Gorkha Tour – Its attraction & Staying at Gorkha Garden Hotel

gorkha tour

The Gorkha tour is the best historical tour. Gorkha is the land of courageous soldiers. Nepal as the whole country is often referred to as Gorkha, so during this tour, you will encounter the real Nepal. Every visitor traveling to Nepal must visit Gorkha because you will get to experience the local lifestyle of people along the majestic Himalayas scenery.

Gorkha has always been a top destination for pilgrims and crusaders since the significant attractions of this district are the holy Gorknath and Gurukha Kalika. This place represents ferocious Nepal. In the early nineties, Nepal was divided into 50 tiny states, and Gorkha was one of them. The great king Prithivi Narayan Shah unified these little states into one as Gorkha. After that, he built a grand palace there and began to rule Nepal. Nepalese people were known as Ghurkhas, the legendary brave warriors who fought guns and bombs with knives and stones.

The place provides splendid views of the green grassland and the tall mountain peaks. Gorkha Durbar is the place that you must visit once if you are in Gorkha. This palace is located in downtown Gorkha and takes one hour of trekking. You will be blown away by the strategy of how the castle is built over a mound hillock.

Gorakhali is a goddess on the southern side of the Gorkha palace. Gorkha is the perfect place for a majestic view of the Manaslu and Himalchuli peaks. You must visit the Upallokot, which provides the best view of the place and peaks. Upallokot lies at 5,000 feet, made on a pedestal over the hills.

How to get there?

Gorkha is the best location for traveling, full of natural beauty and panoramic views of rolling green hills. Moreover, the unspoiled jungle areas, lakes, ancient caves, waterfalls, and flora add beauty to this place. During this tour, you will see different small mountains, including Manaslu and Himalchuli.

The incredible scenery of the Gorkha will bedazzle youValley. Most tourists prefer this tour because this Gorkha is accessible from both Pokhara and Kathmandu. The villages in Gorkha are untouched by the modern world so you can encounter the rural life of Nepal. The quaint hill town and the amusing trail have a history.

Gorkha has been a pertinent kingdom since ancient times, as it was the capital of Nepal till the last monarch. Gorkha is midway between Pokhara and Kathmandu so you can reach Gorkha within a couple of hours from both places. This district lies at an altitude of 3,500 feet from sea level. Gorkha has always been the center of attraction for domestic and international visitors due to its simple yet remarkable beauty. Although Gorkha is one of Nepal’s isolated districts, reaching it is easy.

You can take the bus to Gorkha, both from Kathmandu and Pokhara. However, you can easily find the bus from Kathmandu (the new bus park). It takes 4 hours to reach Gorkha from Kathmandu and 2 hours from Pokhara. Gorkha has a single bus park located south of the museum.

Where to stay?

Gorkha Garden Hotel

There are a few hotels in Gorkha, but the best one and the new one with all the facilities is the Gorkha Garden Hotel. Gorkha Garden Hotel is all set to engage you in one of the finest vibrant Hospitality Experiences in the emerging city of Gorkha. GORKHA GARDEN HOTEL is ideally suited for business & leisure travelers in Gorkha, as it is located on the hillside with proximity to pilgrimage, historical site visits, various activities, and shopping within easy reach. Gorkha Garden Hotel is situated in a quiet locality, yet close to the bustling city of Basantpur.

The hotel has 45 rooms: 2 Presidential Suites, 2 Family Rooms, 8 Super Deluxe rooms, and 33 Deluxe rooms. All the rooms are vibrant and comfortable, offering travelers a refreshing haven and an opportunity to relax after a long day.

The rooms have good-quality beds and duvets, a tea coffee maker, a minibar, a closet, a writing desk, a telephone line, and a wall-wall-mounted LED TV with cable channels. The entire Hotel is Wi-Fi enabled. Standard toiletries are on offer in bathrooms. Gorkha Garden Hotel is just 500 meters from the bus park, 29 KM away from Abu Khaireni, and 35 km from Mugling.

gorkha tour

Places that you must visit in Gorkha

 Gorkha durbar and museum

The major attraction of Gorkha is the Gorkha Durbar. This palace is one of the ancient buildings built during the 16th century by King Ram Shah. Gorkha Durbar is the perfect place for people interested in Nepal’s history. You can also encounter the ancient architecture of Nepal. In addition, you can visit the museum, which is located inside the premises of this durbar. You can see all the weapons and accessories used by the ancient king in this museum.

Another exciting thing about Gorkha Palace is the picturesque view of the mountains from the temple. You can see mountains like Mt.Ganesh, Mt.Manaslu, Mt. Himalchuli, and Mt. Annapurna. Moreover, religious places like Gorakhali and Gorknath temple are also inside this palace. Gorkha Durbar is the main reason that people visit Gorkha.

Manaslu trek

Gorkha is the gateway to many tourist places like Pokhara, Chitwan, and Manaslu trek. You can trek to Mount Manaslu from Aarughat Gorkha; the trail to this trek passes through the Tibetan border. It takes hours 10 to 15 days to complete the Manaslu trek from Gorkha.

During this trek, you will get the closest and crystal clear view of the high mountains like Mt. Ganesthan, Mt. Sringi, Mt. Lamjung, and Mount. Himlung, and so on. On this trek, you will pass through the remote yet magnificent Tsum Valley, Sangamon, and Birendra Lake. Mount Manaslu is the eighth-highest peak in the world and lies in the Gorkha district.

People tend to do this trek to get the experience of trekking other high mountains. Throughout this trek, you will get the closest view of the mountain, with glacial ridges and landscapes offering fantastic views. On the trail to this trek, you will come across many rivers, streams, and waterfalls. The trail to this trek goes through narrow terrains, and the hills add beauty to the trip.

 Manakamana temple

The famous Manakamana temple lies in the Gorkha district of Nepal. This temple is devoted to the goddess Bhagwati. There is extraordinary spiritual energy inside the premises temples that hold lots of religious and historical importance. People believe the goddess fulfills all the wishes of the devotees in this temple. Moreover, you must ride in the cable car to get to the temple. It is the highest cable car in Nepal and provides a gorgeous view of the entire Gorkha district.

You can reach Manakamana in just 10 minutes through this ride. Every year, thousands of people worldwide visit the Manakamana temple to seek blessings from the goddess Bhagwati. Manakamana temple is the most renowned temple in Nepal that holds a lot of religious beliefs.

This temple lies in the southeast of the township of the Gorkha district. This place is the holiest place for Hindu pilgrimage and is said by the sacred goddess of wish fulfillment. You must walk for around four hours from Anbu Khaireni on the Kathmandu-Pokhara.

 Larkpak Village

Larpak village is a great place to visit in Gorkha. This is a majestic village surrounded by high snow-capped mountains. Most people of the Gurung and Sherpa communities stay in this village, sharing their culture. You can experience the local life of the villages in Nepal. The unique language and culture of the Gurung add charm to this village. The house is made in the traditional style with stones and decorated with paintings on the roofs.

Buddhism is predominantly followed by the people here, so the trail to Manaslu from this village is filled with Buddhist flags. Agriculture and farming are the primary sources of people living here. Larpak village provides jaw-dropping views of the mountains during the clear days in winter.

 Bhimsen Park

Bhimsen Park is a beautiful place about a 2km walk from the Gorkha Palace. Like most places in Gorkha, Bhimsen Park is also connected with the history of Nepal and the first Prime Minister, Bhimsen Thapa. The statue of Bhimsen Thapa is in this park. This park is where to relax and enjoy the view of the spectacular mountains. This place seems crowded during holidays as many people visit this park and enjoy it with their families.

You can also visit Pacchimkhali temple, which takes two hours from
this park. Pacchimkhali temple is a perfect example of Nepalese architecture.

Food and accommodation during the Gorkha tour

Food is another prominent part of this Gorkha tour. You will try lots of local cuisine, including the famous Dal Bhatt. Food in Gorkha is grown primarily organic. You can find many options for accommodation, from luxurious hotels and lodges to homestays. Gorkha is a simple yet clean and cozy place, so visitors often visit it.

Itinerary of Gorkha Tour

you can tour the Gorkha bazaar for 1 or 2 days with the historical sites. You can visit the museum nearby with the magnificent view of the snow-capped mountain range. After that, you can get back to Kathmandu or Pokhara via bus.

Frequently asked question

1. How to stay in good health when traveling to Nepal?

If you are a tourist coming to Nepal after the pandemic, you must get a COVID-19 vaccination. After getting to Nepal, you should eat food that is cooked thoroughly. You should be conscious to drink water from only a reputed brand of bottled water or clean and boiled water only.

During the Gorkha trek, you can drink soft drinks like Coke and Pepsi, which are okay, but try to avoid stiff drinks like alcohol and beverages. If you are trekking to Gorkha during the monsoon season, you should be extra careful about the food and drink you consume. If possible, wear a mask when walking in dusty, polluted streets.

Due to pollution, the summer season in Gorkha can be challenging for walking in the street. In addition, if you have any medical condition, you must inform your guide about it and take the necessary precautions.

2. Is Nepal a safe country to travel?

Nepal is generally safe to travel to, with a meager crime rate. However, we suggest you be aware and follow the safety concerns. You might try to avoid demonstrations, rallies, and public gatherings as there might be a chance of robbery.

You should be aware of the surroundings that you are traveling with. Do not go anywhere alone or without informing a guide; you should check with the representative about the safe and unsafe areas. You should zip your wallet and bags and try not to open them publicly. If you travel solo, ensure the hotel you are staying in is safe and register.

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