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Mount Everest Height-How High is Everest

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Mount Everest Height

Geographically, Mount Everest is located on the border between Nepal and China. It can also be climbed from both sides. According to Guinness Book of the world record, Mount Everest is the highest peak with a height of 8848 km, above sea level.

The exact Mount Everest Height is 8848 m, which is also considered as the tallest point in the earth.

Mount Everest lies in Solukhumbu district, province number 1, ward no 6 of Khumjung VDC. Its longitudinal measurement is 86 ° 55’ east and latitudinal measurement is 27°59’ north. For your information, this above-mentioned measurement is done by China’s National Surveying and mapping Administration in 2005.

Mount Everest got various names which its typical meaning. The Nepali name Sagarmatha means “high hills”. While the Tibetan name Chomolungma means “Mother Goddess of the world”.The height of the Everest in feet is 29,030.

The number of people that had died on the way to climb Mount Everest is 300. 4% is the average death rate of the people climbing Mount Everest. The reasons behind people dying are avalanches, altitude sickness, and falling into crevasses. Most of the people died while descending from the Everest.

I am sure you would have accumulated the best experience after visiting Nepal. Here, we will discuss Mount Everest Height in miles, meters, and feet.


Height in miles

Nepal consists of 4 seasons, spring, autumn, summer, and winter seasons. However, each month of the year portrays different spectacular Landscapes and pleasant environments. Each season has a different texture and fragrance. Despite possessing the small physical structure in the world Nepal is always hospitable to the lap of Himalayas. Nepal can also be considered as the land of adventure. It offers a plethora of adventure options to the traveler Geek. The height of the Everest in miles is 5.498 mi. The height of Mount Everest is 29,028 feet, or 5 and a half miles above sea level.

Interestingly, there are more than 7,000 other small peaks in Everest. In 1953, Mount Everest was first submitted.  After that, many people climbed Mount Everest and some of them succeeded while some of them died. The number of people that succeed in climbing Mount Everest is more than 4000. They have climbed many times. Some of them climbed with Sherpa guides with a group or solely.

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Highlights of Mount Everest Visit:

  • Breathtaking views of World’s highest Mt. Everest base camp
  • Lying in the lap surrounded by majestic scenery feels like heaven.
  • Get insights into the culture, traditions & hospitality of Sherpa people.
  • Wonderful Experience of Helicopter flight above the Himalayas
  • Visit Sagarmatha National Park
  • Namche Bazaar-the Sherpa’s capital, and the gateway to Everest base camp
  • Visit Kalapatthar- majestic viewpoint and the vantage point for viewing mount Everest
  • Get chance to explore Three great high passes (Kongma-la, Cho-la &Renjo-la pass)
  • Visit Nepal’s biggest Khumbu and longest Ngozumpa glaciers
  • Tengboche monastery
  • Exploring Sherpa village would allow you to learn unique cultures.
  • Enjoy Fantastic Landscape
  • Dazzling Sunrise and Sunset would surely melt your heart


Height in kilometer/Meter

Nepal, the land of Himalayas possesses the beauty of nature called mountain peaks. Walking on the foot of Everest has become the dream of many travelers. However, many people as well as passionate mountaineers are still in confusion regarding its location and home country of Everest. This article will clarify the exact location of Mount Everest, its height, etc. 8848 meter is the official and agreed height of Mount Everest.

It is located on the Mahalangur range of the great Himalayas of Nepal and consists of four of the six highest peaks in the world.

Nepal alone is the home to a plethora of mountains. Among them, 8 are enlisted in the list of top 10 mountains in the world. Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in the entire world and is known to almost everybody.

Geographically speaking, how tall it is has been a matter of dispute for many years. There has been disagreement among the geologists about the measurements of the height of Mount Everest. There was a dilemma on whether to include the summit’s snowcap or drilling the peak to down to rock base.


Mount Everest Height in feet

The Himalayan range is the home to 4 tallest mountains including Mount Everest. The exact Mount Everest Height is 8848 m, which is also considered as the tallest point in the earth. Looking back at the history, in the nineteenth century, the mountain was named after George Everest. George Everest is the former surveyor-general of India. The height of Mount Everest is 29,028 feet, or 5 and a half miles above sea level.

Especially, the region above the 8000 meters is the death zone/red zone. In the region above 8000 meters, there is less oxygen, more coldness due to which many people die.

The death rate is now decreasing to 2%. The rate is decreasing because of the development of mountaineering gear, essential materials, proper training. In addition to this, an accurate weather forecast is a prominent reason for decreasing death.

To illustrate, a very small number of people were recording died between the period of 15 years (2000 to 2015). The number of people dying between 2000 to 2015 is 100.

Mount Everest height according to various country measurement

First measure: 29,002 feet

“Official”: 29,029 feet

Italy: 29,022 feet

U.S.: 29,035 feet

China (briefly): 29,017 feet

The recent earthquake of Nepal, which was occurred in 2015, has made a great natural as well as physical loss. The earthquake also affects the tallest mountain. It was shrunk by about 3 centimeters or a more of 1 inch.


Measurement of Mount Everest Height

During the past year, numerous measurements were made of Mount Everest. Below are the lists of measurements done by different people and slight changes in the height?

Most examiners place Mount Everest’s height at 8,850 meters/(29,029) feet. According to the US survey, the height of Mount Everest is recorded as 29,035 feet. (Survey recognized by National Geographic). A team of Italian people found it to be at an elevation of 29,022 feet.

A team of Chinese people found it to be at an elevation of 29,017 feet. They, later on, they withdraw the measurement.

There are different Perceptions on the measurement of Mount Everest Height.

Mount Everest is the tallest mountain on Earth from sea level. While measurement according to seafloor proves, Hawaii’s Mauna Kea towers are higher than Mount Everest. Hawaii’s Mauna Kea holds the height of 9,966 meters (32,696 feet). And, this is taller than Everest Mountain, from the seafloor. Chimborazo, Ecuador, is 6,384 kilometers (3,967 miles) away from the center of the earth. Comparatively Mount Everest is 2 km less from the center of the earth.

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 Facts about Mt. Everest


  • World’s tallest Mountain with height 8828 meters.
  • About 4000 people are recorded in the list of people attempting Mount Everest climbing.
  • Total number of people, who climbed Mount Everest successfully is 660
  • Total number of people, who died trying to climb Mount Everest is 142
  • Lies in the part of the Himalayan mountain range, between Tibet and Nepal border.
  • Location: part of the Himalaya mountain range; straddles the border of Nepal and Tibet.
  • Named after Sir George Everest, a British surveyor-general of India.
  • Age: almost 60 million years old.
  • Chomolungma is the Tibetan name meaning “Mother Goddess of the Earth.”
  • Nepal, India, and Tibet are the countries that are visible from the summit.
  • Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay are the first people to climb Mount Everest, May 29, 1953.


Some important dates

1921 — Dalai Lama permits the British investigation party to call Tibet and the northern side of Mt. Everest.

1924 — George Mallory and Andrew Irvine (British explorer) disappear near the summit. They never return.

1949 — Nepal creates the open borders, to Make Mountain’s southern peak accessible for people.

1953 — Hillary and Norgay grasp summit.

1963 — First Americans recorded to reach the summit.

1989 — The first two American women reach the summit.

1990 —Peter (Sir Edmund Hillary’s son), reaches the summit.

1996 — 11 people were found dead during spring trips.



The climate in Mount Everest

Every century, there is about 40cm rise in height of Mount Everest. The Himalayas are made by the uplift of the Eurasian Plate. Everest increases about 4mm (0.2”) a year. The climate of the Himalayan range is very harsh. This reason is all covered by snow-capped mountains. This area receives snow all year round. The mountain is all capped with snow, after the height of 5,300 meters (17,400 feet). Thus, wearing goggles and warm clothes are recommendable. The climate is colder and the warmest temperature might be 20°C (-4°F), which is still in minus. Therefore, you must be well-prepared through the essentials. People who have less capacity to tolerate cold weather might get altitude sickness and might fall sick.

Finally, talking about the cost of the Mount Everest climb. As we know, climbing Mount Everest needs a longer time and various training. Thus, it takes a bit expensive amount for this trip. At least 30,000 to 35000 USD is necessary to climb Mount Everest. This includes the cost of Transportation, guides, training, and buying professional gear.

While talking about the Mount Everest climb, the most important factor that everyone should know is the time duration it takes. It takes min 2 months or a maximum of 10 weeks to climb Mount Everest.

More than that, it takes absolute training of 3 to 4 months. Adapting yourself to the high altitude is the major challenge to overcome. However, with proper training and proper gear, you can achieve the journey of Mount Everest climbing. For this, preliminary training of trekking to the base camp is the most important training phase. Similarly, you should do cycling, swimming, short hiking daily to keep your muscles strong. After all the training, the next thing you should be aware of is good weather. Weather plays a vital role to make your journey wonderful and successful.

Unfortunately, the climatic condition of Everest is always unfriendly and rough to living things. Due to this, it is really hard to adjust to the changing climate.

Talking about the temperature in Everest, the warmest temperature is only about 2 °F (−19 °C) in July. January is the coldest month, the average day time temperature is −33 °F (−36 °C) and the average night time temperature is −76 °F (−60 °C).  Sometimes the temperatures can fall suddenly due to irregular storms.


Quick tips on how to train for EBC trek


  • Practice Cardio training 2-3 times a week.
  • Do regular exercise such as running, cycling, mountain climbing, etc
  • Stay well hydrated in training day
  • Train in the area that resembles EBC trek
  • Do short hiking regularly in high hills
  • Plan at least 3-4 months before heading to this magical trek
  • Follow a proper diet and have the right nutrition
  • Buy right clothing and boots
  • Carry essentials according to the season
  • Pick a right season and right month
  • Novice travelers should go in a group trekking
  • Make a wise decision in choosing the best travel company

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Final Say,

During monsoon season, the precipitation pours as snow. Thus, climbing Mount Everest is thrilling and equally challenging. We need to prepare fully before doing the trip. There is a saying that “hardest journey will lead you to the beautiful destination”. You should sacrifice something to get better something. Proper planning, enough training, proper gear, and most importantly self-confidence and positive vibes are all what successful traveler should have.
Overall, dreamland is always waiting for you. You can embrace nature and feel its beauty.
All you have to do is get up of your comfort zone and explore nature to the fullest. I assure you that, your eye will witness the magic of the world.



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