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Mani Rimdu Festival in Everest region, Dates and Celebration for 2021

Mani Rimdu Festival in Everest

Nepal being a secular country, hold many festivals and celebration. Each religion has its own culture and tradition. Apart from that, a festival in Nepal also depends on the particular place that people are living. Mani Rimdu is also one such festival, which is celebrated by the people of the Everest region. It is a kind of carnival that is observed in honor of Buddhists Guru Rinpoche Padmasambhava. Mani Rimdu festival is an important festival which was started in 1900.

Nagawang Tenzing Norbu was the person who took the initiative of starting this tradition on Rongpunk Monastery in Tibet. After this slowly this tradition was followed in central China and the Everest region in Nepal. However, this is one of the main festivals in the Solu Khumbu district. Gurung and Sherpa people are mostly fond of this tradition. On the occasion of Mani Rimdu, people organize different events at Chiwong, Thami, and mainly in Tengboche Monastery. Mani Rimdu is celebrated for 10 days, each day having its importance and rituals.

Mani Rimbdu festival at Tengboche monastery

As Mani Rimdu festival is only observed in the Everest region of Nepal so, the festival is also called the trekking festival. Most people travel to the Everest region to enjoy Mani Rimdu. Tengboche monastery is the center for the celebration of Mani Rimdu. Tengboche monastery is said to be the oldest monastery in the world as it was built in 300 BC. Every year a huge crowd of people gathers around the Tengboche monastery. They observe the Mani Rimdu festival with great excitement. people get together in a particular place (mostly monastery) to dance, feast, and offer prayer to their god.

In the Tengboche monastery, people enjoy the dance shows of different gods. Sherpa and Lama local people perform their traditional rituals in the monastery. Mani Rimdu festival in the Everest region is the perfect combination of the Himalayas and Nepali traditions. You will feel the delight to observe the colorful festival in the middle of the mountain range. During this festival, you can observe the unique rituals of Buddhist people. Sherpa dance is also an important component of the Rimdu

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How is this festival celebrate?

Mani Rimdu festival is the most exciting festival as it is observed in the high Himalayas Buddhists monastery. Every year Mani Rimdu festival falls in November however, the dates are not fixed. The significance of the Mani Rimdu festival is the great win of Buddhism over the old Bon religion. People seek and give blessings to each other during these festivals. Most of the Buddhist people in the Everest region celebrate this festival by meditating throughout the nine days. They wear the mask of the Buddhist goddess and dance in the monastery.

Monks in the monastery perform the traditional rituals of these festivals, they also read the Buddhist script. People decorate their
houses and the route with the Buddhist flag. They worship the god by singing the traditional song and offering fruits, water, and flower to the god.

Mani rimdu festival

How can I start the Mani Rimdu festival trek?

For the Mani Rimdu festival, you will have to start this trek from the delightful flight from Kathmandu to Lukla. You can enjoy the great views of the mountains during this flight. From Lukla airport, you will have to start your trekking towards Namche Bazar which is at an altitude of 3440 meters. there you will stop to have lunch. Then you will have to continue your trek toward
Tengboche to enjoy Mani Rimdu festivals. On Mani Rimdu festive trek you will have to spend here nights in Tengboche. During this trek, you will get the charming glance of mount Everest surrounded by the serval other mountains.

In addition to this, on this Mani Rimbdu festival trek, you will also get a chance to explore around Kalapatthar which is famous for the best view of Mount Everest. Your final destination for this hike will be the Everest base camp trek. If you have the plan to stay during the entire nineteen days of this festival in the Everest region then you can observe the tradition of Mani Rimdu in Chiwong monastery and Thame as well. During Mani Rimdu Festival you can also watch the traditional lama dance, with the dramatic triumph of Buddhism over the Bon.


When is Mani Rimdu?

The date of the Mani Rimdu festival is fixed by the monks and the lama of the monastery. The date is fixed by interpreting the Tibetan calendar. As Mani Rimdu usually falls in October and November so this year Mani Rimdu falls in October. This festival starts from the 20th to the 23rd of October. This festival is a nineteen-day celebration, in which the first three days are the
main day for public celebration. Mani Rimdu is very famous in entire Nepal. People from different parts of the country come to enjoy this festival. people mostly pray for the well-being of family

People perform a different ritual in the Mani Rimdu festival to quell the demons and keep their friends and family safe. Monks
in the monastery wear the mask and dance. The most important day of Mani Rimdu is the first day where people pray and chant songs to the god. From the second day, lama dance and other rituals will start.

Finally, on the last day, the festival ended with prayers and feasts. Thousands of people including the local and tourist come to attend the rituals. Mani Rimdu festive trek is the real opportunity to get lost in the tradition and culture of Sherpas.

Mani Rimdu is divided into six Preparations:

 Construction of the Sand Mandala

The sand mandala is very important for any Buddhist ritual. The traditional sand mandala for the Mani Rimdu is made step by step. For making the symbolic design specially colored sand is used. It takes more than 10 days to complete the sand mandala. Then after the construction of the mandala defensive blade are used to make different designs and symbols of the god. After that, spiritual medicine is taken and put in the center of the mandala. Mandala is made to symbolize the lord of the dance which is called Garwang The Chenpo in Buddhists.

The famous prayer of Buddhists “Om Mane Panmbe Hung” is chanted by the monks during the rituals of the Mani Rimdu. People also tend to meditate and imagine the kind of lord buddha in the form of the mantra holding the mandala. People believe that this ritual will help to release kindness from the mandala and bless everyone at the Mani Rimdu festival.

Wong (The Empowerment)

Another important thing during the Mani Rimdu festival is the Wong. The Wong is the opening ceremony at the Tengboche monastery which is the first day of this festival. Usually, Wong is performed in the tenth month of the Tibetan calendar. In this ceremony, everyone at the monastery is given the spiritual medicine T shereel which is for long life and the sacred Mani Rimdu
which is for blessing everyone.

Mani rimdu festival trek

Chham (The Dances)

The public ceremony is the first three days of the Mani Rimdu festival. On the second day, traditional dances are performed. Monks wear the mask of the demons and protractors and then perform the drama of chasing demons by the protractors. The theme of Mani Rimdu is the victory of the positive force over the negativity. The dances are the form of teaching people about the philosophical
knowledge of lord buddha. It is also believed that the dance of the monk takes the form of the divine being. These types of dances are done only on Mani Rimdu, that is why the dance form is very sacred.


Ser-Kyem is a special tradition of offering drinks to the dharma guru in Mani Rimdu festival. Ser Kyem is the Tibetan word in which ser means golden and Kyem means beverage. Lamas and monks perform this tradition to resolve the problems in their life. Ser-Kyem is offered in a unique kind of utensils. In which the down part is made up of the larger disk-shaped bowl. And the smaller glass is placed at the
top of the large disk. So, while ser-keym the beverage is poured into the upper glass such that the liquid overflows towards the down bowl.

Normally people offer alcohol from different vessels. They make the offering to the Yiadam who work at the monastery as the personal deity, Khandro who are the wisdom Dakini, and Lamas who are the spiritual guide. Offering ser-Keym to these beings will help to protect people and solve their problems. This tradition increases the feeling of brotherhood among people from Mani Rimbdu festival.

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The Fire Puja (Jinsak)

The fire puja is another interesting ritual performed during the Mani Rimdu festival. This tradition takes place in the yard after the second day or the dance day. Fire puja is a tradition of the offering of the god of fire which is called “Agni Dveta” in Nepali. This tradition is performed to dissolve the negative energy into the fire and make the world a positive place. In this puja, they offer sand mandala in the monastery.


Chhingpa is the dance that portrays the Buddhist faith against the attack of demons. This Dane form defines the four protecting Ghings. People wear different types of paper mask to hide their faces and each dancer wears different color and display a different character. The dancer performs the traditional dance by being the cymbals. The interesting part of this dance is the dancer offer
charge to the audience especially children to scare them for fun.

Dakini is another form of dance that is performed at Mani Rimbdu festival. This form of dance consists of slow-motion with the perfect timing of the beats. Bells and drums are only used as musical instruments which are played by the younger monks. People do not wear any masks instead they portray female spiritual energy which is called Padmasambhava.

The ancient story state that the males represent skillful mean where female represents the wisdom and knowledge. Among the four messengers of the guru Rinpoche at Mani Rimdu two of them were male thousand to carry cymbals while the two were female who carried drums. Chhingpa represents enlightenment and wisdom.

Mani Rimbdu Festival Trek in Everest region

The most important highlights of this festival are the amazing environment and the fresh air. The magnificent serenity of the Tengboche monastery is worth watching. Along with the culture and tradition of Mani Rimdu festival trek.  you will get a breath-taking view of the world’s highest mountain, Mt. Everest, along with a hundred other renowned peaks like Ama Dablam, Nuptse, Lhotse, Thamserku, Katanga, etc. The route to Tengboche monastery goes through the tall rhododendron and oak forest.

During the Mani Rimdu festival trek, you will get to see many other rare animals like yellow-bile cough and snow leopards. The
entire route to Tengboche monastery is decorated with Buddhist flags. The rocks ad houses are also carved with various art. local people cook a variety of food items and held a feast to invite their friends and family. Tengboche monastery was built by the lama guru in 1916. the design of the Tengboche monastery is inspired by the Rinpoche monastery in Tibet.

Although strong tiles were used in the construction of this monastery, it was damaged later by the earthquake in 1934 but the locals reconstructed it. Mani Rimdu is very special and holds lots of beliefs for the Sherpa people. Especially people from foreign countries enjoy this festival.

What are the Highlights of this Festival trek?

  •  Mani Rimdu festival is the most auspicious festival which is celebrated in honor of buddhis Guru Rinpoche.
  •  This is the most sacred festival with colorful dances, masks, and a grand carnival. Buddhist monk sing-song and read the holy book.
  •  Everyone in the Everest region wears the cultural dress, holds a feast, and invites each other to enjoy.
  •  The monks on the Tengboche monastery, perform the traditional rites and rituals.
  •  People perform the Dakini to chase off the demons and negative energy.
  •  Weather during this festive season is moderate thus providing clear views of the sky and the mountains.
  • Enjoying this colorful festival is surrounded

Buddha Jayanti in Nepal, Its Date and Celebration

Buddha Jayanti  26th May 2021

Nepal is the country of the great Himalayas trails and land where Gautam Buddha was born. Every festival in Nepal is celebrating with huge pride and excitement. All the festival has equal importance in Nepal no matter which religion it is. Among many such festivals, Buddha Jayanti is also one of them. Buddha Jayanti in Nepal is celebrating cherish the unlimited knowledge that lord buddha has provide. On the day of Buddha, Jayanti people also memorize the life of lord buddha, his deeds of enlightening, and his death. People refer to the death of lord buddha as Mahaparinirana.

Lord Buddha was born in the western terai plans of Nepal. He was born in the family of king Suddhodhana and the queen Maya Devi. While she was pregnant with Gautam Buddha, She also loved to walk around the garden that is why she got into labor while roaming in the garden. She gave birth to the in the garden taking the support of branch of the trees. Buddha was born on the night of Purnima (full moon day) in 682 B.C. He was given every privileged in his life as a son of the king. But he strongly believes in taking some steps and educate people about the importance of humanity.

Lumbini is the place where lord buddha took birth. It falls on the Kapil Vastu of western Terai Nepal. After his birth, Buddha spent his first 29 years in Devdaha. Devdaha was his maternal home, during his stay there he got the chance to visit around many sacred places and monasteries around the country. There are also two-man great stupas Shyambhunath and Baudhanatha establish in honor of lord buddha. These stupas are also enlisted in the world heritage site by UNESCO.

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Traditions of Buddha Purnima

Buddha Purnima is the greatest festival for all the Nepalese people. Gautam buddha was the person who found Buddhism in the world around 3000 years ago. There have been various controversies about the exact day when Buddha was born or dies, However, according to the Buddhist tradition, it is also said that he was born on April 8 and died on February 15th in around 949 BC. Gautam buddha was one of the Shakya who had a small clan. The kingdom was situated at the foothills of the Himalayas and is now the south of central Nepal.

Traditionally on buddha Purnima people used to dress differently mostly wearing white color. They also make a rice pudding which they call Kheer. Kheer is made on the occasion of Buddha Purnima to remember the legendary story where a woman named Sujata once offered Gautam buddha Kheer on his birthday. So since then, offering kheer to the monasteries has been a tradition. Dharma chakra is another important thing to remember on Buddha Purnima.

It is said that the dharma wheel is taken as the symbol which was seen during Vesak. The wheel is mostly made up of a wooden wheel consisting of eight spokes, the dharma wheel is very important for Buddhist people as it represents the teaching of lord buddha towards the path of enlightening. Those eight spokes on the wheel represent this noble eightfold path of Buddhism.

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When is Buddha Purnima?

Buddha Purnima is the most sacred and awaited day of the year. This festival is not only celebrated by Buddhist people but people around the world. this is the day when people celebrate and ensure humanity among themselves. People enjoy this festival with great enthusiasm and Delight. The exact date of Buddha Purnima falls on the fourth month in the Chinese lunar calendar. Although the date varies each year normally this day falls on the Jestha month of the Hindu calendar which is around may on the English calendar.

Although people of all religions celebrate buddha Jayanti nowadays earlier only Buddhism followers have been celebrating this festival. Since the conference of Buddhists held in sir Lanka held in 1950, it was official that people of all religions can enjoy Buddha Purnima. Followers of Buddhism take every full moon as sacred. This particular full moon on Jestha has separate significance as lord buddha was born on this day.


Buddha Purnima 2021 date

Buddha Purnima which is commonly referred to as Buddha Jayanti is the most auspicious day for the Buddhist people. this day is celebrating the birth anniversary of Gautam Buddha who was the founder of Buddhism. On this day lord buddha found the alignment and draw the path to humanity. Many counties including Nepal and India also provide a national holiday on the occasion of Buddha Purnima. Each year the date of Buddha Purnima varies so, this year in 2021 buddha Jayanti falls on May 26. Every year on the full moon day in Jestha month of the Hindu calendar, the birth anniversary of lord buddha. Interestingly on the date of his birthday lord buddha served enlightenment and left his body to achieve Mahaparinirana which is said to be his ultimate salvation.


How is this festival celebrated in Nepal?

Being the hometown of lord buddha there, buddha Purnima has special significance in Nepal. You must visit Lumbini, as the entire place is decorated with lights and flowers. Every year n the day f Buddha Jayanti thousands of people visit Lumbini. The beautiful Maha Maya Mandir made in the memory of queen Maya Devi will be reopened. This temple was about 300 years old and is the oldest temple built with an ancient structure.

However, this temple was destroyed due to the earthquake. Different forms of celebrating are done for honoring lord buddha. compassion and wisdom are the great messages that buddha had given. There is an organization known as the Buddha Jayanti committee which was established in 2003 to celebrate buddha Jayanti with proper rituals. This organization also takes care of the Buddhist culture, their ideas, and buddha’s life.  Along with that here are some social works which are done in memory of lord buddha: –

  • Social media, radios, and TV channels are organizing different talk shows regarding Buddhism. TV channels run a separate program featuring Buddhist teachers. They discuss abbot the ceremony in Buddhism.  People remember the Buddhist philosophy on the day of Buddha Jayanti.
  • Different organizations hold a nationwide quiz regarding buddha for school children. These types of social events help people to understand the life of buddha and Buddhist arts and cultures.
  • Every year on the occasion of Buddha Jayanti a blood donation Campaign is held at monasteries including Swayambunath and Boudhanath.
  • Different social organizations collaborate with the medical groups to organize free health campaigned in different places.
  • Food and clothes distribution programs are held to help poor and helpless people.
  • Social awareness rallies are also conducted on the special occasion of Buddha Purnima.

kathmandu day tour

Happy Buddha Jayanti

Buddha Purnima is the sacred and one of the most important days for all the Nepalese. On the day of Buddha Jayanti, many programs were organized throughout the country. During this day people offer different things to the Bodhi tree which is planted in Bihar. Following the knowledge given by lord buddha, people help poor and needy people by proving them food to eat and clothes. On this day people visit buddhis monasteries and stupa.

There is the oldest monastery in the Khumbu region in Nepal, where there is the greatest celebration of this festival. Buddhist monks read their traditional book based on lord buddha’s life story. Many people also pledge to leave their life of non-violence and harmony. This year 2021 as the entire world is suffering from the coronavirus pandemic so celebrating buddha Jayanti might not be limited within your home due to the restriction.

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Buddha Purnima significance

During the entire month of buddha Purnima, Buddhist people eat nonvegetarian. They make different types of food to offer in stupas in Buddha Jayanti.  They also wear white clothes and conduct charity events. People feed animals and homeless people on the day of Buddha Purnima. The different organizations held rallies against social problems remembering the lessons of lord buddha.  People do yoga, offer water to the plants, and mediate.

There is a different significance of Buddha Purnima. Mainly Buddhist people gather around the monasteries and stupas to offer prayers, meditate and chant Buddhist songs. There is the tradition of keeping fast and helping other people on the occasion of Buddha Purnima to cherish his knowledge. Apart from the Buddhist people Hindu people also perform some rituals on Buddha Jayanti.  Hindu people believe that if you take a holy bath at the Ganga River then it will keep away all the sins from their life.

Lumbini Nepal


There have been various disputes about the origin of  Buddhism, however many people believe that Buddhism was established in Nepal. buddha went to many countries including India, Bhutan, and Sri Lanka which is why Buddhism has an important impact on these countries. The time of lord buddha is now said as the time of revival and rejuvenation of mystical and regional thoughts. Buddha establishes the system of philosophical, spiritual, and social importance in life.

The life of Siddhartha is often referring as the elimination of suffering. Lord buddha created the path that all human beings can follow to ultimately become free from suffering. Buddhism is based on “the Nobel eightfold path” or the “middle way path” formed by lord buddha.

Gautam Buddha has sacrificed his life to teach people to understand the true meaning of life. He told the entire world that the cycle of birth and rebirth depends on Karma. Gautam buddha was a great personality who was a guide to religion and spirituality. He inspired people to help each other in need and maintain peace among people.

People remember the four Nobel paths drawn by lord buddha in Buddha Jayanti. Gautam Buddha taught people the importance of good works rather than other things in life. He left all the privileged as the king to make the world a better place to live. Lord Buddha is also important for Hindu people because he is taken as the ninth form of lord Vishnu.

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What is the eightfold path set by lord buddha?

We all know that how lord buddha spends his entire life teaching people to respect each other and have humanity among all pants and animals. Although buddha came from a privileged life he chooses to sacrifice his life for the welfare of the entire world.

  • Right Speech (Samma vaca)

Right to speech means avoiding or not lying, backbiting and slander. Or saying any kind of thing that many causes negativity among people which results in conflict, enmity, hatred, and disunity among people. You should also always speak good about people and spread positivity among people.


  • Right action (Samma kammanta)

This path created by lord buddha focus on promoting moral and peace among society. People in today’s generation have been destroying other’s life, stealing, being dishonest.  People are losing honorable life, so buddha teaches people to create peace to live meaning full life.

  • Right livelihood (Samma ajiva)

right to live means that we should live our life by not harming any other being. One should not believe in evil works such as trading arms or weapons, drinking alcohol, or killing animals. According to lord buddha, you should not give pain to other living beings just to fulfill our needs. We should respect every living being on this planet.

  • Right effort (Samma Vayama)


Right to efforts implies preventing evil thoughts from life.  One should also always put efforts to kill the evil thoughts in their life and become better from our life. For that, you should see the positive side of everything. You should develop and try to bring perfection to everything.

  • Rightful mildness

People should have the right mindfulness i.e., having sensation or feelings toward everybody and right thoughts among everything. One should always keep others’ feelings in regard. You should not have any negative thoughts about any things. You should not have hatred in your mind against anything. We also need to always try to keep peace in everything that we do.


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