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Tamu Lhosar, Soman, Gyalpo Losar 2020, Celebration in Nepal

Tamu Lhosar

Tamu Lhosar is a festival that is popular among the Gurung community in Nepal and Tibet. The word Tamu” represents to Gurung people. People of Nepal and Tibet celebrate this great joyous festival. Tamu Lhoshar is the occasion of the New Year among this community. This festival generally falls during the month of Poush in the Hindu calendar and during the month of December in the English calendar. Nepal government also gives public holidays during Tamu Lhoshar. During this festival, all Gurung people wear Gurung attire and perform their cultural dance.  

The traditional clothes of Gurung are Bhangra, especially Gurung men wear this dress. Bhangra is a white cloth like a shirt, which tight across the chest. They also wear a Kachhad, like a short sarong or kilt. On the other hand, Gurung women wear a blouse and a long skirt. Younger Gurung girls wear Ghalek and gunyo-cholo. They wear large gold ornament including earing and their traditional style stone necklace. Gurung people cook different types of food during the special occasion of Tamu Lhoshar. The Gurung community is one of the oldest cultures in Nepal. Rodhighar, Chudka, Sorathi, Ghantu, and Dhori are the Gurung tradition that is still prevalence in Nepal. 

The traditional food of Gurung includes Sel roti and Khapse (made of rice bread), Achar (Pickle), Meat, homemade rice Beer (tonbaa), and Wine during Tamu Lhoshar. People also sing their traditional Gurung song “Salaijo and Kauda”. During Tamu Lhoshar people gather around to dance and sing. Tamu Lhoshar is being celebrated in Nepal and Tibet for a long time. Tamu Lhoshar is also an opportunity of showing valor, humor, singing, and dancing skills.



Tamu Lhosar in Kathmandu

Festival in Nepal

Nepal is known as the land of gardens, flowers, mountains, and more natural diversity. But we also have diversity in religion and tradition. The culture and tradition also depend upon the geographical status where we live in. as people living in the Terai region take Chhath and Gaura Parva as their main festivals. People living in the hilly region celebrate Dashain and Tihar as their main festivals. Likewise, people living in the Himalayan region celebrate Lhoshar as their main festival. Each and every festival have their own importance.  Festival in Nepal, possess both physical and mental happiness.

Thus people of Nepal gather and share their happiness with their close ones. Each festival in Nepal consists of beautiful historical background. Festival is the most exciting part of our lives.  It is also said that there is more festival in Nepal then there are more days on a year, no wonder Nepal is called the land of festivals. Every other day is the day of the festival in every country. The best part of all the festival is they show the history of their respective culture and teach us the importance of life.  Festival adds excitement and enjoyment to our lives. Festival is one of the ways to show one’s happiness and excitement.

During everyone’s busy seclude Tamu Losar festival has now been one of the ways to give us a distraction from our day to day, the exhausting routine of life, and give us some inspiration to remember the important things and moments in life. Among many festivals in the world, Tamu Lhoshar is one of the important festivals which is celebrated in all parts of Nepal and Tibet. Festival in Nepal is also a chance to exchange gifts among family members.  


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How is Tamu Lhosar is celebrating?

celebration of Tamu Lhosar

Losar is one of the greatest festivals of the Gurung community. In Nepal, the People of the Himalayan region and the Terai region celebrate Tamu Lhosar. Gurungs community organize various programs on the occasion of Tamu Lhoshar. Earlier Ganjasingh Gurung, who is also the director of the Tamu community, started to highlight the significance of Tamu Lhoshar among his community and all the other community. People gather together and sing different traditional songs and perform their traditional dances during this festival. The celebration of Tamu Lhoshar is for three days, however, the government gives holiday only on the last day, because of its importance. 

Nowadays, people celebrate festivals in a modern way replacing the traditional way of celebration. In the past, people used to drink wine and alcohol for the whole day, but nowadays people enjoy luxurious parties, dance to modern songs. Especially, in the major cities of Nepal like Kathmandu and Pokhara, People organize parties and enjoy this in the cultural process.

Tundikhel, the heart of Kathmandu city, is the major place, where people gather and cherish this festival. In Tundikhel, a major group of people organizes concerts and dancing programs on the special occasion of Tamu Lhosar Festival. People also visit a stupa in different places. Boudhanath stupa and Swyambhunath stupa are the major places where people specially visit during this festival. People wear their traditional clothes and express their culture among all. 

Gurung people comprise of special dancing and singing skill, which is really joyous to watch to the audience. The traditional songs also show the local lifestyle of the people. Tamu Lhoshar is also an occasion where family members meet and share their happiness and joy.  

 Enjoy the party of Losar

People also host different parties and feast on their home on the occasion of Tamu Lhoshar. The main food during this festival is Sel roti, khapse, and meat. People also tend to have homemade wine and Tumba. Now a day’s people also do many social activities on the day.  

People also visit different Buddhist stupas and take blessings from the monks. They celebrate this festival by feasting and also exchanging gifts. People also exchange wishes and goodwill with their near and dear ones. Nowadays people from other communities or cultures also wear traditional clothes of Gurung people to celebrate Tamu Lhoshar. Tamu Lhoshar is celebrated among the ethnic community of entire Asia. The word Lhoshar is made up of two different words Lho means year and Sar means year.

Since Lhoshar lasts for three days the celebration of Tamu Lhoshar begins from the last 2 days of the previous year. In different places, the Tamang community also organize different Sports events, interaction, cultural rallies, and cultural shows. Since nowadays tradition is at the peak of its extension, people conduct a different program to conserve this festival. The scientific reason for celebrating Tamu Lhoshar is that it falls on 22nd December which is known as the longest night and from 23rd December onward the days begin to get longer. So it is also celebrated as the change of time cycle. An interesting thing about Tamu Lhoshar is that people also worship nature on this day.  


Visit Buddhist Stupa

People also visit different Buddhist stupas and take blessings from the monks. People celebrate this festival by feasting and also exchanging gifts. They also exchange wishes and goodwill with their near and dear ones. Nowadays people from other communities or cultures also wear traditional clothes of Gurung people to celebrate Tamu Lhoshar. Tamu Lhoshar is celebrated among the ethnic community of entire Asia. The word Lhosar is made up of two different words Lho means year and Sar means year. Since Lhoshar lasts for three days the celebration of Tamu Lhoshar begins from the last 2 days of the previous year.

In different places, the Tamang community also organize different Sports events, interaction, cultural rallies, and cultural shows. Since nowadays tradition is at the peak of its extension, people conduct a different program to conserve this festival. The scientific reason for celebrating Tamu Lhosar is that it falls on 22nd December which is known as the longest night and from 23rd December onward the days begin to get longer. So it is also celebrated as the change of time cycle. An interesting thing about Tamu Lhoshar is that people also worship nature on this day.

Sonam Lhosar

History of Gurung and Tamu Lhosar

Among 59 indigenous nationalities residing in Nepal Gurung are one of them. Mainly Gurung people are found on the foothills of Annapurna in the Himalayan region. Gurung means farmer in the Tibetan language. It is believed that the Gurung people a wandering tribe who came across Tibet and mustang. Later they settled on Tibet and mustang and introduce Buddhism during the 7th century. Eventually, they started celebrating things like ceremonies and practices related to worship, birth, death, and marriage. Later Lhoshar has become one of the main festivals.

The Gurung community has divided their time into 12 years which is also called Lohokor. In these 12 years, they worship anyone animal or a bird a year. Los–garuda, serpent, horse, sheep, monkey, bird, dog, deer, mouse, cow, tiger, and cat are the 12 animals that Gurung people worship on the occasion of Tamu Lhoshar. The traditional music of the Gurung community is Rodhi. Besides these other, famous and traditional dances of Gurung people include Ghatu and Chudka.

People also organize food stalls in different places that serve special Gurung dishes. The people who are the pries on stupas and Gumbas are called Lamas, Klihbri, and Panju. Gurung people have a great contribution to the culture and tradition of Nepal. People celebrate Tamu Lhoshar by going on a picnic and greeting one another. People also organize Ghatu and Chudka dance competitions in different places. Tamu Lhoshar has been celebrating in Nepal for a very long time. As Gurung people celebrate Tamu Lhoshar which is their new year, they do not much follow other calendars.  

Other different types of Lhosar

As Lhoshar is the main festival of Buddhist people. There are three types of Lhosar that celebrating in Nepal. All of the Lhoshar have their own importance and significance. Each type of Lhoshar is celebrated by some specific community.

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Sonam Lhosar

Sonam Lhosar is also a new year of the Buddhism community. This festival is celebrated by the Tamang people of Nepal. About 8% of the total population in Nepal belongs to the Tamang community Sonam Lhoshar is a pretty big festival. Tamang people belong to the ancient tribe who was called Yombo. The word Tamang is made up of two worlds Ta which means Horse and Mang means Rider. The name Tamang is considered to be set as during ancient times mostly Tamang people used to involve in horse-trading. Tamang people are also very rich in culture and tradition. They have their own identity and own culture.

One of the famous things about Tamang is Damphu. Damphu is a drum-like small musical instrument. This instrument is made up of 32 bamboo sticks and a goat’s skin to cover one of the sides. According to the Nepali calendar, Sonam Lhoshar falls during the month of Magh and according to the English calendar, this festival falls in January or February. During this festival, Tamang people clean their houses and shops as per their tradition. People visit Gumbas and the stupa on the occasion of Sonam Lhosar.

Selo is a traditional dance of Tamang people which they perform on Sonam Lhosar. Selo dance is also performed in the most formal programs in Nepal. The traditional style of playing Damphu and dancing Selo is also known as Tamang Selo. Sonam Lhosar is also celebrated to spread positives and destroy negative energy from the nation. People decorate their houses with lights and flags all over.  

Gyalpo Lhosar

Gyalpo Lhoshar is also popular as one of the three Lhoshar and people of the Sherpa community celebrate this festival. Mainly, this festival is popular among the people in the Everest and Annapurna region of Nepal as well as other countries of Asia. People cook delicious food such as khapse, cakes, cookies, candies, bread, and fruits during Gyalpo Lhosar. They drink special soup on those two days which is called Guntung. This soup includes many ingredients such as eating rice, sweet potatoes, wheat, Yak cheese, green peppers, and radishes. Swyambhunath Stupa is a famous and the main stupa to visit during Gyalpo Lhosar.

Since most people in the Everest region celebrate this festival, Gyalpo Lhosar has also been one of the attractions of tourists. Gyalpo Lhosar falls in the month of February right after Sonam Lhosar. People perform a dance ceremony which they call Cham and is performing near Boudhnath Stupa.  

One of the ancient beliefs that Sherpa follow during Gyalpo Lhoshar is keeping their house, mainly the kitchen clean. During the evening of Gyalpo Lhosar people gather together in a stupa or any other place for the traditional greeting. People wish for the joy, happiness, and essence of Losar is still the same for everyone in their family. People celebrate Gyalpo Lhosar by singing or dancing to traditional Sherpa songs, eating, and drinking.  

Tamu Lhosar in 2020

Tamu Lhoshar is the biggest festival of Gurung’s community, People in the Himalayan region celebrates this festival. As this region falls on the cold places of the Himalayan region (Lang tang and foothills of the Annapurna region), people tend to celebrate Tamu Lhoshar by eating warm food and wearing traditional and warm clothes.

The government of Nepal gives a public holiday on the occasion of Tamu Lhosar. In this year 2020, Tamu Lhosar falls on 30th December, Wednesday. People gather in public houses or stupas to sing and dance during Tamu Lhoshar. Also, 2020 is a period of a global pandemic. We must celebrate Tamu Lhosar by being extra careful. People also must follow the guideline set by the government. While celebrating festivals people also must maintain social distancing. 

Happy Tamu Lhosar


Shivaratri Festival- 2021 date and celebration in Nepal

Shivaratri Festival

Nepal is a country of diverse cultures and traditions. As Nepal is a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural country, Nepal is the home of many ethnic and religious groups. Because of this, we celebrate many festivals throughout the year. All kinds of religion are respecting each other here and we believe every religion have its own beauty and own ethnicity. Shivaratri festival is one of the famous Hindu festivals in Nepal.

Kirk Patric Once said that “Nepal is a country where there are more temples than houses, more gods and goddesses than people, and more festivals than days in a year”.

Festival is the most exciting part of our lives, no matter what religion we follow we celebrate our festival together regardless of any dispute. Every festival has its own history or background. Although the majority of people are Hindus in Nepal, that does not mean other religions are not respecting or not important to us. We celebrate every festival with some energy and excitement. Among many festivals, Maha Shivaratri is one of the important festivals in Nepal.

Shivaratri is not the only celebration in Nepal but in different parts of Asia including south India. Maha Shivaratri is the festival in which Lord Shiva is worship. Lord Shiva also consider the supreme god of Hindus. On this day people visit different Shiva temples. There are many Shiva temples in different places of Nepal and in the world. In the festival of Maha Shivaratri in Nepal, the Shiva temple around the world has big crowd. Devotees worship Lord Shiva for the wellbeing of their families and the entire world.

Shivaratri festival

Maha Shivaratri in Nepal

Maha Shivaratri is one of the main festivals celebrated inside Nepal. The word Maha Shivaratri is made up of two Sanskrit words in which Maha means great and Ratri falls on the 14th day of the dark half of each lunar month which is believed to be especially sacred to Shiva. It falls during January and February in English month which is Math and Falgun according to the Hindu calendar. Maha Shivaratri is celebrated in Nepal and the western part of India. During the night of Shivaratri, the stars in of northern hemisphere are at the most optimum position which helps to raise the spiritual energy of a person’s spiritual energy. This day is very important for the people as it is believed that the principle of lord Shiva is most active during this day.

Pashupatinath temple of Nepal is the biggest Shiva temple in Nepal. Devotees mostly visit Pashupatinath temple during Shivaratri as it is one of the biggest Shiva temples in the world. People sing songs and chant “OM Namah Shivay” and “Mahamritunjaya” during this day. Sadhus mediate and perform Tandav along with the celebration and worship to Lord Shiva. During the night people around the country light bonfire. Different Shivaratri program is hosted around the streets. Children are often dressed as Shiva and they perform different acts. A holy meal is distributed to everyone during this day. Shivaratri is celebrated as a festival of light over darkness.

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Celebration of Maha Shivaratri in different places

Pashupatinath temple

Pashupatinath temple is the biggest temple in Nepal and the main festival celebrated in this temple is Maha Shivaratri. During this festival hundreds of devotee cones in Pashupatinath temple to worship lord d Shiva and sadhu are in the temple. On this day Pashupatinath temple is decorated with lights everywhere. According to the Pashupatinath area development trust (PADT) on the occasion of Maha Shivaratri, almost 50k people visit Pashupatinath throughout the world.

On this day Pashupatinath area development trust hire many employees for cleaning and taking care of the Pashupatinath area. Nepal scout and many other social committees come together as a helping hand during this festival. They provide water, Prasad, and emergency medical services to the devotee. Nepal scout also makes sure that everyone follows the safety rules and remain in line. Avery year Pahsupati area development trust associating with Nepal scout and make different plans and policies to manage everything during this day. They make plans to manage the crowd and make people easy to worship.

Mostly, tourists love to visit Pashupatinath temple’s vicinity and Sadhu Babas from different places. People also love to click photos of devotees and Sadhu Babas during this day. Sadhu Babas make the visitors happy by doing different types of activates like meditating, posing, and telling the story of Lord Shiva. Sadhu Babas are covered with ashes and tikka all over their body. There are 4 doors on the main temple of Pashupatinath. Since the crowd is very high during this day all 4 doors are opened as per PADT. People are allowed to worship lord Shiva from all four sides. In addition to this, there are many small Shiva linga inside Pashupatinath.

Kailashnath Mahadev temple

Mahadev temple statue is the tallest statue of Lord of Shiva in the world. It is the second biggest Mahadev temple. The devotee also visits this temple during Shivaratri. About 10 thousand visitors come to visit this temple during Maha Shivaratri is the tallest temple in the world, this temple hold lot of beliefs about lord Shiva. This temple is less crowded than the Pashupatinath temple. During Maha Shivaratri devotee dance and sing. This temple also decorates with light all around.

Bonfire is also lighted in the route of this temple. This temple is situated on the border of Bhaktapur and carves districts. During Shivaratri, there is a different program at this temple. Devotees visit this temple because this temple is located in a very peaceful environment. A resort, spa, yoga center, health club, and meditation center are also opened in the area of this temple.


Rituals that are performing during Shivaratri

  1. Shivaratri morning

On the day of Maha, Shivaratri devotees wake up early in the morning and take a sunrise bath they offer water to the sun. Then, they offer prayer to the lord sun, Vishnu, and Shiva. Then after devotees visit Shiva temple to their nearest and give customary bath to Shiva linga. Mainly women come to the Shiva mandir and perform traditional Shiva linga puja and seek blessing from Lord Shiva. Since there will be much crowd on the temple, devotees wait for their turn. While doing puja devotee circumambulate the Shiva linga three or seven times. After that devotee pours milk or water on Shiva linga.

  1. Ritual bath of Shiva linga

According to Shiva Puran devotee will have to offer Shiva linga special bath with milk, yogurt, honey, sandalwood paste, and rose petals. While bathing Shiva linga devotee will have to chant “OM Namah Shivay”. After that devotee will have to take some particular and rare leaves from the forest. Some of the important levees that you will need to have for Shiva puja are Agela and Marmelos which is also commonly known as Bilwa or wood apple. After that devotee decorates Shiva linga with flowers and garlands. Other ingredients needed for Shiva puja are mentioned below:-

Bael leaves – Bael leaves are required for Shiva puja as it is believed that offering Bael leaves is a process of purification of the soul.

Vermilion paste – Vermilion paste is commonly known as Sindoor. As one of the significances of Shivaratri is this is the day of the wedding of Lord Shiva and parfait. So Sindoor is offered to Lord Shiva.

Food items – food items are offered to almost all Hindu gods. So people offer food items are offered to Lord Shiva to ensure that the lord fulfills all desires of the devotee.

Incense and Lamp – during worshipping lord Shiva devotee offer Dhoop and Diya to the lord. Lighting Dhoop and Diya are believed to be conducive to the attainment of knowledge.

  1. Night worship of Lord Shiva

As Shivaratri means the night of Lord Shiva so devotees worship Lord Shiva during the day as well as during the night. Devotees stay all night singing and worshipping Shiva linga. All devotees gather on Shiva Mandir at night to sing and dance. People spend the entire night listening to the story of Lord Shiva. The priest does the main puja during this night with all the rituals and all the ingredients. The devotee will break their fast during the night by eating the Prasad from the mandir.

Maha Shivaratri in Nepal

Why is Shivaratri Celebrating?

There is always a story or significance behind celebrating every festival. According to Shiva purine once there was a big fight between two of the Hindu gods Brahma and Vishnu. They fought over who was superior among them. They both were using power to show their superiority. The situation got intense and other gods get afraid of. They asked lord shiv to intervene. Lord Shiva came and he got a plan to end the fight. Lord Shiva formed a massive column of fire in between Brahma and Vishnu. After that, he asked both of them to find a pinnacle or the end of the fire. Brahma started searching by going upward and Vishnu, on the other hand, started searching for the end on the ground. While searching Brahma can across Ketaki flower flying down slowly.

When Brahma asked Ketaki she replied she was placed at the top of the column as an offering but she was unable to find the end. After that Brahma took the Ketaki flower and went to Shiva. When Shiva heard this he revealed his true form and got very angry. Then after Shiva punished Brahma as he was lying and crushed him that no one will ever worship him. He also banned Ketaki as she falsely testified Brahma. This was the day when Lord Shiva turned himself into the form of linga. In his anger, he also performed Tandav. So Shiva linga is worship on Shiva retry. So Shivaratri is not only a festival but also an inconceivably vast definition universe.

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Some Interesting facts about Shivaratri

1. According to some beliefs, Shivaratri is celebrating because on this day Lord Shiva save the entire world from the poison.  To save the world from poison Lord Shiva drank the poison and stored it in his throat, because of the poison his throat turned blue which is why Shiva is also known as Neelkatha.

2. Another belief about Shiva Ratri is that it was the night when Lord Shiva and parfait got married. Because of this many people tends to get married in Maha Shivaratri. To have a beautiful relation like Shiva and parfait.

3. As Shiva Ratri is one of the main festivals of Hindus, this festival is celebrating during daytime as well as night time. A devotee who takes fast on this day celebrates by doing jagrams on the night. People also light bonfires in different places.

4. According to Hindu Puran there are 12 Shivaratri in a year and Maha Shivaratri is considering to be the most auspicious.

5. Maha Shivaratri is considering as one of the holy days where people can get over their sins.



Maha Shivaratri festival 2020

Shivaratri is considering one of the main festivals of Hindu people. Shiva Ratri festival falls during the month of Falgun 27 according to the Nepal calendar and according to the English calendar, it was on the 11th of March 2021. We all have been suffering from the global coronavirus pandemic since the start of 2020. We must be safe and take precautionary measures while celebrating the festival. Some of us are still in lockdown. During this pandemic, we must be careful while celebrating the festival. We will have to celebrate Maha Shivaratri indoors during this time of the pandemic. As devotee goes to the temple to worship Shiva linga but due to this pandemic this time we must be safe and celebrate festival from our home.

A devotee can take fast as usual but be careful while going to the temple. As the government has said to wear a mask while going out, devotees will also have to wear masks during Shiva puja or going to the temple. Thus, Shivaratri is one of those festivals that define the belief and importance of the Hindu religion. A devotee can have mental peace and calmness as all the anger, negative energy reduce to low. The devotee will go in deep prayer and hence awakes the healing, intuition, and telepathy.
Happy Shivaratri 2020!!!!

Guru Nanak Jayanti – History, Celebration in Nepal 2021

Guru Nanak Jayanti

Guru Nanak Jayanti is a festival that is celebrated as the birth anniversary of Guru Nanak dev. This festival holds much belief in the Sikh community. This day is also known as Gurupurab. During this day people remember the story and the lesson that Guru Nanak has taught. People visit Gurudwaras and worship guru Nanak dev. Gurudwara is a place where the legend guru Nanak is worshipped. Unlike other religion Sikh people does not worship an idol. Guru Nanak Jayanti taught the people about humanity and the importance of life.

On the special occasion of Guru Nanak Jayanti, people eat community lunch which is also called “Langar” which is served near Gurudwaras. The food created on langar is completely vegetarian. Many individual people or organizations pledge to volunteer to distribute food to people during this special occasion. Without a doubt, Guru Nanak Jayanti is one of the widely celebrated festivals. After the death of Guru Nanak, every year people celebrated his birth anniversary.


Guru Nanak

Guru Nanak is known as the founder of Sikh. He was born on April 15, 1469, in Bhodi Di Talvandi, near Lahore India. He died in 1539, in Punjab India. Guru Nanak is known for his spiritual knowledge and educating people. Sikhs in the only monotheistic religion that combines Hindu and Muslim religion and this was only possible due to the effort of Guru Nanak. He made a remarkable change through his teaching. Guru Nanak word and composed many hymns. These hymns were later told by Adi Granth by Guru Arjun who was the fifth Sikh Guru. Throughout his life, Guru Nanak has contributed very much to humanity.

According to one of the versions of guru Nanak once guru Nanak decides to travel and experience the hardship of the world. So he decided to travel around the different parts of the world. So he made five trips, one in every four directions of the compass. During this journey, he traveled to the east and south of Sri Lanka. After that, he traveled to the north deep in the Himalayas. He also travels to the west of Baghdad, Mecca, and Medina. During this trip, he also visits Kartarpur where he ended his travel journey and settled.

According to Bhai Bala Janamsakhi, it is believed that Guru Nanak was born on the full moon of the lunar month of Kartik which is why Guru Nanak Jayanti always falls on the day of the full moon. Guru Nanak Jayanti is a festival to celebrate the special significance of the Sikh community and is one of the most awaited festivals of the year.

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Rituals performed on Guru Nanak Jayanti

Guru Nanak Jayanti is one of the most important festivals celebrated by Sikh people. The celebration of Guru Nanak Jayanti starts with reading the Guru Granth Sahib. Guru Granth Sahib is one of the holy books of the Sikh. People begin to read this holy book before 2 years days of Guru Nanak Jayanti, In order to finish the book in Gurupurab. This process is called Akhanda Path which is one of the important traditions of Guru Nanak Jayanti. People visit Gurudwaras early in the morning after having a bath. After that, they chant the sacred hymns. Devotee sings many hymns and offers different prayers to Guru Nanak.

After that people go to a grand feast or Langar. Many people gather together in the langar. The celebration of Guru Nanak Jayanti is continued till night in Gurudwaras. Since, Guru Nanak was born at 1:20 AM and offers their final prayers for the well-being of their friend, family, and everyone around the world.

Guru nanak jayanti in Nepal
Guru Nanak’s life journey

He is known for his determination for spreading the message of God. Guru Nanak is believed to be god’s child. With the modernization, everything was changing. Social problems were increasing day by day. Guru Nanak was deeply saddened to see people suffering like that. Then Guru Nanak decided to travel across different parts of the world to educate people about the meaning of life. On his first journey guru, Nanak traveled to most parts of India and some parts of Pakistan. His first journey began in 1500 and 1507. After that Guru Nanak continued this second journey toward a different part of Sri Lanka.

‘Then for his third journey, he wanted to travel through difficult terrains for which he chooses mountainous countries like Nepal, Sikkim, and Kashmir. For his fourth journey guru, Nanak traveled toward Mecca and different parts of the middle east county of Asia. His last journey was through different regions of Punjab. These were the five journeys of Guru Nanak dev. Guru Nanak belongs to the Hindu community, during the conflict between Hindu and Muslim he chooses to be neutral. He also discovers Sikhs to establish peace around the world. The main principle of Sikhs is to promote and spread peace.

Guru Nanak contribution to humanity

In the early ages there used to be many conflicts between people in the name of religion. Hindu and Muslim were the main religion which was fighting with each other. Seeing that guru Nanak started teaching and making people aware of unity. He believed that there are no Hindus and no Muslims. Guru Nanak made a huge effort to end the fight against hinds and Muslims. Guru Nanak came to the peach and many people started to know and admire him. After that, he began to teach people about how we need to end the existing social problem that he saw from his five different journeys.

Guru Nanak also began to emphasize people in the importance of equality among all. He also raises his voice and against slavery and racial discrimination. He is one of the most religious figures. Guru Nanak made many efforts for the respect of women and to treat them as equal to a man.



The word guru means teacher in the Sanskrit language. The name Guru Nanak is set by normal people as Guru Nanak spread education and made people understand many things. Guru Nanak is said to the child sent by God himself. Guru acted as a bridge in the conflict between Hindus and Muslims. He spread his knowledge and spiritual education. Guru began to teach people that every human being is capable of attending spiritual perfection which will ultimately lead them to god. He also taught people we do not need to go to the temple or any place for having god’s blessing. He emphasized that God has created May worlds and also people from slavery and much other social evil.

Guru Nanak Jayanti 2021

It is one of the important and awaited festivals for Sikh people. Guru Nanak Jayanti is the day when the founder of Sikhs Guru Nanak dev Ji was born. According to the Hindu lunar calendar, Guru Nanak Jayanti always falls on the day of the full moon day of Kartik. To celebrate the birth anniversary of their idol devotee start their day with an early morning procession which is also called Prabhat Pheri. People chant and sing the hymns of Guru Nanak all day.

At the time of sunset, devotees gather together near Gurudwaras and offer special prayers which are called Rehrasi. Guru Nanak Jayanti is a festival that is widely celebrated around the entire world. This festival is known to be the main festival special in north India including Punjab and Lahore in Pakistan. Sikh people around the world celebrate this festival with huge excitement and energy.

History of Guru Nanak

We all know about the five trips that guru Nanak took in the course of changing the world. After the competition of his journey, he settled on Punjab. He spent his entire life there. It is believed that the wealthy admirer of Guru Nanak built the village in honor. Guru Nanak bought many changes in the world by staying in Punjab. Due to lots of efforts of Guru Nanak, he established the Sikh community. Seeing the revolution that Guru Nanak had bought in human society, he was established as the teacher. He began to teach discipline and the meaning of life to the people. Guru Nanak used to tell a famous story about his rebellion when he was at the age of eleven.

As Guru Nanak was a Hindu according to Hindu tradition adult boys must wear a thread in their body but Guru Nanak refuses to do that. He believed that a person should be distinguished by the individual quality of a person, not by some thread. Guru Nanak used to speak against other evil social problems openly. Later he also solved many religion-related disputes. After that, he sacrifices his entire life to teaching people and spreading knowledge.

Guru Nanak Jayanti
Guru Nanak Jayanti 2021

Guru Nanak Jayanti is one of the main festivals of Sikh people. Many countries provide national holiday on this special occasion. Guru Nanak Jayanti has been celebrated in the world for a very long time. This year 2020 is more special to the people as this year we will celebrate the 255th birth anniversary of the legend Guru Nanak. On this special occasion, people also do many social works and deeds. The outside Gurudwaras, people feed many homeless people. On the auspicious occasion of Guru Nanak Jayanti 2021, people organize different programs in various parts of the world.

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Guru Nanak Jayanti during the pandemic of 2021

Guru Nanak Jayanti is an international festival. People almost around the country celebrate this festival. Every year people gather together during this festival and celebrate it with family and friends. But this year 2020 during the pandemic many of us are in lockdown. The risk of coronavirus is all around the world. The entire world is suffering from this virus. Many people around the world have lost their life due to this disease. On the other hand, we should also celebrate our festival and save our culture.

During this crucial time, we must be careful while celebrating the festival. The government has prohibited public gatherings and celebrating festivals. But during this time we must celebrate the festival cautiously.  Thanks to invention and technology there have been many virtual ways of celebrating festivals. Video conference with the family will keep you close to your near once during this festive season. Also, there are many online stores that provide a safe delivery system.

You can Guru Nanak Jayanti send gifts and food via online stores to your family or friends.  While going to langar we have to be more prepared and safe.  And this year we will pray for the well-being of our family and people around the world. We have to be safe and celebrate Guru Nanak Jayanti differently during this year.  Stay happy and stay safe!!!

Guru Nanak Jayanti wishes

  • “May Guru Nanak be your guidance and support through the course of your life. Happy Gurpurab!”
  • “May lord Guru Nanak inspire you to achieve your goals in life and help maintain peace and tranquility. To and your family, a very Happy Gurpurab.”
  • “May Wahe Guru shower his blessings on you! Happy Guru Nanak Jayanti!”


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