Drone Laws in Nepal

Drone laws in Nepal

FPV drones have gained massive traction over the last couple of years. Before we look at the drone laws in Nepal, you should know FPV means first-person view. When flying this kind of drone, you will see what the drone sees when airborne. One of the main differences between these modern and traditional drones is that the latter are controlled or piloted based on the pilot’s perspective on the ground.

Nepal is not the only country with laws governing drone usage. Other countries, such as the United States and the United Kingdom, have regulations that drone pilots must always adhere to. Below is an overview of the drone laws in Nepal that you should keep in mind when flying an FPV drone.

Are Drones Legal and Allowed in the Country?

This is one of the most common questions people ask when planning to visit Nepal with their drones. Yes, Nepal allows the usage of drones as per the stipulated CAAN regulations.

One of the laws is that all drones that weigh more than 2 kilograms and intend to be flown 400 feet above the ground need authorization from the National Department of Tourism, CAAN, and the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Drones whose total weight is below 2 kilograms don’t need pre-authorization from government bodies. However, the FPV drones should only be flown on properties registered as private and should not fly over 200 feet above ground.

Safety is of paramount importance when flying an FPV drone. Familiarise yourself with the user’s manual and practice continuously to hone your skills and expertise. Recklessly flying a drone in Nepal is prohibited; you should not pass it higher than 120 meters or 394 feet. Most drones cannot fly stably at such heights, so you risk crashing it if you exceed the set limits.

Even though rare, drone users use them to drop articles or animals on properties. This is prohibited in Nepal, and the authorities may confiscate the drone. Other laws that you should adhere to at all times when flying an FPV drone in Nepal are:

  • You cannot fly a drone within or beyond 492 feet in congested areas such as recreation parks.
  • It would help if you didn’t fly a drone further than 1,640 feet.
  • When in an open-air assembly with more than 1,000 persons, you should not fly a drone beyond 492 feet.
  • No flying drones in airport airspace
  • FPV pilots should constantly have a clear sight of the drones
  • Drones should not be flown within 164 feet of any structure, vehicle, or vessel.

The market is packed with different types of FPV drones. The many options often make the process of selecting a suitable drone difficult. Not anymore; here is a detailed article we found online that you can count on to choose the best FPV drones.

Registration and Acquisition of Permits to Own a Drone in Nepal

As mentioned, the Nepal government allows citizens and tourists to own and operate drones, provided they adhere to the set regulations. The drone must be registered with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAAN) regardless of the model and type.

If the registration process is successful, you will be given a unique identification number for the drone. Suppose you intend to fly a drone over 200 feet in any public area. In that case, you must get a go-ahead from the local administration of the Park Administration for a permit to record footage in a national park. This permit is only valid for three months, so if you want to film after three months, you need to renew the license.

Which Are the Restricted Areas in Nepal?

Some places in Nepal are restricted and should be free of drone activity. They include;

  • Airport area of a maximum 5 kilometers radius
  • 5 kilometers horizontal distance around international boundaries
  • 1-kilometer radius around sites that are categorized as religious, sacred, or heritage
  • One-kilometre radius around the President, Prime Minister, Vice-President, and VVIP OFFICE
  • Areas with war and conflict
  • Conservation areas and ores
  • One-kilometre radius around safety and military office
  • 500 meters radius around safety departments

Which Permits Do Tourists Need to Fly Drones in Nepal Legally?

Tourists can fly FPV drones in Nepal if they get permits from the following government organizations.

    • Department of Tourism
  • Ministry of Home Affairs
  • Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal
  • Conservation Area or National Parks Management

Final Thoughts

FPV drones are legal in Nepal, but you must follow the stipulated regulations. Ensure you follow the instructions in the user’s manual to fly your drone safely and get maximum utility from it safely. Good luck with your Everest base camp trek in Nepal.

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