Lakes of Nepal – With Some Famous Lake in Nepal

lakes of nepal

Lakes of Nepal

Nepal is a small landlocked yet beautiful country that has enormous natural resources that tempt many visitors from all around the world. It is the country of the Mountains because it consists of 8 top highest peaks among the ten highest mountains in the world. Lakes of Nepal possess great importance in Nepal.

Apart from this, Nepal is the home of the most beautiful lakes in the world. The total number of lakes of Nepal is not yet fixed. It is still to be count. There are several lakes and tanks of glacial and tectonic origin in Nepal. All the lakes vary in shape and size; however, they depict peculiar characteristics and are beautiful in their way.

Rara Lake (which is situated in the Mugu district) is the biggest lakes of Nepal, while Tilicho Lake (located at an altitude of 4919m) is the lake that lies at the highest elevation in the world. Shey-Poksundo is marked as the deepest lakes of Nepal.

Besides these most famous lakes, Nepal consists of dozens number of other essential lakes such as Phewa, Begnas, Rupa. Mardi, Deeping, Knaste (Pokhara), Gosaikunda and Syapru (Rasuwa), Beeshazar (Chitwan), GhodaGhadi (Katlafi) Begnas lake, Gosaikunda, Rupa Lake, Ghodaghodai Tal, TshoRolpa Lake, Tilicho lake,  ImjaTsho Lake, Jagdishpur Reservoir, Taudaha Lake, Nagdaha, Gorakshep, Khaptad Lake, Bishazari Tal, Khaste Lake, Guphapokhari, etc. All these are freshwater lakes and are of varying size.

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    Nepal has many lakes

    Your ”wishlist” tour destinations that you deserve is undoubtedly the beautiful city Pokhara. You can have a mind-blowing picturesque lake inside Nepal. Among them, most of them are glacial-fed lakes that are at high altitudes over 4000 meters.
    The access to these lakes varies upon its difficulty. Some of which is difficult while some are off beaten path. Most of them are easily accessible. Thus you will have a great lake experience in Nepal.

    Most Lakes of Nepal possess great cultural importance in higher altitudes such as PanchPokhari, Jatapokhari, GosaiKunda, MaiPokhari, and so on. The mid-hill lakes are stunning to view. The enthusiastic travelers may enjoy any trip, including trekking, skydiving, bungee jumping, rafting, and even paragliding. The more you travel, the more you conquer.

    In Terai, lakes, and wetlands are productive for agricultural activities. 21% of the Nepali ethnic group belongs to water according to Census 2001. Not only this, about 22 communities namely Bote, Danuwar, Musahar, Bantar (Sardar), Pode, Sahani, Dusadh, Mallaha, Bahamas. Darae, Gongi, Jhagat, Kewat, Khan was (Rhanjhi), Khulna, Kumal, Kusahar (Kusaha).  Satar, Sunaha, and TharuManjhi, Mukhiya (Bhin). They totally depend upon wetlands and lakes for their survival. However, the present state and the condition of mountain lakes and wetlands are still unknown to many people.

    The government of Nepal now has shown great concern about the significant problems of lakes and wetlands. And, thus made one of the national agendas for the improvement of people’s livelihoods. Such a government`s commitment has been observed in the formulation of the National Wetland Policy in 2003 and the establishment of the National Lake Conservation and Development Committee in 2007.

    Some famous Lake of Nepal

    Featured below are the most amazing lakes that you should consider visiting on your next trip to Nepal:

    lakes of nepal

    Rara Lake largest lakes in Nepal

    The largest lake of Nepal lies at the far western corner of the Mugu district. It lies at an altitude of 2990 meters and is surrounded by green hills from all over. After the construction of Surkhet-Jumla has become successful, then the number of tourists visiting the Rara Lake is increased tremendously. The serene environment will provide you an undisturbed wilderness to yourself. You can enjoy boating in clean waters as well as hike towards the nearby hills. Not only this, but you will also be surrounded by breathtaking mountain views.

    Heading towards Rara Lake starts after taking a domestic flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj. After landing at Tancha airport (Mugu), you will observe the breathtaking views of Rara Lake. Interestingly, Rara Lake is supposed to change to seven different colors during the light of the day. It will take the whole day to go around the lake due to its size structure.

    tilicho lake trek

    Paanch Pokhari Lake:

    Paanch Pokhari is also famous for its religious significance; the lake receives many visitors during the festival of Janai Purnima. The trails, however, remain undisturbed throughout the year Trekking to PaanchPokhari requires a camping trek. This lake is near to Kathmandu valley and is situated at 4100 meters in the Langtang National Park. This place is considered to be the list visited places; however, offers magical views. You can trek into the wilderness of Sindupalchowk.

    This trekking trail is a known tourist trekking trail in Nepal. Panch Pokhari consists of 5 stunning lake that offers eye-catching mountain views of Gauri Shankar Himal, Langtang Himalayan Range, DorjeLakpa, Rolwaling Himalayan, etc. Anyone can enjoy the pristine nature around the lake and get insights into a dynamic culture you can join this trek with the Gosaikunda trek.

    lakes of nepal

    Shey Phoksundo Lake:

    The deepest lake of Nepal is SheyPhoksundo Lake, which lies in Dolpa District. The freshwater lake sits at an altitude of 3615 meters. The trek to Phoksundo Lake follows a great path through pristine landscapes, lovely woodland, snowcapped mountains, and outstanding views. The view of the lake is eye-catching. This is the most exciting and exotic tourist destinations in Nepal. The trek is easy and short so that everyone can enjoy this trip in a short span. SheyPhoksundo is an alpine freshwater lake and considered as sacred by the followers of Buddhists. This trek is the right combination of nature and culture.

    Pokhara Lakes

    Pokhara is a city full of lakes and temples, such as Phewa Lake, Rupa Lake, Begnas Lake, Gude Lake, Neutani Lake, and Maidi Lake, Barahi Temple as well as Bindyabasini temple, and many others. There are vast numbers of beautiful lakes where you can try a different adventure task. You can boat and stroll around the lakes by forgetting all sorrow and pain. many lakes of Nepal are in Pokhara.

    Pokhara is one of the places to explore the beautiful scenery and natural lakes. It needs 5-6 hours to drive from Kathmandu to Pokhara. Where you can explore the natural beauty.  Pokhara is also inhabited by Brahmin, Chhetries, Thakuri, Gurungs, and Magar in the current time. Pokhara is the second-largest city in Nepal and serves the best landscapes and natural beauty for visitors. It lies at a distance of 200 km away from Kathmandu and is easily accessible.

    It will take approx. 5hrs drive to reach Pokhara from Kathmandu. There are also numerous tourist buses, microbuses, and local buses that carry passengers in and out of Pokhara every day. I assure you that you. Pokhara is a welcoming city with a plethora of peaks, numerous lakes, and caves.

    The Pokhara Lakes include Fewa Lake, Begnas Lake, Rupa Lake, Gude Lake, Neurani Lake, and Maidi Lake, among many others. The peaks that can be strictly observed from Pokhara include Dhaulagiri, Annapurna Manaslu as these and I are within 30 miles from the city, and all of these peaks are more than 8,000 meters high. Pokhara is the gateway to Annapurna Circuit. Bat Cave, Mahendra Cave, and Gupteshwor Cave are the most famous cave found here.

    Some of the Popular Lakes in Pokhara

    Phewa lake popular lakes of Nepal

    Phewa Lake is Nepal’s second-largest lakes of Nepal. It is the center of attraction of the Pokhara. The lake lies at an altitude of 742 meters and covers a total area of 4.43 sq km. The Lake depicts stunning views for the visitors. This is a lovely lake with a fantastic boat ride. You can also enjoy a bit of fishing on the shores. On a bright and good day, one can find the reflections of the snowcapped peaks of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges on its surface. very popular lakes in Nepal.

    The beautiful and serene environment around Phewa Lake wills gives you pleasure. You know what makes this Lake exciting is the crystal clear reflection of the Machhapuchhare Himal. and also other mountains of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges on the surface of the lake. The southwestern side of this lake has dense green forests and is filled with wildlife creatures. As well This place is precisely for those who are nature lovers and who wish for a tranquil environment.
    This place resembles paradise. You can have a beautiful sunset view from the Lakeside, which will, for sure, melts your heart. Most importantly, the colorful sunset over the sky is worth watching.

    You will also observe the World Peace Pagoda Temple at the southern bank of the Phewa Lake.

    lakes of nepal

    Begnas Lake

    Begnas Lake is the third highest lake of Nepal and is located in the south-eastern part of the Pokhara Valley.
    The pristine freshwater lake, Begnas lake, resembles twins along with Rupa Tal. This lake is also marked as the largest lake in comparison with most of the lakes of that region. Therefore The Begnas market has the village people selling homemade trinkets, items, and. Caged fisheries are the most popular in this area. Fish lovers are in for a delight! this is the best lake in Nepal.

    However, this lake of Nepal is less crowded and is not visited by most of the tourists. This is why the place is much cleaner, peaceful, and serene in comparison to other lakes in the region. Swamps and Villages lie on the northern side of the lake. Not only this, but we can also observe a lot of terraced fields surrounding the lake. There is a vast Begnas market where you can find homemade trinkets, many items sold by villagers. Pokhara city and Pokhara Airport lies 12 km far from this lake.

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      lakes of nepal

      Rupa Tal

      Freshwater lakes of Nepal, Rupa are lying in the south-east of Pokhara valley and are recognizing as the third biggest lake in Pokhara. It is approximately 10 km away from the city of Pokhara. Although, The total surface area of this lake is 1.35 km2 (0.5 sq mi) and consists of an average depth of 3 m. Its pristine and serene atmosphere, along with the astounding views of the tallest mountains of the word and nature around, makes for a great trip. This place is also great for nature enthusiasts and Bird Watchers. This lake is the homeland for approximately 36 waterbird species and diverse flora and fauna.


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