hotel Everest view trek is a short trek but you will get unlimited fun and Himalayas views. Sagarmatha national park is another popular tourist destination in the Khumbu region. Trekkers love to visit this national park as you can get a glance at rare Himalayan animals, birds, and plants. The starting point of this trek is the gorgeous flight to Lukla.

Hotel Everest view hiking is the unique Himalayan trek in Nepal. During Everest, base camp trek it is hard to find luxurious hotels but during this trek, you will get the best accommodation and food facilities.

Enjoy your Stay at Hotel Everest view

Hotel Everest view is located at an altitude of 13,000 ft. above sea level. That is why hotel Everest view is on the list Guinness book of world record as the highest luxury hotel. Each room of the hotel Everest view has a beautiful view of the mountain of the Everest range. Hotel Everest view was established in 1971. During that, time the transportation medium for the good used to be a porter. Due to this, it took many years to complete the hotel, as the goods were imported from Japan.

Hotel Everest view is the perfect place to witness mountains as it is situated in an isolated and peaceful area. They provide you the facility of room heating; free Wi-Fi, laundry services, a restaurant, and a full-service bar. In addition to this, they provide great food and drinks.

History of Hotel Everest View:

In the period of spring, Takashi Miyahara first laid eyes on the magnificent Everest range from a ridge in Syangboche in 1968. What he realizes the view in front of him was breathtaking, and the scene captivated his heart. From that moment, he dared to dream that one day he would build a world-class hotel in that same location.

Building a Hotel at an altitude of 3880m is genuinely a daring task even today. We can imagine how hard and challenging it has been to make in the 60s. At that time, there was no access to roads, and the construction would entirely rely on porters carrying the necessary items on a two-week trek from Lamusangu, or items being transported on a helicopter. Materials such as the sliding glass doors used in the rooms, the glass for the solarium, blankets, and eating utensils were all imported from Japan. These were shipped to a port in Calcutta and then transported into Nepal.

Hence to build a hotel at such an altitude facing different obstacles is a daring task. The project took several years to complete, and Japanese architect YoshinobuKumagaya design the hotel. This hotel was undertaken with the help of local sherpas. The hotel opened its doors in 1971 for visitors. The hotel was built to serve a 360-degree view of the Himalayas to visitors that come from across the world. Through its spectacular mountain views and serene environment, visits Hotel Everest View trek a once-in-a-lifetime trip. For a few, it is a journey that is taken many, many times.

What is the cost to stay at Hotel Everest view

hiking to hotel Everest view hiking is one of the most expensive treks in Nepal. Normally they cost 300 USD to 400USD with all the services depending on the time you trek. If you want to reduce expenses then it is better to trek in the winter season. If you are trekking in the peak season like spring and autumn, then you will have to pre-book the hotel. This luxurious hotel only has 10 rooms, you can share your room with your fellow trekkers.

In addition to this, you will have to pay for your flight to Lukla, your food, and accommodation during the trek. Furthermore, you will have to pay USD 30+13% tax for the permit to Sagarmatha national park. You can take that permit on the tourism board in Pokhara and Kathmandu. You can trek to hotel Everest view via helicopter but it will be more expensive.

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    How to get there?

    For getting to hotel Everest view, you will have to arrive at Kathmandu. We will escort you to the hotel where you will rest and freshen up. You can roam around the historic places in the Kathmandu valley and enjoy your day. After that the next day you will start your trek with a flight to Lukla airport. The flight takes about 30 minutes but is very amusing with the marvelous view of the Himalayas. After landing at Lula, your trekking journey starts. Your first trekking destination is Phakding, which is about 4 hours away from Lukla.

    From Phakding you will get a mysterious view of Mt. Khumbu-Yul-Iha (5761m). On the way, you will have to cross Chheplung village where you can observe the Sherpa culture. You will spend your first overnight at Phakding. The next day is another exciting day of this trek, as you will be going to Namche Bazar. Namche Bazar is a beautiful place with many small shops. It takes about 7 hours to reach Namche Bazar from Phakding so you will have to start our trek as early as possible.

    After a walk of an hour, you will see an amazing view of Mount Thamserku. From here, you can enter Sagarmatha national park where you can witness rare animals and birds. On reaching Namche Bazar, you can see Mt. Everest (8848m), Nuptse (7861m), and Lhotse (8414m). The 4th day of this trek is the most important, as you will be trekking to hotel Everest view. On the way, you can visit the national museum in Namche Bazar where you will get to observe the Sherpa lifestyle.

    From the Museum, it takes 3 hours to reach the final destination. There is an army camp on the trail from where you will get a magical view of the mountains. You will not see hotel Everest view until you are there. The surrounding of the hotel is very peaceful and beautiful with the Everest range behind. The next day you can stay at the hotel and explore around enjoying the spectacular views. After that, you will have to return to Phakding. In addition, from Phakding you will trek back to Lukla and catch a flit to Kathmandu where you will end your trek.

    Everest view hotel booking

    You can make a booking of Hotel Everest view in advance as it has limited room and mostly full in season time. You can make an easy booking with us. The hotel is ‘only’ 400 meters higher than Namche, so that means about a one-hour climb. We don’t recommend this Everest view trek for those who suffer from painful medical conditions. such as heart or also lung disease altitude sickness problems. To go on such treks, you need to be fit, so that you can have a more comfortable and enjoyable journey. Make sure you walk at a slow pace and take rest from time to time to regain your breath so that you won’t feel exhausted. You will encounter a chain of people hiking up to the steep face of the mountain that rises above Namche Bazaar. It’s steep and high.

    Earlier that morning, when I woke up, I opened the curtains of the hotel we stayed at, and I saw that snowcapped peaks surround Namche Bazaar. It looks like it’s going to be a beautiful day, so I’m confident it will be super!

    You will have more options during your stay at Hotel Everest View. We can arrange your trip to Khumjung(3780m) and Namche villages(3440m), Tengboche Monastery(3867m). Kunde peak (4200m) etc. according to your choice. Moreover, the excellent facilities the hotel Everest view offers are 12 spacious rooms with am suite bathrooms and balcony, Stunning views of mountains from all the rooms, Free WiFi, a Credit card payments facility, an Eye-catching dining room, Bar, Laundry service, and so on.

    Everest view hotel altitude

    Hotel Everest View altitude is 3,962m above sea level close to the village of Namche  Bazar. The hotel was opened in 1973 and has been operating ever since. This hotel was Opened in 1971, Hotel Everest View has been listed on the Guinness Book of World Records (2004) as the Highest Placed Hotel in the world at 13000ft. It is also list in numerous guide books and has received media coverage, the resort has become a destination in its own right. Many foreign trekkers stay in this high-altitude hotel.

    Everest view trek is an easy way to reach the lap of Everest and suitable for short-time trekkers. It lets you being so close to many mountains like Mt. Everest (8848m), Mt. Lhotse (8516m), Mt. Nuptse, Mt Lhotse Shar (8393m), Mt. Thamserku, Mt. Tawache. We can also get the best view of Mt. Ama Dablam (6812m), and many other small peaks & glaciers. Sagarmatha National park, Namche Bazar, a capital city of Sherpa ethnic group in Nepal, Tyangboche Monastery (3870m), milky water of Dudh Koshi River, many suspension bridges on stream and rivers, loaded with Buddhist prayer flags and through thick rhododendron (National flower of Nepal) forests are other attractions apart from mountains.

    The journey of Everest view trek starts from Kathmandu with 35 minutes fly to Lukla, a door of Mount Everest region, and ends from Kathmandu, returning back from Lukla. from here we will enter Phakding valley and arrive at the bustling and colorful markets in Namche Bazaar. Visitors have a chance to get to know the culture, hospitality, and day-to-day lifestyle of the Sherpa ethnic group. Mani Rimdu festival in October/November. If you have the opportunity, come! It is the most important holiday for the Sherpa people.

    Everest view hotel helicopter trek

    Helicopter trek is the easiest way to trek to Everest view hotel. The helicopter trek is for the people who have a busy life and do not have time to go on a long trek. Everest view hotel helicopter is suitable for people who are physically disabled. You can directly get the helicopter from Kathmandu and it will land directly at Everest view hotel from there. Your helicopter trek starts in form morning and you will land at Everest view hotel for the meal. You will enjoy every second of the trek; you will have mesmerizing aerial views of the mountains from the sky. On this trek, you will also land at the Kala Patthar that is the perfect view of Mount Everest.

    Namche Bazaar to Everest View Distance

    Namche Bazar is the popular destination for the tourist in Khumbu region. From Namche Bazar, it will take about 3 hours to reach Namche Bazar.  Trekkers visiting Everest view hotel acclimate here. Namche Bazar is the perfect place where you can interact with people. This place is situated at an altitude of 3,500 meters. Namche Bazar is a small colorful market that sells Tibetan and local goods. The route to Everest view hotel from Namche Bazar is straight uphill via the village and forest.  The surrounding Everest view hotel is very beautiful with the fir trees on the side.

    Ama Dablam View from Everest View Hotel

    Ama Dablam is a very beautiful yet underrated mountain in the Everest region. People who want to trek Mount Everest but do not have any experience trek Ama Dablam. When we say getting the Everest view hotel, it provides a clear view of mount Ama Dablam. Apart from Mount Everest, Ama Dablam and mount Lhotse are the best mountains to explore in the Khumbu region. Getting the view of Ama Dablam from Everest view hotel is the best experience.

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      How difficult is Everest View hiking

      Everest view hotel hiking is a moderate level of hiking; there are some difficulties in some places. Many trekker’s feels challenging to trek to Namche bazar. Trekkers feel difficult to climb uphill. The first part of trekking, which is the trek to Sagarmatha national park, includes light treks and easy climbs. From Sagarmatha national park to Namche Bazar the trail is slightly tough. The route from Namche Bazar is steeply and sloppy.  If you are carrying your own luggage then walking uphill will be harder for you but if you hire a porter then it will be slightly easier.

      Another difficulty in hotel Everest view trek is altitude sickness.  Altitude sickness is a medical condition that is caused due to the rise in elevation.  This problem is more prevalent in trekking Himalayas. For reducing altitude sickness, we should have a meal at the proper time, trekking at a slow pace, and acclimating properly. Drinking sufficient water can also help to reduce altitude sickness. Altitude sickness can be a real problem if not treated, so you will have to be careful.

      Everest View Hotel Weather

      The weather of almost every place can predict but the Khumbu region’s weather is never certain. Due to the higher elevation weather, the condition of Everest view hotel is constantly changing.  Everest view hotel trek is open through the year so, every season has its own specialty and different experience for trekking. Here is the tentative information of Everest view hotel during different seasons.

      • The weather during spring in Everest Region

      Spring is the best time for Hotel Everest view hiking and is famous for trekking season. Spring in Nepal falls between the months of March to May. The favorable weather and beautiful scenery of Mount Everest is the best thing of the spring season.  The entire trekking trail is will be filled with blooming flowers and oak trees.  Due to this, people trekking to Everest hotel during sprig season are very high. That is why you will have to pre-book your trek.  The temperature of the spring season in Everest view hotel ranges from 17°C in the morning to 25°C in the evening. However, the temperature the lower and keeps increasing in the higher altitude area.

      • The weather during winter in Everest Region

      Although the weather of the Khumbu region is extremely cold people prefer trekkers who seek challenges. The Winter season falls during time of December to February. Although the morning is extremely cold the days are warmer and suitable for trekking. Winter is the season where you will get to see Mount Everest in its area condition. The average temperature ranges from 20°C in the day to -10°C during the night. Everest view hotel trek in winter provides you a splendid and royal view of the mountains in the Everest range covered with thick snow. However, winter might be a bit challenging but the view and the memories of this trek will be wonderful.

      • Do we need oxygen for Everest view hotel hike?

      Since Hotel Everest views hiking is at a moderate level so, we will not need oxygen if you take the necessary precaution. Your itinerary for this trek should allow enough acclimation. In addition to this, if you have an emergency medical condition during the trek then or team above the Himalayas will escort you to the hospital immediately. If you have a problem with breathing then lower your altitude. If you want to trek further from hotel Everest view then you may need oxygen.

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        Is Everest Base Camp better than this hike?

        Everest Base Camp is the most popular trek in Nepal, which provides a magnificent view of the Himalayas. It is the dream destination of every adventure geek but Everest view hotel trek has also been getting popularity among trekkers. Both Everest base camp trek and Everest view hotel trek provide the view of the Everest range.

        EBC is a comparatively longer trek so it will take more time but the Everest view trek is a short trek so you can complete it quickly. You will need some trekking experience to trek to Everest base camp trek but you do not need any experience for this trek. Hotel Everest view is easier to trek but EBC is hard and challenging to trek. Lastly, it is completely up to you, which trek do you choose both of these treks have their own specialty.


        Is there an age restriction for this hike?

        Hotel Everest view hiking is not a very hard trek in the Everest region. This hiking is popular as a family trek so it will not be a problem if you bring your child. People of all ages the good and stable health conditions. You can complete this trek within 7-8 days. The trail is also not very hard to trek so anyone with good physical strength can trek the hotel Everest view. Tengboche is the end of this trek, which is at an altitude of 3,870 meters from sea level.


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