Honeymoon in Nepal – Best itinerary for newly married couple

Honeymoon in Nepal

A honeymoon in Nepal is the best place for newlywed couples. The honeymoon is the celebration of a newly married couple, which is celebrated in a romantic destination. In this period, the couple visits the new place, establishes love, and spends private time with each other. Nepal is rich with beautiful romantic places, so for those newly married, Nepal is one of the choices for a Honeymoon.

If you are newly married and looking for the special once-in-a-lifetime moment for your honeymoon. Then, it is the best option to visit Nepal as the tour offers the experience of feeling the beauty of nature. A honeymoon in Nepal tour generally takes you to mesmerizing mountains, lakes, valleys, and forests.

It can also make your tour a memorable one. Genuine that people make a special honeymoon once in a lifetime with their beloved. Therefore, you need a special and romantic place where you will share everlasting memories in your life with your only beloved.

The honeymoon in Nepal is also known as a golden period, the most treasured and awaited moment of your married life. Similarly, marriage life can be cherished in a memorable way in the Nepal Honeymoon tour package. It is about exotic scenery, romantic dinners, dancing under the stars, and encountering new zones you have never visited or thought of before.

Our country is known not only as the land of colorful cultures, ancient history, and the world’s tallest mountains but also as a beautiful, romantic, and tranquil destination for honeymooners. You can find abundant wildlife and floral forests, terraced farms carved off the hillside, gushing rivers and waterfalls, and the ever-present view of the Majestic Himalayas, which will win your partner’s heart.

Honeymoon tour in Nepal

Nepal is the best place for your honeymoon in Nepal tour.

A honeymoon in Nepal comprises some of the world’s most romantic, breathtaking scenery. Nowadays, nature lovers prefer to have a honeymoon in beautiful nature. Rather than deserted islands, you can find forests, rivers, lakes, mountains, and animals. Indeed, these things make a honeymoon more romantic.

Tropical sunsets and radiant waterfalls are just some of the picturesque natural wonders you will meet during your Honeymoon tour in Nepal. Bhaktapur, Pokhara, and Chitwan are famous destinations for this tour. You will also get to explore the colorful cultures and ancient history. You can also experience many unforgettable moments enjoying Nepal’s wildlife.

Honeymoon in Nepal tour days in these cities are also charming. Meet with friendly and hospitable people, showing lots of love and respect. Therefore, the Nepal Honeymoon tour is one of the best among many destinations in the world. It is for anyone who likes to share feelings, have fun and romance, and want to participate in many activities.

Our team of experienced guides and porters will help you make your honeymoon vacation more enjoyable and memorable in every tour corner. The honeymoon package described below is designed to be flexible. We can also change the itinerary for comfort, where your only concern is total enjoyment.

It can be lots of fun making your honeymoon in Nepal memories special and vivid enough to last a lifetime—we, Above the Himalaya Trekking Pvt. Ltd invites you to make your honeymoon worthwhile and romantic in Nepal. We ensure you get the most out of it.

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    Tour Duration: 10 days Arrival to Departure

    Climate during the honeymoon in Nepal  tour:
    September to November: Autumn is delightful, and the weather is clear; the mountain views are the best. (Maximum 30 Degrees, Minimum 2 Degrees)

    From March to May (warmest months), the temperatures are mildly warm ((Maximum 33 Degrees, Minimum 10 Degrees)

    From December to Mid February (Winter), the weather is cold, and the sky is clear (Maximum 24 Degrees, Minimum -2 Degrees)

    June to August: Summer/ Rainy Season (July/August has more rain) (Maximum 34 Degrees, Minimum 19 Degrees)

    Tour Visiting Places:

    Kathmandu, Dhulikhel, Chitwan, Pokhara

    Transportation: Depending on the group size, a good-condition private car or van with a good driver is available for a tour; tourist buses or flights are available for long drives.

    Meals during the Honeymoon in Nepal tour:

    Breakfast is available in 2- to 5-star hotels, which offer a buffet breakfast with various foods. Our guide will take you to a good restaurant with food choices from Nepali to Western menu for lunch. You can also tell them what sort of food you like and can choose the restaurant accordingly. For Dinner in the city, you can go out. There are plenty of excellent restaurants out of Kathmandu and Pokhara. You can eat at the hotels.

    Hotels Standards:

    Budget to 5-star hotels are available during the honeymoon in Nepal tour. We can choose the hotels that suit your interests and budget. All the hotels we choose are located centrally, with unique charm, clean rooms, and friendly staff.

    Tour Leaders:

    All our tour guides are professional. They are trained and examined by the Government of Nepal and have excellent English and other languages such as French, Japanese, Spanish, and German. All our guides have a deep knowledge of local culture, religion, arts and architecture, monuments, and temples with their historical and cultural value.   They will provide you with all the help during your tour.

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      Honeymoon in Nepal itinerary:

      Day 1: Greetings at Kathmandu Airport

      We will meet you at Kathmandu Tribhuvan International Airport and transfer you to your hotel. When you have time to settle in and freshen up after your long flight, you will be invited to visit our office for a briefing about your program. During this visit, we will help you check your equipment and facilitate processing other necessary items, such as National Park Permits, special permits, etc. If you arrive at night, we will have the same discussion the following day after breakfast.

      Day 2: A full-day sightseeing tour of Kathmandu, the capital valley. Drive to Nagarkot.
      After breakfast, you will take a full-day sightseeing tour around Kathmandu Valle. You can visit the sacred Pashupatinath Temple and Swyambhunath, which are very ancient and essentially enlisted in UNESCO World Heritage sites. The biggest Buddhist Stupa at Boudhnath and the fine arts and historical architecture of Kathmandu Durbar Square reflecting the ancient Nepalese culture are highlighted on our guided tour. On returning to your hotel, you will have time to explore the local area, have Dinner, and perhaps stroll through the famous streets.

      A one-hour and forty-minute drive follows Nagarkot, 2175m above sea level, which provides an excellent sunset view over the Himalayan range. On a clear day, Mount Everest can be seen. The terraced farmlands on the sloping hills, green hills, and views of the river valleys are superb!

      Honeymoon in Nepal

      Day 3: Nagarkot Drive to Dhulikhel

      Today, you will wake up early to watch the spectacular sunrise over the Himalayan range. The first rays of the sun firing the peaks glow a multitude of pink, gold, and red hues as they slowly light up the Himalayas, which will become extremely beautiful and grace your honeymoon pursuits.
      After breakfast and some relaxation time in Nagarkot, we will drive to Dhulikhel – the next destination. An hour’s drive will take you to Dhulikhel; check in to the hotel, and you can look around Dhulikhel’s town.

      Day 4: Dhulikhel- Visit Bhaktapur and Changu Narayan Drive back  to Kathmandu
      Your honeymoon in Nepal tour starts after breakfast and some leisure time. We will have a short drive to visit the ancient and historical city of Bhaktapur ( the city of Devotees). After Bhaktapur, we will see Changu Narayan Temple, dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

      It was built in the 4th century and has a stone inscription, which is the first recorded history of Nepal. It is one of Nepal’s UNESCO-recognized heritage sites. Drive back to the hotel. You will spend the night in your hotel in Kathmandu.

      Day 5: Kathmandu drive or flight  to Chitwan

      Take a flight of about 25 minutes to Chitwan, or you can drive for approximately 5 hours, viewing the spectacular natural beauties through the way. Welcome to Chitwan National Park. There will be a short briefing on the program and our facilities.

      An exciting elephant ride (Jungle Safari) is done for guests to explore the jungle and wildlife in the evening. You will see the one-horned rhinoceros, several types of deer, monkeys, wild boar, bison, sloth bear, leopard, and, if lucky, the Royal Bengal tiger. Spend a splendid night in a honeymoon room in the hotel.

      Day 6: Full-day tour in Chitwan National Park.
      Your honeymoon in Nepal tour starts. After tea or coffee, a nature walk on foot to encounter the environment will introduce the main features of eastern Chitwan: Sal forest, open grassland, and reverie jungle—marvelous views of some species of birds, plants, and other wildlife. Learn more about these fascinating animals during a visit to our Elephant stable.

      After lunch, a traditional dug-out canoe takes you on a silent trip down the Rapti River to view aquatic birds and the animals on the riverbanks.
      In the evening, you will be greeted by a Tharu cultural show with dancing.

      ( Note: the program at Chitwan is fixed by your lodge/hotel on arrival; the programmer may change  due to the season)

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        Day 7: Drive to Pokhara

        After breakfast, nature walks on foot to encounter the environment. You can go on the birdwatching tour. After this, we will leave to go to Pokhara, driving for about. Stroll around the streets of beautiful Pokhara city in the evening. It is a very well-managed city famous for tourists because of its moderate temperature and tourist places that make your night more enjoyable.

        Day 8: Full-day sightseeing of Pokhara City
        Pokhara is another famous destination of Nepal, a dreamland to be called. Early in the morning, we can take a taxi to the village of Sarangkot, which is set high above Pokhara on a ledge. Here, you can view the beautiful sunrise as it spreads slowly across the spectacular snow-capped Himalayan mountain ranges.

        After lunch, visit the famous David’s Fall, the Tibetan refugees’ camp, the Mahendra cave, and the ancient museum. We will go on a boating trip to Phewa Lake in the evening. Here, you can enjoy the spectacular views of the Annapurna Himalaya Ranges. Also, visit  Bindavasini Temple, which lies in the middle of the lake.

        Day 9:Pokhara to Kathmandu. Take a 25-minute flight or 6/7 hour Drive.

        You can take a flight or drive by tourist bus/Private car to Kathmandu. In the evening, you can spend your last night in Nepal enjoying the Nepali cultural dinner show, taking some beautiful snaps, and making up your mind for the return journey.

        (You may also stay longer for short tours, such as drives at National parks, rafting, Tibet tours, mountain flights, etc.) Around the city, a wide range of Western, European, and Nepali cuisine offers delicious tastes. You can exchange greetings among friends and buy some souvenirs.

        Day 10: Final Departure
        We will drop you off at the international airport for your home flight. I wish you the best of luck for the rest of your life, and I hope you have great experiences and adventures.

        Clothing for the tour:

        On your honeymoon tour in Nepal,  you will experience a wide range of climates, so take light and warm clothing in casual and comfortable styles. You can check your traveling time and bring the appropriate clothing for the tour. Mostly, warm clothes do work. If you are going trekking, you need trekking equipment and accessories.
        Light cotton clothing is the best for lower altitude places such as Chitwan, Bardia, and Koshi Tappu.

        Comfortable walking shoes are the best for the tour. Bring trekking shoes if you are hiking, as in the itinerary. A pair of light sandals are promising to get. We advise you to ‘wear’ your walking boots/shoes for several weeks before your trip – you’ll be much more comfortable if you do so. Sandals with rugged bottoms are suitable for hiking around town and to wear in showers.

        You will need your toiletries and towels. You’ll also need your medical kit, sewing repair kit, and a good headlamp with extra bulbs and batteries. It is for long hours in the summertime, and most of our chosen hotels have generator backups, but they may not run at night, so bring the headlamps for convenience.

        You can store your luggage in hotels and bring better clothing to look good around the cities, such as Kathmandu and Pokhara.

        Sunglasses are a must. A warm hat and gloves are also beneficial for winter hiking, swimming customs for rafting, and Elephant bathing at Chitwan; good socks and a sun hat for Jungle safari tours and warm sightseeing days in town.

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          Clothing’s Suggestion for Women Travelers:

          You wore a bikini or revealing bathing suit when rafting or swimming, which is an offensive mistake unless it is in your hotel swimming pool. At swimming pools, women wear bathing suits with skirts around the bottoms. We recommend wearing surfing shorts and sports shirts that dry quickly for rafting and kayaking. It is okay to wear your bathing suit underneath.

          Here are some things you might want to bring for your honeymoon in Nepal:

          Walking/hiking, Everest base camp trekking, and river shoes are broken.
          You can layer clothes: a jacket, T-shirt, fleece, windbreaker, shorts, lightweight pants, sports pants, gloves, and a sun hat (there are not many clothes for summer and autumn).
          A nice shirt or pair of pants for nightlife. A pocket-size Flashlight (you can buy it here if need be, but there are always power cuts, so have it handy!). (It seems like the lights go off whenever you are in an unfamiliar toilet.)

          Good camera – this country is a feast for the eyes and a photographer’s dream!
          A sarong (for girls) and a lightweight towel. Ladies, if you like wearing a little makeup when you go out, bring it. It is hard to find here, and most of the makeup is weird, cheap stuff. Just get some things that make you happy for the party nights!

          Reasons to consider Nepal as your honeymoon destination.

          Nepal offers potential honeymoon options for all sorts of couples. It is one of the world’s most delightful hidden gems and an incredibly romantic vacation spot that remains a secret. From its towering mountain ranges and picturesque valleys to its collection of glittering lakes and stunning rice fields, Nepal has an aura of magic, mystery, and serenity that makes it the perfect choice for a honeymoon.

          It offers potential honeymoon options for couples, from adventurous mountain treks and jungle safaris to spiritual retreats and exquisite fine dining. Whether you have decided to get hitched traditionally or tie the knot on a cruise, a trip to Nepal is the perfect finishing touch to your big day.

          Six of the most romantic spots, explain why you should consider Nepal your honeymoon destination.


          Pokhara is known as ‘the city of lakes’ and is one of Nepal’s most beautiful places. With the Himalayas providing a stunning backdrop, the picture-perfect lakes that give Pokhara its nickname offer beauty and romantic adventure in equal parts. Go for a magical boat ride on Phewa Tal, the second-biggest lake in Nepal, and discover tranquility and spirituality at the Bhimsen temple.


          Nepal’s ancient and mysterious capital city is an obvious choice for newlyweds. It offers a fabulous combination of culture, traditions, and modernity, showcasing Nepalese society’s best. Explore the quaint, colorful city by day, taking in the fantastic historic sites like Pashupatinath Temple, Boudhanath Square, Swayambhunath Square, and Durbar Square, then drink, dance, and dine to your heart’s content thanks to the spectacular nightlife on offer.


          If you want something small, quiet, and remote, with the chance to spend time alone with your loved one, Sarangkot might be a perfect choice. A charming corner of the country, Sarangkot offers spectacular views from the Sarangkot ridge, with the Himalayas rising dramatically just in front. This makes it one of the most amazing places in Nepal to watch sunrise and sunset.


          Chitwan is a paradise on Earth for couples who love animals and nature. Boasting a vibrant array of Earthre, exotic, and endangered animals, it is the perfect spot to get out into nature on jungle hikes and safaris, drink in the lush surroundings, and delight in the beautiful flora and fauna, from elephant rides to birdwatch, there is much to do in this gorgeous little pocket of Nepal.


          Are you tempted to have breakfast in front of the highest place on Earth? Nagarkot sits just in fourth Mount Everest, the world’s tallest peak. It is probably the most picturesque place in Nepal (which, for a country with this sort of landscape, says something), making it the perfect honeymoon destination.

          Watch the sun rise over Everest, drink in the glorious panorama of the Annapurna mountain range, and hike through thickly wooded trails to discover charming forest clearings and even more impressive mountain vistas. Visit during the winter, from October to April, as although the temperatures are cold, the views of Everest are best at this time of year.


          To immerse yourself in Nepalese tradition and culture, visit Bandipur. This marvelous old settlement is rich in Newari culture, offering a delightful and friendly atmosphere and some truly unique experiences. Explore the enormous interior of the Siddha Gufa, the second largest cave in South Asia, or enjoy the spiritual ambiance and lovely surroundings of Bindhabasini temple. Finally, discover the origins of your favorite silk shirt with a visit to a working silkworm farm!

          Shopping in Nepal:

          At the end of your honeymoon in Nepal, you can go to Nepal. You can go out of Thamel to buy some Pashmina shawls, varieties of Tea, knives, Handicrafts, Nepali thanks, and carpets in Kathmandu; you can get Western-style clothes in Durbar Marg, Asan, Kathmandu Mall, and other new rising shopping centers. You can get designer-labeled clothes and custom-made jeans for literally a few dollars; the price is much lower here, but the quality compromises never meet Western Standards.

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