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Special thing to buy when you visit Nepal

Special thing to buy in when you visit Nepal

Nepal, a country full of natural resources has lots of special things you can buy. A small landlocked country Nepal is extremely rich in beautiful mountains and rich culture. Nepal has always been a place famous for handmade goods. Also, the country is best known for its art and architecture. Metalwork’s, clothing materials, tea, sculpture, paper made materials, dolls, trekking gear, jewelry, etc. are the thing that many of the tourists who come to Nepal wants to buy. You can get lots of adventure experience as well as the Special thing to buy when you visit Nepal.


There are lots of Special things to buy when you visit Nepal. One of the options for buying gifts for friends, family as well as souvenirs for you. You cannot avoid the beauty of Nepal, and the special things to buy when you visit Nepal would make Nepal remember for a lifetime. Dramatic and dynamic landscapes, serene nature, rich culture, hospitality, environment, etc. are the major highlights of Nepal’s visit. It is hard to get over from the beauty of Nepal.


5 Things you must know about Nepal


Nepal is the best place for a unique shopping

Have you ever visited Nepal and shopped in infamous places? If not then, I say you have missed the experience of utilizing local products. This article will tell you about the famous products to buy in Nepal that you would love to take back to your home.
You can have a short stroll over local shops, alleyways for buying gifts for your loved ones. You will find a variety of local items to bring back home.

Moreover, the area’s most famous for tourists are all filled with decorated stores and stalls. Worrying about what to buy and where to buy is a common problem for, those who visited Nepal for the first time. Thus this article will help to figure out the best things to buy in Nepal. I am sure that after reading this article you would find loads of options for the best things to buy in Nepal.
Here are the lists of Special thing to buy when you visit Nepal.

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We are talking here more Special thing to buy when you visit Nepal

1. Pashmina

Nepal pashmina

Pashmina, also known as Cashmere, is made from the hair of a mountain goat called Chyangra or Capra Hircus. It has been popular for centuries among the people as it is made from the wools which are best known for the luxurious wool in the whole world. There are many items found in Nepal made from Pashmina, and the prices vary from product to product. Thamel can be one of the choices as there are many shops where you can find pashmina made items. Nowadays, the duplicates of pashmina are spread widely, so before thinking about buying the product, research is the must.

Pashmina is a special gift that is made from fabrics. Pashmina is the name derived from the Asain word called Cashmere. The price of pashmina varies depending on its quality and the types of it. Shawls and scarfs are the most famous pashminas products. However, you should be aware of the original and duplicate pashmina, as there is lots of Chinese copy of these items nowadays. this is one of the best Special things to buy when you visit Nepal

2.Trekking Gears

Special things to buy in Nepal

Most of the people from around the world come to Nepal trekking gears too. One needs to be careful while purchasing the gears. Thamel in Kathmandu and Lakeside of Pokhara. For trekking, trekking gears are the essentials, which include trekking shirt, jacket, shoes, Sleeping Bags, and so forth. Kathmandu and Pokhara are popular cities to buy trekking gears. There are many shops which sell Takara are the best places to buy trekking Gear.

Nepal is the country full of adventure and beauty. Thus, trekking in Nepal is a dream of every traveler. Trekking gears are one of the utmost important things for your successful journey. Places like Thamel, Bhaktapur, and Pokhara, etc are all full of trekking gears. You can get a cheap North face knock-in Kathmandu. One advice for you is, be aware of the fake name and brand.

3. Stone and Bead Jewelry

Special things to buy in Nepal

Kathmandu is a well-known city to buy stone and bead jewelry. Bracelets, ear-ring, necklace, ring, and many other items made by the bead and stones are popular among the people. Rudraksha is the most famous among all and one of the best  Special thing to buy when you visit Nepal. Thamel, Durbar Square, and Pashupatinath can be the best place to buy bead and stone jewelry.

Kathmandu is famous for its great gold-based jewelry and great silver products. Not only this, but you can also see the traditional Newari utensils which, are molded in silver and made in the fine products. Buying the variety of local beads making your necklace is a wise choice. Be aware of buying worthless jewelry that is Chinese imports.

4. Handicrafts

Special things to buy in Nepal

Nepali is the country where handicrafts are popular from the very ancient time. Traditionally made goods with hands, look so beautiful, and are used for decorating the houses too. Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Thamel, Patan, are some places for getting the best handmade items.

Nepal offers you a unique handicraft such as prayer wheels, puppets, traditional masks, pottery items, and other hemp products. Vividly painted masks of the local gods etc. are decorated beautifully. The wooden carvings, wood boxes, and other vases are the best way to make. You can also take various hemp products such as a t-shirt, backpacks, bags, pants, etc ate the most popular things to take.
Choosing the best original things is a real challenge, as many people are selling the fake antique. Real antiques are hard to detect, and Nepal certification is required for taking it.

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5. Tea and Coffee

Nepal is the best place to buy organic tea and spices. If you are fond of Tea, then it is a great place to find your choice of tea as there are lots of varieties. Spices like cardamom, pepper, chilly, cumin, and so forth are the famous spices that people buy.

Nepal’s teas are famous products from eastern Nepal. The special local taste you experience from this tea is a real pleasure. Illam is very famous for local tea and can buy at a reasonable price. There are various elegant shops they offer tea tastings, however, the taste of the tea depends on the way the tea leaves are picked.

You can get a lighter taste from the ‘first flush’, more robust for the ‘second flush’.
Especially the teas that are flavored with lemongrass are much popular. The high-quality teas must be drunk with lemon or sugar but not with milk.
Nepal also offers extraordinary organic coffee which is sold all over Nepal. You can buy beans from Himalayan Java Coffee, a reputed coffee house, Kar Ma Coffee.

Nepal tea

6. Puppet dolls

For puppet dolls, Bhaktapur city is a popular place to discover. You can buy locally made dolls as a bundle or a piece.

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7. Thangkas

Thangkas are the traditional Buddhist culture paintings that are made in Nepal. From small size to big, this kind of paintings can be found. Bouddha, Swayambhu, Thamel, are the best place to buy Thangkas. A thangka is the unique paintings, made on cotton or silk applique which portrays a Buddhist Deity or mandala. this is the best special thing to buy when you visit Nepal

With the dominant Hindu and Buddhists, some of the best souvenirs from Nepal have a religious significance and meaning. They reflect the faith and culture of the people. Such is Thangka Painting. It consists of the picture panel, over which a textile could be mounted and finally covered in silk. However, it is not a flat art structure.


8. Khukuri

Khukuri is the national weapon of Nepal. The Gorkha soldiers used Khukuris in the battle in the previous days. This weapon is very stylish; one can also decorate the wall of their house hanging Khukuri. Bhaktapur is the best place to buy Khukuri is a Special thing to buy when you visit Nepal.

The world’s most famous knife, Khukuri is popular for its unique slashing edges. This traditional knife was used before on the wars around the 1800s. They are of high quality and handcrafted. They can be the perfect souvenir for the collectors. Be aware that the transportation of such items is hard. Knowing about the size limits of such products is a wise idea for easy transporting.


9. Singing Bowls

Another special thing to take from Nepal is Singing Bowls. This can be one of the nicest things to take from Nepal. These bowls are made up of metal, which makes a soothing sound. The rim is rubbed in a circular motion by a wooden stick and produces a soothing sound. Another best part of these bowls is, it produces vibration which depicts healing qualities and creates a meditation vibe.

This bowl is in various sizes and Special thing to buy when you visit Nepal. However, there are two types of singing bowl, mostly popular they are machine-made and had made. The only difference between these two bowls is in its price. The handmade bowls are more expensive and are made with plain brass color. While the machine-made bowls are symmetrical in structure and cost little less as compared to hand-made bowls.


10. Spices

Nepal is also famous for spices, as they are a lot cheaper in Nepal. It offers varieties of mix masala that add delightful taste in every food. Among them, saffron and Himalayan salt are the most popular and highly sold products. You can get a mixture of garam masala, chicken masala, fish masala, turmeric, and many more. Apart from these, buying interesting things such as fresh cinnamon cloves and anise is really fruitful. You can buy such spices in the Ason market in Kathmandu. You can buy bags of spices at a very reasonable price. But, buying bags containing labels is a wise idea.

10. Local Products

Nepal is rich in producing an incredible selection of locally made antiques. Some of the shops sold Ayurvedic soaps and Tibetan juniper incense. You can also get stylish and modern paper products. These paper products are from the traditional Daphne bush and other handicrafts made from natural fibers. Nepal is also a big producer of felt products and lots of other decorative items. Stoneware ceramics from Thimi are also popular local products. We can find these local products at select cafes, boutique hotels, and other gift shops.

Prayer wheels

11. Prayer Wheels

Nepal is the country of temples. It possesses lots of religious and spiritual importance. It is the home to many monasteries, the stupa, and various temples. People from various parts of the world come to visit Nepal to get blessings from the god.
Prayer wheels could be the best things to buy in your religious or pilgrimage tour. Those wheels can find in trekking routes and in many monasteries. “Om Mani Padme Hum” is the popular mantra use in Tibetan Buddhism. Spinning the wheel has the same importance of saying the prayer in loud.

To the question where to buy such prayer, We can find the wheels in the popular tourist city of Kathmandu called Thamel. you can buy prayers wheels in Thamel street market.

Kathmandu Pokhara Chitwan tour


All in all, Nepal will shower all the love, respect, nature’s beauty, and more importantly it offers lots of special things for its remembrance. Buying special products from Nepal is reasonable and of great importance. You can also bargain for the items with a high price, as bargaining are common in Nepal. You can always suggest your guide or any Nepali experts for giving you guidance about the special products and the price. It is common that things in Kathmandu Mahal, supermarkets are more expensive than the normal shops.

Thus, Nepal is the perfect destination for celebrating your happy days, experiencing an adventure task, enjoying recreational activities. You are always welcomed to the land of Annapurna Himalayas.
I hope you have a wonderful time in Nepal and a great shopping experience here with the above Special thing to buy when you visit Nepal.

Top 10 Highest Mountain in the World

Top 10 highest mountain in the world, Himalayan is the highest mountain and considered as ‘freshwater reserves in the form of a glacier, ice and snow which face extensive effects of climate change. Tallest mountains of the world are some of the most majestic and beautiful things that one can be blessing enough to witness in their lifetime. Mountains are a wonderful and physical dream of the land. Nepal has 8 out of the 10 highest peaks in the world, including Mt. Everest. Here is the list of Top 10 highest mountain in the world.


How much Everest base camp cost get the ideas


Tallest Mountain in the World


1.    Mount Everest (8848m), Nepal

Mount Everest

Mount Everest is Earth’s highest mountain above sea level, located in the Mahalangur Himal sub-range of the Himalayas. Mt Everest is the highest peak in the world, located in the Northeastern part of Nepal. The elevation of Highest Peak Mount Everest has 8848m (29,029 ft.) above the sea-level. Mount Everest is called “Sagarmatha” in Nepali or Chomolungma in Tibetan. This mountain lies in the number one position of Top 10 highest mountain in the world. Mt Everest got its name after a survey by the Land Surveyor General ’Sir George Everest’ that first tried to locate the exact position of the peak.

Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Edmund Hillary became the first-ever people on earth to climb Mount Everest in May 1953. Everest base camp trek is the most popular trekking package in this region. Additionally, you can see some rare species of flora and fauna inside Sagarmatha national park. Some of the rare animals found here are Red Panda, Musk Deer, and Snow leopard, Himalayan black Deer, Himalayan Thar, Langur Monkeys, Martens and Himalaya wolves. Sagarmatha Nation Park is also included in the world’s heritage site by UNESCO. Gokyo Lake is another highlight of the Everest base camp trek.

Mt Everest got its name after a survey by the Land  Surveyor General ’Sir George Everest’ that first tried to locate the exact position of the peak. Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Edmund Hillary became the first-ever people on earth to climb Mount Everest in May 1953. Everest base camp trek is the most popular trekking package in this region.

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2. Mount K2 (8611m), Pakistan

Top 10 highest mountains in the world

Mount K2 is the world’s second-highest mountain (8611m) after Mount Everest. It is situated on the border of China and Pakistan. It is also the highest point in Xinjiang as well as Pakistan. The name K2 stands for the 2nd peak in the Karakoram Range. Climbing to K2 is a challenging task, but still, about 250 climbers have successfully reached the top of K2. So it is even called Savage Mountain. However, vast ice pyramid stands away from all the rest of the peaks of K2. Italian expedition was Tech became the first to climb Mount K2 in 1954. This is in no 2 in the top 10 highest mountains in the world.

Mount K2 is also known as the mount Godwin Austen as col.H.H. Godwin Austen was the first to survey the peak. As mount K2 has been difficult to climb it is the only among the eight thousand peak which has never been climbed during winter from its east face. Mount K2 base camp is located in Pakistan. People tend to choose route from Pakistan rather than from china for climbing.

Top 10 mountain on the list

3. Mount Kanchenjunga (8586m),  Taplejung District Nepal/Sikkim India

Top 10 highest mountains in the world

Kanchenjunga is the third highest mountain in the world, height with 8586 meters. It is located in Taplejung District, Nepal, Sikkim, India . It is the highest mountain in India and the second-highest amount of Nepal. Kanchenjunga is also known as “The Five Treasures of Snows” because it is blessed with five treasures of God that are gold, silver, gems, grains, and holy books. Joe Brown and George Band successfully climbed it as the first people of the world in 1955. It is situated at a distance of 78 miles from Mount Everest. Kanchenjunga is the second least climbed mountains.

There is a Kanchenjunga national park which conserves endangered birds and animals. It is also enlisted in the world heritage site by UNESCO. There are three routes to climb mount Kanchenjunga South West, North West, and North East from Nepal and North East Sikkim from Sikkim. However, the three routes from Nepal is considered as the safest. Mount Kanchenjunga is also taken Religious Mountain, it is said that Kanchenjunga is the home of mountain deity. Kanchenjunga base camp is located in Taplejung, Nepal.



4. Mount Lhotse (8511m), Nepal

Top 10 highest mountains in the world


Mount Lhotse is the fourth highest mountain in the world. Its height is 8511 meters. Mount Lhotse is connected to Mount Everest. It falls on the south of Mount Everest in the Khumbu region. It is a perilous and dramatic rocky route. Lhotse is located on the border of Nepal and Tibet. It is also known as one of the most deadly mountains in the world, because of many failed attempts and fatalities while trying to climb. In addition to this, Mount Lhotse is the most dangerous mount to climb because of Khumbu’s icefall. Ernst Reiss and Fritz Luchsinger successfully climbed this peak in 1956.

There are three main three submit of mount Lhotse: – the main summit 8,516 meters (27,940 ft.), smaller peaks Lhotse Middle (East) 8,414 m (27,605 ft.) and Lhotse Shar of height 8,383 m (27,503 ft.). The middle Lhotse is the highest point on earth which was not climbed until early 2001. Eugeny Vinogradsky, Sergei Timofeev, Alexei Bolotov, and Petr Kuznetsov with a Russian expedition became the first one to climb middle Lhotse on May 23, 2001.

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5. Mount Makalu (8462m), Nepal

Mount Makalu


Mount Makalu is the fifth highest mountain on the earth, with an elevation of 8463 meters. It is located at the Mahalangur range and about 19km southeast from Mount Everest. Makalu has very sharp edges and steep pitches, making it quite tough to climb. Especially, this is an isolated peak whose shape is a four-sided pyramid. Lionel Terray and Jean Couzy successfully climbed this peak in 1955, as first people on the earth to climb it.

Mount Makalu is also one of the eight-thousanders. It is the kind of lonely mountain as well as a unique mountain. Particularly, Mount Makalu is in the shape of a pyramid so because of its knife-edge ridge climbing Makalu is a challenging thing. The average day taken to climb Makalu is around 61 – 65 days. Many trekkers choose to climb Makalu from the western face because of the wonderful and enjoyable route. The Makalu region is full of natal beauties. Studies have shown that altogether there are 3,128 species of flowers 25 different species of Rhododendhern, 440 different species of birds, and 88 different species of mammals living there.


6. Mount Cho Oyu (8201m), Nepal

Mount cho oyu


Mount Cho Oyu is located in the Himalaya range and Nepal, a sixth highest mountain in the world. Its height is 8201m meters. It is one of the most accessible mountains to climb. H. Tichy, S. Jochler, Pasang Lama was the first man who reached on Cho Oyu in October 1954. Cho Oyu mountain is the “Turquoise Goddess” in Tibetan. It lies on the border of Nepal and China. Mount Cho Oyu also lies in the Mahalangur range and 20 km far away from Mount Everest.

You can climb mount Cho Oyu from three sides northwest, northeast, and the Southeast. Mount Cho Oyu is not that hard to climb and many trekkers climb mount Cho Oyu before climbing Mount Everest as a practice and experience. Ang Phiri Sherpa was the first Nepali person to climb mount Cho Oyu. Moreover, you can see many other eight-thousanders’ mountains while climbing Cho You. March through May as well as September through December is consider the best months for climbing mount Cho Oyu. You will have to cross through three more base camp and a final Advanced Base camp before you reach to Cho Oyu base camp.


7. Mount Dhaulagiri  (8167m), Nepal

Mount Dhaulagiri


Mount Dhaulagiri is the seventh highest mountain in the world, located in the north of central Nepal. The elevation of this Peak is 8167 meters. Dhaulagiri has become the pivot point of the tourists and climbers. The name Dhaulagiri means “White Mountain,” Dhaulagiri also called the White Mountains for being one of the eight thousand lists. K. Diemberger, P. Diener, Nyima Dorji, Nawang Dorji, climbed it in May 1960. The route through Dhaulagiri goes through the world’s deepest gorge Kali Gandaki. Winter is considering the best time for trekking to Dhaulagiri as you can get the best view. Dhaulagiri is also calling as the highest mountain by Europeans. And it is also the highest point in the Gandaki basin. Generally, Dhaulagiri is deriver from Sanskrit word dazing, white and beautiful surely is the white beauty.


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8. Mount Manaslu (8163m), Nepal

Mount Manaslu

Mount Manaslu is an eighth highest mountain in the world, located in Nepal Himalaya with an elevation of 8163 meters. Surrounding by rock hard ice, which covers a large area at the bottom of the mountain, is one of the most exciting things to see. The meaning of the Manaslu is “Mountain of the Spirit.” T. Manisha from Japan became the 1st ever person to climb Manaslu in 1956. That is why this mountain is famous among Japanese people.

Manaslu is a Sanskrit word that means soul. This mountain is in the no 8 of the list of top 10 highest mountains in the world. It lies at the distance of 64 km east from mount Annapurna. Manaslu base camp lies on the elevation of 4700-meter form the sea level. It is located in the Gorkha district of Nepal. Trekking in Manaslu has start from since 1991. Manaslu conservation area is a place where many plants and animals which are about to be extinct here. The conservation area covers the area of 642 square. Km. mount Manaslu is moderate level trekking. Luckily, Mount Manaslu is among the world fourteen thousand.



9. Nanga Parbat (8125m), Pakistan

Mount Nanga Parbat


Nanga Parbat is the world’s ninth tallest mountain in the world. It is located on the south side of the Indus River in Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan. Nanga Parbat means “Naked Mountain.” The elevation of this Peak is 8125 meters. It also names as the Killer Mountain because lots of climbers died in the first half of the twentieth century. Hermann Bahl from Australia was the first one to ever climb Nanga Parbat in 1953. This is one mountain from Pakistan in the list of Top 10 highest mountains in the world. It is the second-highest mountain of Pakistan after mount K2.

The southern face of Nanga Parbat is the highest. Nanga Parbat also comes from the Sanskrit word Parvata which means Naked mountains. Nanga Parbat is also one of the world’s eight-thousanders. Furthermore, Nanga Parbat is so difficult to climb, many trekkers have died during climbing Nanga Parbat which is why it is called Killer Mountain. Nanga Parbat range also covers the area of 120 mi (190 km).


10. Mount Annapurna (8091m), Nepal

Mount Annapurna

Mount Annapurna is the tenth highest mountain of the earth and last in our list of Top 10 highest mountains in the world. Located in central Nepal with an elevation of 8091 meters. Annapurna is a Sanskrit name that refers to the Goddess of the Harvests. This Annapurna peak which is the world’s most dangerous to climb. Annapurna conservation area is the first and largest conservation area of Nepal with 7,629 sq. Km. M. Herzog and L.Lachenal from France reaches on this mountain on 3 June 1950 as the first climber. Annapurna base camp trek is the gateway to climb this mountain. It is the largest conservation area of Nepal which covers many towns like Manang, Mustang, Kaski, Myagdi, and Lamjung with an area of approximately 7,629. Last but not least,

Mount Annapurna is another example of beauty and ability to be list on the 10th position in the list of top 10 highest mountains in the world. You can get the amazing view of Annapurna I (8091 m), Annapurna South (7219 m), Machhapuchhre (6993 m), and Hiunchuli (6441 m), glacier dome, Gangapurna (7454), fang (1647m). Moreover, the distance of the road varies between 160–230 km (100-145 mi), depending on where the motor of the transportation. And also, Annapurna trek is also the best long-distance trek as it is the combination of both cultural and natural beauty.
All in all, I hope you enjoy the reading of the Top 10 highest mountains in the world.

hope you enjoy the reading of the Top 10 highest mountains in the world.

Nepal Trekking Map

Nepal Trekking Map

Nepal is well known for exotic trekking and hiking places. Many people from around the world come to trek Himalayan ranges of Nepal. Nepal is mainly known for Everest and the birthplace of Gautam Buddha. There are many ancient monuments so, religious trekking in Nepal is also famous. Himalaya trekking in Nepal is enjoyable and must have experience. Some of the famous trekking places of Nepal are Annapurna circuit trek, Everest base camp trek, and Manaslu trek. One of the important things for trekking in Nepal is maps.

If you are a newbie trekker or traveler then traveling alone can be dangerous. You may not catch the exact route. Your journey can go out of the track. This is why the Nepal trekking map is for. It will provide you the exact destination map with detailed information in it.

Nepal cultural tour

Highly recommend having a map for any place in Nepal

You will need to have a map before trekking any place in Nepal. As a result, If you have a map then you can trek any places without confusion. It is very important to have information about the place before trekking. You will have to plan the trek, you will also manage the food and accommodation trek. Altitude sickness might be the main problem of many trekkers. Since Nepal is a developing country most of the great trekking place lies in remote places. Nepal is always on the top list for the best destination for Trekking.

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Route map of Nepal

As a matter of fact, Nepal is home to numerous numbers of mountain peaks, sparkling rivers, temples, hills, lakes, and much more stuff possessing natural beauty. The trail along those beautiful sceneries are beyond our imagination.
Undoubtedly, Nepal is real heaven with all the magic candles in it. Additionally, the surrounding here is incredibly awesome. You will be exposed to varieties of trekking routes along the way. Therefore, the Route map of Nepal helps you to explore hidden treasure.

Talking about the routes, you can taste the different texture of routes. Some routes are short and others are long. Some are easy routes while some may be a little challenging too. Based upon which trekking destination you choose, the routes vary. However, you will encounter the busy route in peak season in the popular trekking destination.
You know what, there is no specific route to go to a particular destination. You can have an enormous option while choosing the routes. Most of the family or group trekkers opt for easy routes. Young Veterans and experienced trekkers go for a challenging route. The choice is yours. However, the real adventure and pleasure you will get through the tough route.

Types of Nepal Trekking map:

The map is the imaginary representation of any place. To build a successful journey image and have a clear expectation, you need a Nepal trekking map. You should always research about the places before heading to it. Proper planning of any journey is fruitful without any doubt. Especially in the case, if you are going for exploring completely new places with a stranger. Keeping this in mind, we above the Himalaya team always provide you with the best suitable maps based on your trek. Below are the types of a map with its detailed information. Another advantage Nepal trekking map is you can also recommend this map to your close ones and can be the perfect guide to help them.

1) TAAN map:

TAAN map is the type of map given by the Trekking agencies association Nepal (TAAN). This map includes all the details from all the other maps. This map is for those, who love to travel all alone. It is also super useful for travel enthusiasts and for those who always want to explore a new trail. Therefore, In this map, you will find names, locations, of all the smallest villages, all other smaller peaks, popular temples, and monasteries of that area. You will see the dense forest along the contour lines. The layout and designs of the trail are all easy for your eye to see.

The major drawback of this map is its availability. This map cannot be found in such places as this is produced by an association of travel companies. The major plan of this association is not focusing on selling the map.
On the other hand, other maps could be easily found in local map shops. Thus, this map can be also helpful for those, who know how to read a map and its parameters. Exploring new places, new trails/routes, find beautiful scenery, the pleasurable trek could only be possible if your journey is easy. And this map for sure is to make your journey extraordinary.

2) Nepa maps:

Nepa Maps is another best map for trekking in Nepal. As a comparison to TAAN maps, Nepa maps are also super useful and are easily available. And the best part about this map is, it is easy to understand this map with little guidance. The indexes on the map are easy to understand by little knowledge and guide us on reading a map.

This map is not as detailed as TAAN maps but contains all the necessary information for beginner traveler. This map is mostly preferred by those traveling in remote areas. One feature that is common in both TAAN maps and Nepa maps is it contains an indicator of peaks, small settlements, temples, and monasteries.
Terrain and landscape structures are very well obtainable. And this also contains a high level of accuracy.
This map can be very useful for those with little map knowledge and want to visit new places independently.

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3) Himalayan maps:

Besides the above-mentioned maps, Himalayan maps can be also another choice for trekking in Nepal. This map is produced by Himalaya Kartographisches Institute. Nepa maps and Himalayan maps are the productions of the same organization. Thus, both maps resemble almost similar features. In comparison to Nepa maps, this is also a simple and quite easier to understand. This is because of the fewer parameters contained in it. Whilst Nepa maps contain vague content with a plethora of parameters.

Both maps can be used according to your use. If you are traveling with a guide, the Himalayan map would be a better choice. Otherwise traveling alone can be accomplished by the Nepa map. Nepa maps are more transparent and possess a higher sales amount. A good share of information can be obtained from Himalayan maps. You can also find small settlements, forests, trail, teahouses, etc, but in less amount and contain less accuracy. Moreover, Topographic features are also not well exposed. The limited feature makes this map only suitable for popular routes/areas.

4) Mandala Trekking Maps:

Last but not the least, Mandala trekking maps are a very basic trekking map. It contains the long list, exceptionally. Making people confuse to locate the exact location. However, proper guidance to operate this map avoids this confusion easily. Overloaded information is only for those in need. Therefore, You can find the needed information on the front page.
The disadvantage of this map is, lots of settlements (the ones at main tourists) are not included. Not only this, smaller in size but places with greater importance are also not depicted.

This map misses small temples, monasteries, etc. No details of Topographic places. It contains a thin and compressed contour line. This series of the map only suits for popular places. Finding small peaks, many settlements, trails, etc would be difficult with no clear description. This is the reason why this map is also called the typical Tourist map. You cannot find the information about the less trekking area. Plus point about this map is, it is cheaper than other maps. It is easily available. Mandala trekking map is most bought by adventure travellers. Many companies also give this map as a part of the trekking packages.

What is trekking

Popular places to visit in Nepal along with Best time

There are main four particular seasons in Nepal. Winter, autumn, spring, and summer all season have their importance and specialty. Trekking in all these months is possible however, a particular season provides more beauty to the trek. Interestingly, Nepal is the place with no exception in the season for traveling here. Every season provides you different lovingly texture with evergreen beauties.

Due to the increasingly digital world, a digital gadget with many features has made traveling easier. Handheld GPS’ is the prior example of this. You can plan your trek earlier, make a schedule, download it, and save for a later purpose. Doing so saves lots of time and with no doubt makes the journey easy.
Below are some of the top listed trekking destination in Nepal. You can easily find the maps of these places.

Everest Base Camp Trekking,  Annapurna Circuit Trek, Upper Mustang Trek,  ManasluTsum Valley Trek,  Makalu Base Camp Trek, Poonhill Trekking,  Langtang trek,  Mardi Himal Trek,  Panchase Trek,  Rara Lake Trek,  Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek and also Annapurna Base Camp Trek.

Essential Equipment for Nepal trekking

Trekking can be easy and doable if all the necessary equipment is available either you. Earlier packing is a must to make your trekking go easy. Therefore, The equipment includes all the basic needs needed for your whole journey.
Following is the list you will also need  during your trek:


Types of clothes can vary based on types of season.
Trekking boot
Some pairs of socks
Trouser (thermal and windbreaker for winter)
some pairs of light T-shirts (summer)
windproof worm jacket
gloves, cap, sun hat and also raincoat
sleeping bag etc

Trekking gear


Hand towel
toothbrush and paste
face wash
toilet paper and wet tissue


The medical kit that includes (Painkiller, pain killer, bandage, cotton, Strepsils and also iodine)


Energy drinks, Chocolate, Biscuit/chips, chewing gum, etc

Digital Gadget

Camera/ Camera battery, Charger/ Power bank,Flashlight


Other Miscellaneous

Trekking map
small book
day bag/bag cover
trekking pole
Slipper, etc

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As the popular statement says, the hardest journey leads you to a beautiful destination. Just like that adventurous trail leads you to a magical place. Not only this, but it will also make your journey worth remembering.
There are several other routes, which will offer you a healthy journey. This journey includes yoga training, meditation, cultural tours, and many more options. The map is needed to clear your confusion and lead a crystal clear journey. Some people enjoy their own company, while some people prefer a guide to complete their journey.

Namche bazaar

The map is super helpful in both cases. Map not only shows your direction but also indicates the popular places, hotels, teahouse, etc. so that you can go whenever in exact time. It is advisable to take the Nepal trekking map in your trek to save your time and energy. In Contrast to this, not knowing the working strategy of the map may lead you to a great problem. Thus, you should first learn how to use the Nepalese map, the line, and the landmarks of the map.

Going with the team of Above the Himalayan team, will provide you with a map. However, if you wish to travel individually, you must purchase a Nepal trekking map from any map house. You can buy them from any map house in the Thamel shop.

Nepalese Trekking- Trekking in Nepal Himalaya

Nepalese Trekking

Nepal is one of the best countries for trekking and hiking experience. People from all around the world come to enjoy the trekking and perceive the beauty of Nepal. Country comprised variety in landscape, culture, religion, and climate. Nepal may be small in size or area but in the case of culture and natural beauty, it is extensive. It is also identified as “trekker’s paradise” which offers a collection of moderate level trekking challenges. Nepalese Trekking has been opened since 1960, since then trekking has become one of the most important and main fields for earning foreign currency.  The world’s highest peak Mount Everest and deepest gorge Kali Gandaki has become the main attraction for trekking in Nepal.  Out of the ten highest mountains in the world more than five mountains fall on Nepal. In addition to this Nepal is famous for its culture and tradition. You can explore the whole of Nepal and enjoy the Nepalese Trekking.

  Best time for Nepalese trekking

1)      Spring season

The best time for trekking in Nepal is considered a spring season which falls during the early of March to the end of May. Weather condition during this season is very favorable for doing long as well as sort treks. During this season Himalayan trekking is the best idea as you can get a clear view of the mountains. One of the best things about trekking during this month in Nepal you can see rare birds and animals of Nepal. Everest base camp trek, Annapurna circuit trek, and Manaslu trek are the good the idea for trekking during the spring season.

Annapurna base camp trek via poon hill

2)       Autumn season

Undoubtedly autumn is also one of the best times for trekking in Nepal. From early September to the end of November autumn season lasts here. Since there is no chance of clouded weather, Trekking to the Himalayan region is the best idea during this month. You can get a clear view of the mountain ranges. One of the main festivals of Nepalese Dashain and Tihar falls on this season so, along with trekking you will also get a chance to observe and celebrated Nepali culture.  Annapurna region and Everest region will provide you the best view during this season.

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3)      Summer/ Monsoon season

These seasons start from early June to the end of August at the same time. Summer is the hottest time of the year and with the rain of monsoon minimize the hotness so doing long treks. If you do not like to trek in the crowd, these seasons are the best time for you. Finding a place for accommodation will not be difficult. Monsoon is the best time for planting new crops on the field, you will get to know the traditional style of farming in most of the places. The best place of trek during this time is the upper mustang trek.

4)      Winter season

Winter in Nepal starts to form early December to the end of February. Generally, people do not prefer to trek in Nepal during this season because of the cold weather.  Of course, the weather will be cold but you will not feel cold during trekking. Usually, short treks are preferred during this season. Visiting Chitwan national park, Baridya national park, and other conservation centers are best during this time of the year.

Best places for Nepalese trekking in Nepal

Annapurna base camp trek 7 days

Annapurna Base Camp

Annapurna base camp trek is well known and mostly trekked trekking destination of Nepal. This trek will prove you the best view of mountains like Annapurna’s, Machhapuchhre, Dhaulagiri, Manaslu, and Langtang Himal. Annapurna base camp is situated at an altitude of 4130 km from the sea level. This trek compromises the longest pass Thorong la pass. Additionally, you can also find a variation on the cultural and natural beauty.

The trail to Annapurna base camp goes through the natural hot spring where many people come to relax and relieve their stress. This trek will provide you the majestic view of the landscape and mountains. Along with that some of the major highlights of Annapurna base camp trek is the world’s deepest gorge Kali Gandaki, the world’s highest Lake Tilicho lake, ethnic diversity, and one of the religious temple Muktinath temple. The route to Annapurna base camp also goes through Machhapuchhre base camp.

Everest Base Camp Trek

Nepal is the country of the world’s tallest mountain Mount Everest. So, lots of tourists from around the world come to trek to Everest base camp. Everest base camp is located at an altitude of 5600 meters from the sea level.  Many people think that we need a special type of training for trekking to Everest base camp but anyone with a healthy physical and mental condition can trek to Everest base camp.  The trail to Everest base camp goes through one of the oldest monasteries of Buddhists called Tengboche Monastery. Sagarmatha base camp is one of the reasons to trek to Everest base camp where the endangered Himalayan animal is conserved. It is also enlisted by UNSECO in the world heritage site. The highest point of the trek to Everest base camp trek is Kala Patthar. The best time for trekking to Everest base camp is March-May and October- November.

Manaslu circuit trek

Manaslu Trek

Manaslu trek is one of the newly opened trekking destinations if Nepal.  The maximum altitude of the Manaslu trek is 5160 meters. The route to Manaslu trek goes through Larke’s pass.  Larke pass is also the highest point of this trek. The place around Manaslu trek is mostly influenced by Tibetan and Gurung people who follow Buddhism. The trek to Manaslu starts from one of the historic cities of Nepal Gorkha. You will also get a glance at mount Manaslu of altitude 8156 meters from the sea level which is the eighth highest peak in the world. The route to Manaslu trek is a combination of diverse and seclude and remote topography. The best time to trek to Manaslu trek is March-May and September – December.


Langtang Trek

Langtang trek is one of the most famous treks near Kathmandu valley.  The route to this trek goes through the glorious forest to high alpine meadows. The maximum elevation of the Langtang trek is 3800 meters from the sea level.  During this trek, you can see the glacier and snowcapped high mountains. Langtang is a small valley surrounded by high mountains. The famous Kyanjin Gompa and Langtang Gompa also falls on the way to Langtang valley trek. Langtang national park is also one of the main and important to visit during this trek.

Trekking in this region is also a cultural trek, many historical places like Gosainkunda, Variable Kunda, Surya Kunda, and Saraswati Kunda are also a side trek of Langtang trek. There is also a collage called Helambu which is famous for producing cheese and milk. The best time to trek this place is from March to May and October to November.

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Upper Mustang Trek

Upper mustang trek is located on the northern side of Annapurna base camp. This trek is comprised of the Trans Himalayan region. Upper mustang is mainly known as one of the oldest trading points of China and Nepal. The elevation of the upper mustang is 3810 meters. This trek will provide you an incredible view of the mountains like Nilgiri, Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, and the other The Himalayas. You can find many oldest monastery caves and Buddhist shrine here. Upper mustang is basically a terrain of semi-desert with deep ravines and rock shelves. Upper mustang trek start from Jomsom, you can find flight from Pokhara to Jomsom. The trail to upper mustang is filled with flags where Buddhist script is written. The houses are designed by handmade crafts. The best time for trekking to upper mustang is March to December.

poon hill trek

Ghorepani poon hill trek

Ghorepani Poon hill trek is one of the most enjoyable short Nepalese trekking near Pokhara. Poon hill is especially famous for the view of sunrise and sunset. Trekking to poon hill is also one of the main places to trek in Annapurna base camp trek. You can enjoy poon hill by taking photos, that is why it is also calling as a photographer’s paradise. We will pass by the lush forest and culturally rich ethnic villages. You can get the Paranomic view of sunrise form between the high mountains like Dhaulagiri 8167 meter, Manaslu 8163 meter, and Annapurna I 8091m and others The Himalayas.

Poon hill is located at an altitude of 3210 meters. Rhododendron and oak in the forest add beauty to this trek. The route to poon hill goes through some of the small villages like Birethati, Hile, Tikhedhunga, Ghorepani, and Tadapani. The starting point of this trek is Nayapul. You can get the best view of poon hill during the month of October to November.


Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek

Kanchenjunga circuit trek is one of the beautiful and enjoyable trekking destinations of Nepal. this amazing remote trek takes you to the lap of Kanchenjunga massif. The name Kanchenjunga is the Tibetan language which means “five treasure of great snow” because mount Kanchenjunga is made of up five submit. During this trek, you will be walking through the foothill of the world’s third-highest mountain Kanchenjunga 8586 meter.

This mountain is located at the border of Nepal and Sikkim. Kanchenjunga conservation area is one of the reasons to trek this place. You can find a variety of animals and birds. Some of the wildlife protected in this conservation area are pheasant, dragon, snow leopard, black bear, red panda, etc. in addition to this, you can find a variation on culture, ethnic group, and religion during this trek.

Ghandruk trek

Ghandruk Trek

One of the wonderful short treks of Nepal is Ghandruk trek. Ghandruk is simply a village of hillside Gurung. You can get the closest view of the mountain in this trek. Ghandruk is lying at the Pedi. The maximum elevation of the Ghandruk trek is 1940 meter from sea level. Ghandruk Trek is also often referring to as cultural trek. As a result, this trek will bring you closer to the culture and tradition of Nepal. The trek to Annapurna base camp goes through Ghandruk. The trail to Ghandruk is filling with the rhododendron and oak forest. Needless to say, you will have an amazing time at Ghandruk village. You can trek to Ghandruk village at any time of the year.


Mardi Himal Trekking

Mardi himal base camp trek

Mardi Himal trek is also one of the well-known Nepalese trekking destinations. you can get the stunning view of the mountains like Annapurna I (8091m), Dhaulagiri (8167m), Hiunchuli (6441m), Annapurna II (7937m), Annapurna III (7555m), Annapurna South (7219m), Fishtail (6988m) in this trek. This area is located at an altitude of 4250 meters. It is also one of the lowest mountain treks in Nepal. Therefore, Mardi Himal trek is also considering as a practice trek for trekking higher altitude places like Everest base camp and Annapurna base camp. Mardi Himal is also famous for yoga treks. Interestingly, Mardi Himal trek is also composing of culture and ethnicity. The best time to trek Mardi Himal is March to May and September to December.

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Panchase Trek

Panchase trek is also one of the best short Nepalese trekking packages from Pokhara. The maximum altitude of this trek is 2500 meters.  Not to mention, this trek will provide you fabulous view of Pokhara valley. Along with Pokhara valley, you can also get a chance to grasp the view of striking mountains like Mt. Annapurna, Mt. Dhaulagiri, and Mt.Manaslu Mt. Ganesh. Mt. Machhapuchhre/fishtail Himal, Himchuli. This trek will provide you countryside experience. Some of the religious places like Siddha Baba, Panchase Lake, Buddha Stupa, and caves also fall under this trek. Different species of flora and fauna in the sub-tropical forest will allure you. The best time for the Panchase trek is during autumn and spring season.

Finding Your Way Around Kathmandu Nepal

Finding Your Way Around Kathmandu, Kathmandu is a city like no other. The first thing to note is that it is incredibly busy, at times even chaotic. The rabbit warren of streets seems to fill up with people from almost nowhere. For some people, the whole thing can feel a little chaotic, but if you’re not averse to picking your way through the crowds, then you might just fall in love with the place. To help you on that journey, here are some of our suggestions for visiting this remarkable city.

Where to Stay

Dwarika’s hotel is a truly special place to call home for the duration of your stay. Although it is at the top end of the price range at around £200 per night for a deluxe room, it’s truly worth every bit of it. This hotel is actually a congregation of houses that sit around a courtyard. The setting is very traditional and looking out onto that beautiful courtyard in the mornings really transports you back in time. A good option for those who are on a bit of a budget is to stay for just one night. Whilst it’s a little slice of heaven to call it home for a week or so, the price can be prohibitive and you can certainly experience everything here in 24 hours. for the mid-range hotel Hotel Jampa is the best place in Thamel, This 3-star hotel offers you the best hospitality.

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Stretch Your Legs


Nepal photography

Caption: Prayers at Boudhanath  Stupa


If all that relaxation is getting a bit much then take a trip to Swayambhunath Stupa. This beautiful temple is the best place to experience the city from a vantage point. The views out across the sprawling metropolis are truly breathtaking. Of course, in order to get there, you’ll have to embark on a short trek up 365 steps – one for each day of the year. Once you reach the top, not only will you be greeted with the aforementioned views, but also with the temple itself and a whole load of monkeys, for whom the temple was built. After all Swayambhunath Stupa literally translates as ‘The Monkey Temple’.


What About the Rain?


Kathmandu is, unfortunately, not immune to the monsoon season. If you’re unlucky with the weather then a good place to make your base for the afternoon is the Casino Royale. This small but perfectly formed casino provides free food and drink for guests, as well as playing host to a small list of poker tournaments. There are plenty of slot machines to choose from, as well as a selection of table games. Better still, if you see the weather brightening up then it’s within walking distance to several of the main attractions, including Basantapur Tower and Jaganath Temple.

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Try Some Traditional Food

Nepali food

If you’re after traditional Nepalese food, then head to one of Kathmandu’s many markets. Thamel is a fantastic choice, mostly because it’s absolutely enormous, but also because it sells everything you could possibly want. It’s incredibly busy but wonderfully colorful and there’s something different going on around every corner. Take your time browsing through the stalls of trinkets, but look out for bakeries; there are some famous ones in the maze of narrow streets. Peda and Khajuri are the sweets that you must try, the first a milky and sickly sweet offering and the second a dough-based delight. If you fancy something more savoury then stop in at one of Thamel’s many restaurants for a Nepalese curry.

Pathivara Mata Temple Nepal

 Do you ever believe in heaven on earth, well Pathivara Mata Temple peripheral will make you feel like heaven?

Pathivara temple visit is the best tour if you are a travel dreamer. Moreover, this travel destination has great importance among the Hindu people. You can either travel with your family members, friends as well as in the group.
It is a known fact that Nepal is the country of temples and consists of thousands of temples in each footstep. Among them, Pathivara temple, that lies in eastern Nepal has great significance

Pathivara  Mata temple is located on the hill of the Taplejung district. It is recognized as the most significant Hindus temples of Goddess Pathivara. Not only this, but it is also considered as the holy place of Kirants. Pilgrims from different parts of Nepal and India influxes here during special festivals. It is believed that the worshiper’s wishes and desires will be full filled after visiting there.

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This temple lies at an altitude of 37,94 m(12,444 ft), to the east of the Phungling municipality. Pathivara temple is located at about 19.4 km east to the Phungling Bazar, the popular Bazar of Taplejung district. The pilgrims offer the sacrifices of the offering of various animals to please the goddess. Besides this, they also offer gold, silver, and many other materials to goddess Pathivara.

Pathivara Mata Temple

It lies in Tapethol and Phawakhola VDC

Pathivara temple exactly lies in the junction of Limkhim, Tapethol, and Phawakhola VDC. It takes around 5/6 hrs to walk from Suketar to Pathivara. If you wish to go to Pathivara from Kathmandu then, make sure you have enough time. As it takes a week-long trek to reach to Pathivara temple. Otherwise, there is an optional choice of Kathmandu to Suketar flight for those who have a limited period. Interestingly, it is also known as the temple that consists of a list of devotee’s which also includes the ex-Royal family of Nepal. Besides the visit to a holy place, this place can be the top and best destination for trekkers. This week-long trek involves the passes through the ethnic villages of Taplejung. You can have a beautiful and wonderful Limbu cultural trek in this region.

The surrounding here is not less than heaven. You can also see the waterfall at Sawa, which lies behind the temple. Other than that, the visit to Timbung near the temple is also advisable.
Undoubtedly, the Pathivara Mata temple is the most sacred place where Mata Pathivara dwells. Every year more than hundreds of thousands visitors influxes here. Especially Hindu and Buddhist people visit here. March to June and September to November are the best seasons to visit here. As in this time, the weather would be clear and favorable for the excellent trip. You will be all surrounded by the sparkling Himalayas such as Mount Kanchanjunga, Mount Kumbakarna, etc.

Pathivara Mata Temple

Major Attractions in Pathivara Temple:


  • Pathivara temple is known as the goddess of desires, as worshippers wish are full filled after visiting there.
  • You will be all surrounded by the incredibly panoramic Mountain vistas.
  • Lying at an altitude of 3800 meters, this place serves as the best viewpoint.
  • Visitors can also visit the famous monasteries lying in Olangchung Gola and Lungchung.
  • The beautiful view of the waterfall at Sawa and the pond of the Timbung are the major highlights of this trip during autumn and spring.
  • Not only this, but the forest ecosystem along the trekking trail would also melt your heart.
  • The trekking trail offers a spectacular view of the diverse wildlife, varieties of birds, beautiful flowers and butterflies. You can directly see the whole Kanchanjunga (the third highest mountain in the world)lying in the peripheral of Pathivara temple.

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The history behind the Pathivara Mata  temple:

People have great belief over Goddess as she possesses supernatural powers to fulfill devotee’s wishes. She exhibits as the Goddess Durga who is also known as Kali, Chandi, Maha Maya, Maha Rudri, etc. Talking about the history of this significant temple. The history tells about the story of local shepherds losing hundreds of their sheep. At the same place where the temple stands today, there lost hundreds of sheep while grazing. Then the worried shepherds got a dream in which Goddess urged them to carry out the formalized detriment of the sheep. Also, she urges to build a memorial in her honor. Magically, after offering the sacrifice, all lost herd suddenly returned.

This is the reason why the ritual of offering the sacrifices of animals developed. The story of the lost sheep gave birth to the ritual of offering the sacrifices of an animal. Nevertheless, the name Pathibhara evolved by the fact that devotees pleasing the goddess with any simple and selfless act of kindness, prayer, and offering of the animal’s sacrifices. The actual meaning of sacrifice in Hinduism depicts the sacrifice of the ego and greed of the person.

Pathivara Mata Temple

Day to Day Itinerary for Pathivara Mata Temple tour

Day 1: Arrival to Kathmandu
The first day of your trip includes your arrival at Kathmandu from your Home country. Our office representative will receive at TIA (Tribhuvan International Airport). They will greet you and take you to the luxurious hotel. After reaching there, you will have some refreshments and a short orientation of the trip. In the evening you can stroll around the popular and colorful city of Kathmandu.
Overnight at Hotel in Kathmandu.

Day 2: Sightseeing around Kathmandu
The second day of the trip starts with a delightful breakfast. Today you will be visiting some of the famous places inside Kathmandu. You can visit the Pashupatinath temple (the greatest Hindu temple of Lord shiva), visit Swyambunath temple, Bouddhanath Stupa, Hanuman Dhoka Durbar square, etc. This will be the short rehearsal of the long trek journey. After that, you will be drop back to the hotel and overnight there.

Day 3: Travel to Kakarvitta, Jhapa

Have an early morning breakfast at Ktm hotel. After breakfast, your Kathmandu to Jhapa trip starts in a private vehicle. If you have a short period then, you can opt for an alternative option of flight from Kathmandu to Bhadrapur, Jhapa.
After reaching there, our representative will receive you at the guest house at Kakarvitta, Jhapa. They will welcome you and make sure you have a comfortable stay at the hotel.
Have some rest and get a delightful dinner at night.
Overnight at Kakarvitta, Jhapa, Nepal

Day 4: Day tour and sightseeing in Kakarvitta town
Starts your day with early morning breakfast. Today is the day to visit Krishna Thumki, Mini Mountain that lies nearly 6 kilometers northeast from Kakarvitta town. After the beautiful sightseeing, get back to the hotel have Lunch. Afterward, you will be driving from Jhapa to Illam. You can have a beautiful view of the Jamunkhadi, Arjundhara and Kanyam Chiyabari.
Finally, You can capture the beautiful moments in your camera and overnight at Illam.

Day 5: Half Day sightseeing in Illam tea Garden
The major highlights of this day Pathivara Mata temple tour is visiting Local tea Garden at Illam, observe view tower, visit Narayan temple, Singhabahini temple, and local market. Go to the hotel to check out and carry your backpack. After this, 6 hours’ drive would take you to Taplejung, Nepal. You will be mesmerized by the beautiful Phungling Bazar.
Particularly, there are lots of luxurious hotels with better service in Phungling Bazar. You can stay in one of them. Overnight at hotel

Pathivara Mata Temple

Day 6: Phungling to Pathiavara

Today is the major day of your whole trip. Today you will be traveling at around 2 hrs from Phungling to Sano Phedi. Early morning transfer to Suketar which will takes about half an hour from main Bazar. Have breakfast at Suketar and the journey continues to Sano Phedi. With an easy 2 hrs drive, you will finally reach to Sano Phedi.
At this point, your drive journey will be finished and the trekking journey starts. You have to trek around 4 hrs from Sano Phedi to Pathivara Devi temple. You can see a small hotel and shops along the way. There you can have tea and some rest. You can also buy some worshipping materials in that shop.

Important to realize, the trekking trail at the higher altitude will have lots of snow. Those snow would make it difficult to walk. Thus, carrying a walking stick and wearing sports shoes with grip is advisable. The view at the top of the temple is worth watching. You will be all surrounded by jaw-dropping mountains. There is a saying that every difficult journey leads you to a magical view. Your zeal to see heaven would be fulfilled by this trip. Have darshan trek back to Sano Phedi. There you can have your Lunch and drive back to the hotel in Phungling.
Overnight at Taplejung

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Day 7: Taplejung to Kathmandu

You can get the direct flight from Suketar to Kathmandu to avoid driving risk and time. However, the flight from Suketar to Kathmandu runs on 3 days per that is Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. You should confirm this from your guide person.
Alternatively, you can go by taxi but that takes approximately 24 hr long drive from Taplejung to Kathmandu.

Day 8: Final Departure

This is the last day of your trip. If you have extra days, you can explore the nearest beautiful city to Kathmandu such as Bhaktapur, Banepa, Dhulikhel. On this day, you can visit the famous city of Kathmandu and buy gifts for your family, parents and loved ones. After snacks, the time has finally arrived to wave goodbye to the hotel and guide. Our guide will drop-off to the International airport for your final departure. Then, they will wish you the safe journey onward.

Pathivara Mata Temple


Truly saying, the Pathivara Mata temple, Taplejung is one of the dreams come true experience. Talking about the trip duration if you wish to travel from Kathmandu then, it will be a long journey of about 1 week. For those who want to travel from Biratnagar or Illam, you can complete the Pathivara visit within 3 days. Anybody would felt spiritual after visiting this holy place. Kathmandu to Taplejung is the longest trip. Thus hiring a vehicle (car, jeep, van, and bus) would be the best idea to accomplish your trip. Doing so would cut-off your trip cost. Other than that you can get food and accommodation at a reasonable cost. You can find many resting places along the way to the temple.

All in all, the best time to visit Pathivara Mata Temple is marked in March, April, May, Jun, September, October, and November. Besides, it is not advisable to visit this place in the winter season. This is because heavy snow may block the trail and makes it difficult to walk. You can see the stunning 360 degrees from the summit. Besides this, the surrounding mountains and resting houses are all filled with the snow look spectacular.

If you go in the months of April onwards then you can see the dense forest with varieties of Rhododendron along the way.
Henceforth, the Pathivara temple is the greatest holy temple and must visitable temple in Taplejung District.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek Map

Annapurna Base Camp Trek Map

Nepal is one of the top tourist destination places in the world. One of the most common trekking destinations of Nepal is the Annapurna base camp. This trek consists of more than fifty mountain range. Annapurna massif includes thirteen mountains of height over 7,000 meters (23,000 ft.), more than sixteen peaks of altitude of 6,000 meters (20,000 ft.), and one mountain of height more than 8000 meters. Annapurna massif is 55 kilometers long. The altitude of the Annapurna base camp is 2130 meters from the sea level. Annapurna base camp trek map involves from Nayapul to endpoint Phedi.

The trekking route of this region involves many enjoyable short treks like Poon Hill, Machhapuchhre base camp trek, Dhumpus village trek, and Ghandruk village trek. Annapurna base camp comprises of many varieties in natural beauty and culture. You can get the breathtaking glace of the amazing mountains like Annapurna I, Annapurna II, Annapurna III, and Annapurna IV and Some other mountains that you can see from here are Gangapurna, Fishtail, Hiunchuli, Khangsha Kang, and Tarke Kang.

Annapurna base camp weather

Annapurna region is the uniform home of diverse terrain, wildlife, vegetation, and culture. During this trek, you will get the opportunity of getting close to nature and its components. Gurung and Sherpa are the inhabitants of the Annapurna region.

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Annapurna base camp best time

Annapurna base camp trek is not a long trek and people of any age group can perform this trek. You can trek to Annapurna base camp trek at any time of the year. However, the month from mid -September to November which is the autumn season in Nepal is considered as the best time for doing this trek. During this season you can catch the real and clear beauty of Annapurna massif. There are many hotels and lodge for your accommodation and food. Also, there is a much small tea house where you can refresh yourself on the trek.

Since it is also said that “the best view comes after the hardest climb”, the more you altitude you climb the more beautiful view of snow peak mountains and green landscape can be seen. The elevation pattern of the Annapurna base camp trek map is not that high, the trail is made in such a way that it is easier for trekking. Elevation on this trek is gradually increasing, which minimizes the risk of high altitude sickness.

Here is the detailed itinerary of Annapurna base camp trek map

Day 1: Arrival in Kathmandu and transfer to hotel

Your first day of trekking will be started from arriving in Kathmandu. You will arrive at Kathmandu through Tribhuwan international airport. Our team of above the Himalaya will pick you up from the airport and escort you to your hotel. We will provide you individual rooms with the best service. Since you would be tired from the flight, you can rest in your hotel room. You can also roam around the hotel and street of Kathmandu in the evening.


Day 2: Sightseeing at Kathmandu

Today you have your first wake up at Kathmandu, after having breakfast and lunch at the hotel. On the second day, you travel around Kathmandu. Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal and full of cultural and historical monuments. This city is a combination of Hinduism, Tibetan Buddhism, and Western cultures.  Some of the historical monument which enlisted on the world’s heritage site by UNSECO also lies on Kathmandu. Pashupatinath and Swoambunath are the two main cultural destinations to explore in Kathmandu. Apart from this, Patan and Bhaktapur are neighboring countries of Kathmandu. These two cities are also very rich in culture where different jatras are held in Kathmandu. During dinner, you will have to attend a small meeting regarding this trek where we will explain to you dos and don’ts for this trek.

Pokhara day tour

Day 3: Drive to Pokhara

From Kathmandu your next trekking destination is Pokhara. You can easily find a flight or ground vehicle to Pokhara. It does not take more than 15 minutes in flight but it takes 5 – 6 hours in vehicles.  Since we will not be rushing for this trek, you can take vehicles and enjoy the scenic beauty on the way.  Pokhara is a beautiful city. Pokhara is also famous for night clubs and bars, a night walk-in Pokhara is fun and relaxing.


Day 4: Pokhara to Tikhe Dhunga

You will leave Pokhara in the early morning after having breakfast. From Pokhara, you can take a bus to Naya Pul. Naya pul is at a distance of 13 km and takes about half an hour from Pokhara. From Nayapul your real trekking journey begins. Since today will be the first hiking of this trek, so it will be a slow and short trek. Walking across the bank of Modi Khola within 15 minutes you will reach Birethanti. Birethanti is a beautiful small village, walking through this village you will reach Hille. From hille, after having a short climb on the staircase finally you will reach Tikhe Dhunga.


Day 5: Tikhe Dhunga to Ghorepani

Ghorepani is situated at an altitude of 2874 meters from the sea level. Trekking distance from is 10.3 km and it takes 5 – 6 hours to reach Tikhe Dhunga to Ghorepani. Today’s trek begins with a mild walk to Ulleri. Especially you will find Magar, inhabitant, on Ulleri. From here you can catch the spectacular view of Himchuli and Annapurna South. Walking through the subtropical forest full of Rhododendron and oak trees. After walking from some time through the amazing village of Banthati and Nangethanti. Finally, you will reach to Ghorepani.

Day 6: Trek from Ghorepani to poon hill

From Ghorepani, you will have an awe-inspiring view of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri range. After that, you will leave for poon hill trek. Poon hill provides you the best view of sunrise and sunset. For watching the sunrise you will have to start your trek early in the morning. Poon hill is situated at an altitude of 2610 meters from the sea level. Poon hill offers you an incredible glance at many mountains Annapurna South, Annapurna I, Annapurna II, Annapurna III, Annapurna IV, and Lamjung Himal. After enjoying the view you will have to continue your trek. Crossing Deurali and Banthanti you will reach to tada pani where you will stay overnight.

Poon hill trek

Day 7: Trek from Tadapani to Chhomrong

Chmmrong is situated at the elevation of 2170 meters. The trekking distance of tadapani and Chhomrong is 7.6 km which takes about 5 hours. Trek from tadapani to Chhomrong is quite easy since the tail included lots of descent. After hiking for some time you will reach the suspension bridge of Kimrong Khola. Walking through the magnificent Chule village you will reach Chhomrong. It is a small village with very calm and friendly people. You can stay at the hotels on chhomrong.

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Day 8: Trek from Chhomrong to Dovan

Dovan is situated at an altitude of 2600 meters from the sea level.  It takes about 6 hours to reach Dovan from Chhomrong to Dovan. The trekking distance is 8.6 km. your trek starts from early morning, after walking for some time you will reach to Chhomrong Khola. You will have to cross the suspension bridge over the Chhomrong Khola. Hiking through uphill you will reach a small spot called Khuldi Ghar.  From there the hard part of this trek start, from here the trail becomes sloppy and slippery. Walking through the stony trail for about an hour you will reach to Dovan.


Day 9: Trek from Dovan to Machhapuchhre base camp

Machhapuchhre base camp is another exciting part of Annapurna base camp trek. It is located at an altitude of 3700 meters. It takes about 7 hours to reach Machhapuchhre base camp from Dovan. From Dovan aft walking for some time, you will reach to the small suspension bridge over Modhi Khola. Walking across Modhi Khola you will reach Machhapuchhre base camp. Form this base camp you will get to visit the mind-blowing view of Annapurna range. You can stay overnight at the lodge Machhapuchhre base camp.


Day 10: Trek from Machhapuchhre base camp to Annapurna base camp

Today is the main day of this journey. Following the path of Machhapuchhre base camp, you will reach to Annapurna base camp. You will feel like you are in heaven watching the view of astonishing mountains like Mount Hiunchuli (6441m.), Annapurna South (7229m.), Annapurna I (8091m.), Annapurna III (7555m.), Gangapurna (7454m.) and Machhapuchhre or Fish Tail (6997m.)  From here you can get a clear view of the mountains. You will stay overnight at the hotels in Annapurna base camp.


Day 11: Trekking back to bamboo from Annapurna base camp

You will have a wonderful morning at Annapurna base camp. After enjoying the Paranomic view of the mountains you have to trek back to bamboo. Bamboo is located at an altitude of 2350 meter from the sea level. The trekking distance from Annapurna base camp to bamboo is 10.7 km and it takes about 7 hours to reach bamboo. The trail to bamboo goes through the same trail through Machhapuchhre base camp and Dovan.

Annapurna base camp trek

Day 12: Trek from bamboo to Jhinu Dadha

Form bamboo you will be heading off to Jhinu Dadha. Jhinu Dadha is situated at the altitude of 1780 meter from the sea level. As a result, the route to bamboo goes through the gradually descending trail. You will have to cross Chomrong Khola. After walking from about an hour through the stone staircase. From there hiking about the 20-minute from the hot spring at the bank of Modi Khola you will reach Jhinu Danda. You will stay overnight at Jhinu Danda.


Day 13: Trek from Jhinu Danda to Naya pul and drive to Pokhara and Kathmandu

After having breakfast at Jhinu Dandha you will be heading off to Pokhara. It takes about 6 hours to reach Naya pul. The tail includes the views of beautiful landscapes. From Naya pull, you can easily find public or private to Pokhara. It is about one hour drive from Naya pul to Pokhara. From there you can take a flight to Kathmandu or you can drive by bus also.  You can stay at the hotel in Kathmandu.

 Day 14: Final departure

Today is your last and final day in Kathmandu.  flight to your country it is late you can so shopping in Thamel bazaar. Thamel is an exotic tourist market where you can get Nepali products. Here the typical Nepali product at a reasonable price. After shopping, you will head off to the airport.

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Annapurna base camp trek map is one of the well – known trekking destinations. Therefore, this trek is suitable for both solo trekkers as well as group trekkers. There may arise many difficulties during this trek, so it is very important to have the information as much as possible. It is also very important to study the map of the Annapurna base camp. You will have to plan the trekking days in such a way that it should be flexible. It was fun trekking with you. From all of us from Above the Himalaya Happy trekking!!!

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