Chitlang Village Tour Nepal – Day trip from Kathmandu

Chitlang Village tour

Chitlang village tour is near by Kathmandu valley. Nepal is blessed with lots of the Himalayas, rivers, beautiful lakes, and many famous religious places. Chitlang is a VDC (Village Development Committee) that is located in the Makwanpur District of Narayani Zone. Chitlanag lies about 27 km far away from Kathmandu. Chitlang, which is an ancient Newar habitant, and the inscriptions date back to the Lichhavi era. This Chitlang village tour Nepal  lies in the southwest direction from Kathmandu.

Chitlang Village  Tour in Nepal is a new destination for tourists, for sure. However, it is a hidden gem of Nepal. And most importantly, it reflects the real beauty of nature. There are other many visiting places such as “Majhagau” for Newari people and culture. Besides these, other temples such as SwachhandVairav Temple, Satdhaea, and Argenacik resort. It offers an amazing as well as thrilling experience. The real combination of natural beauty and cultural heritage is all that you get there mostly. The gateway of the motor cars lying on the back of the people is another highlight of this trip.

You can also explore the mountains for people who possess mixed cultures and races. Not only have these, but you will also get the chance to get insights into the lifestyles of this beautiful place. It is advisable to walk on foot to explore most of the trip and get close to nature. You can walk at a slow pace to meet the local people and enjoy the delicious food they offer. The best part is they will take care of you as their family member. Chitlang Village Tour is also a short and easy doable trip that every visitor could accomplish.

It is close to Kathmandu city

In the Chitlang village  tour in Nepal , you will get an opportunity for a village homestay. Therefore, In one 1-day, you will gate a chance to interact with local people and get insights into the rural life of Nepal. Chitlang hills will give you a chance for day hiking/trekking around the vibrant city of Kathmandu. Chang will boost the variety of bird species and bird watching is very famous here. Bird watching is a fantastic source of enjoyment you can find here. There are around 160 bird species and also many more other species. Other than this, camping and cycling are other recreational activities for visitors. This provides you an opportunity to get closer to an un-disrupted ecology in the surrounding.

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    Chitlang Organic Village Resort:

    In the Chitlang organic village resort, people live in an organic style. Before, there was no high way to link India, and Kathmandu and Chitlang were the only choices to get to India. There are lots of evidence, which shows that there was a civilized society in ancient centuries. You can see many old temples there, with fantastic wood and stone carving. Besides these, you can also see artistic rest houses, stone taps, and many inscriptions of centuries are lying there.

    These things are proofs of that civilized society.

    Chitlang organic village resort is surrounded by beautiful lush green forests. This forest comprises more than 160 species of flora and fauna. The chirping sound of birds is soothing to hear. The large green fields add more beauty to this place. The place is filled with a big apple garden that consists of more than 1000 apple trees. Seeing those will be pleasurable and enjoyable tasks to do. Not only this can few cottages also be found there. Those are recently constructed. Most of the tourists can have an exciting stay at those cottages.

    The most amazing part of this is, Kulekhani, which is also known as the Indrasarovar is at a near distance from the Chitlang village Nepal tour. You can reach Kulekhani in about a walk of 40 minutes from the Chitlang village. Kulekhani is also recognized as the largest human-made Lake in Nepal.

    Chitlang Village tour in  Nepal

    Chitlang village  tour in Nepal is marked as one of the first resorts of Chitlang. It was started in 2010, and the founder of this resort is Mr. Debendra, Nepal. This is why he is known as the Father of Chitlang Tourism, because of the contribution he has made for commencing tourism. He came back to his hometown after his graduate study in Tourism Management. He then started to struggle, for establishing one of the model Tourism destinations. Therefore, Chitlang has to gain lots of popularity and become a famous tourist destination for domestic as well as international tourist.

    Another specialty of this Chitlang village tour is you can have authentic and delicious Nepali cuisine. Most importantly,  In the Chitlang village tour, You will get quality services and a calm environment for your stay. There will include a room with comfortable bedding and a pleasurable environment. Outstanding hospitality provided by the local members of the village is another perk of this fantastic trip. You can fully enjoy nature, along with the sophisticated amenities of hotels.
    Chitlang located about 22 lm far from the southwest of Kathmandu, is free from noise and dust. It lies in the mid-hills of the Mahabharat range. ChitlangNepal is indeed the hiker’s paradise

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       Trip Facts of the Chitlang Village Tour:

      Destination: Nepal
      Level of Difficulty: Easy
      Final Destination: Chitlang
      Starts/ Ends: Kathmandu
      Accommodation: Hotel
      No. of Days: 2 days (1 night/1 day)
      Preferred Season: All four seasons


      Brief Itinerary or Chitlang village Nepal tour.

      Day 1: Drive to Chitlang
      In the early morning, meet with your guide at the center place of Kathmandu, Sundhara. Afterward, Drive to Thankot. It will take around 30 mins to drive from Ratnapark, Kathmandu. From Panikhat, Thankot it takes around 4-5 hours to reach Chitlang. Therefore  On the way along your Chitlang village tour trip, you can enjoy the scenic drive to Thankot. After reaching there, get some refreshments and visit the Homestay village in the evening. They will greet and welcome you at Chitlang organic village resort. You can also have a leisurely walk around the resort area and capture the environment in your camera film. At night, enjoy the campfire with music and a simple barbecue.
      Have a delicious dinner at night.

      Day 2: (Drive back to Kathmandu)
      This is the second day of your chilling village tour. Start your morning with hot coffee in the resort. Get started by visiting the local cheese factory, various shrines, and also famous temples in that area. Not only this, but you can also visit the fishery for fishing in some freshwater trout. After lunch, Chitlang village tour trek downhill to Kulekhani Lake. This is a short trek of about 2/3 hours. Boating and sightseeing will be the types of recreational activities to do on this day. Afterward, you are recommendable to get on board. And then drive back to Kathmandu.

      Chitlang village tour 1 night, 1-day packages include the following services:


      • Transportation
      • Experienced trip guide
      • One time Dinner, Lunch and Breakfast
      • Short Hiking
      • Comfortable homestay, Room on sharing basis.
      • Minibus(capacity max. 28 people), or also 14-seater HIACE (for driving Kathmandu to Thankot) and (Kulekhani to Kathmandu)
      • Campfire, Dance, and Music
      • Recreational activities:
        Boating, Fishing, Sightseeing


      Personal natural expenses

      Mineral water

      Extra meals and any beverages

      travel Insurance.


      You can view the mind-blowing view of Surrounding landscapes, and a serene environment. All in all, your entire Chitlang village tour would be excellent. In addition to this, the morning view of the Kathmandu valley, amazing Himalayan range, the lush green forest will attract you the most. You can also capture the picturesque view of this amazing nature on your camera or mobile phone.

      Ancient Civilization, Beautiful Newari village, Pear Garden, Cheese factory, Natural beauty, and Temples are the primary reasons for opting for Chitlang Village Tour. Chitlang villaghe Tour Packages are also short tour packages that start from Kathmandu and end in Kathmandu.

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