National Anthem of Nepal – Lyrics and Song

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 National Anthem of Nepal

“Sayaun Thunga Phool ka” was officially declared the National Anthem of Nepal to celebrate the revolution against Monarchy. On August 3, 2007, a ceremony was held in the National Planning Commission conference hall inside Singha Durbar. On that day, the speaker of the interim parliament, Mr. Subash Chandra Nemwang, officially declared “Sayaun Thunga Phool kathe National Anthem of Nepal.

The national anthem/song is a musical composition officially recognized by a nation’s government and the constitution. It is also a patriotic song that describes a particular country. Most countries have their own National Anthem.

Interestingly, the national anthem varies from country to country. Not only this, but there is also no complex and vast rule for its composition. The various reasons that cause varieties to be in tune and the texture of the national anthem are tradition, culture, and many more. We know that the earth is filled with beautiful people; however, people’s places of residence vary based on the continent, country, etc. Every person loves their country regardless of shape, size, structure, etc.

National Song raises many questions, such as the impact of National Anthems.

What is the real meaning of the Nepal national anthem song?

Why does any nation have a national anthem of its own?

When is the national anthem used?

Does the national anthem give a negative impression?

Well, this article will help to answer the above questions in detail.

People should respect their ruling government and policy. The utmost priority factor that people should appreciate is its national anthem. The national anthem does not discriminate against people based on race, religion, culture, or tradition. Despite this, it unites all the people, assuring that all people are sons/daughters of its nation.

The national anthem is essential as it reflects history, tradition, and struggles. It is also used as a medium to express national identity.

The name given to the national anthem is the state anthem, national song, and national hymn. The national anthem evokes a long history, the most significant achievements, and essential personalities related to the country. This song is a tribute to all the most excellent patriotic people who fought for the government and supported its development. The National Anthem of Nepal is a sweet combination of texture and precise wording.

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    National Song of Nepal

    Regarding the National Song of Nepal description, it is in third place on BBC’s ‘Rio 2016’ list. It was also declared as the most impressive national song.

    Before “Sayaun Thunga Phool Ka,” “Shreeman Gambhir” Nepali was our national song. This song was penned by Mr. Chakrapani Chalise in 1924. Mr. Bakhat Bahadur Budhapirthi composed this song.

    When talking about the style of the national anthem, most of them are marches and hymns. Singing a national anthem is a way of remembering our glorious day and pride. While singing this song, we strongly feel we belong to the nation. The national anthem is designated for the country, regardless of religion and age.

    These songs have been taught to us since childhood. Every time we sing the national anthem of Nepal, we rejuvenate our energy and develop a particular emotion of unity among the people of our country.

    The texture of the national anthems of various countries is a march-like and hymn-like composition. The lyrics reflect the struggles of freedom movements, diverse cultures, beautiful landscapes, and unique traits of a particular country.

    Every national anthem comprises a beautiful short story dedicated to a particular nation.

    The words of the national anthem reveal various exciting facts. Spain has a wordless anthem, while some nearby states use a familiar national anthem. Uganda has the shortest national anthem, while Greece has the most extended. Other exciting facts will be discussed later.

    Importance of National Anthem

    National anthems are always sung while conducting cultural activities. They are also used in the most significant festivals before the beginning and end of such festivals. Besides these, we sing the national anthem during major vital celebrations such as Martyr’s Day, Democracy Day, Constitution Day, Labor Day, Buddha Jayanti, etc.

    They play or sing before any special event, seminar, or game. The national anthem is a central part of initiating any good deeds. In substantial international events such as sports, meetings, conferences, etc., the national anthem of each participating team is played to express their respect toward the nation.

    Similarly, the winning team’s national anthem is played during the medal ceremony. The host nation’s anthem usually plays at the last moment. Additionally, students are taught the importance of the national anthem. That’s why the national anthem is a vital part of the school’s daily routine in most countries.

    School students sing national songs in the assembly before starting their regular classes. They also sing them in many political meetings before going home after completing their school period.

    It is compulsorily played. Interestingly, it was also playing in the movie theater before starting the movie. In countries like China and Colombia, there is a trend to play national songs at specific times of the day. The mediums used to play a national song are radio and television channels. There are various ways of promoting the national music of different countries.

    Description of the National Song of Nepal

    “Sayaun Thunga Phool ka Hami……..” is Nepal’s novel national anthem. Great poet Pradeep Kumar Rai wrote it, and the Late Amber Gurung composed the music. This new national song consists of two stanzas, each comprising four lines. Altogether, there are 47 words in the song. The music is beautifully written and composed flawlessly. He was talking about the evolution of this new song, which dates back to 2006.

    In 2006, the revolution was against the Monarchy. This song indicated the end of the monarchy system in 2006. On August 3, 2007, this new national anthem was also officially adopted. Before the revolution against the Monarchy, there was an old monarchy anthem. About 1272 people participated in writing this song. Pradeep Kumar Rai won and was selected to write the national song. Therefore, he is recognized by his pet name, Byakul Maila.

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      Nepali Lyrics:

      सयौंथुँगाफूलकाहामी, एउटैमालानेपाली

      सार्वभौमभईफैलिएका, मेची-माहाकाली।


      वीरहरूकारगतले, स्वतन्त्ररअटल।

      ज्ञानभूमि, शान्तिभूमितराई, पहाड, हिमाल


      बहुलजाति, भाषा, धर्म, संस्कृतिछन्विशाल

      अग्रगामीराष्ट्रहाम्रो, जयजयनेपाल।

      English Translation:

      Hundreds of flowers – Ek saya garland – Nepali

      Sovereign, spread out from Mechi to Mahakali.

      A playground for millions of Nature’s gifts

      By the blood of heroes, independent and immovable.

      The Land of Knowledge, land of Peace, Terai, hills, mountains

      The Indivisible – our beloved motherland, Nepal.

      The Multi-racial, multi-lingual, multi-religious, and with a significant culture

      Progressive nation ours, oh great Nepal!

      The core meaning of the new national song is to represent the whole nation and its people. It also includes the proud moment and glorious moment.

      Description of the National Anthem of Nepal song begins with hundreds of flowers scattered all over Nepal. Here, Flower represents Nepali people of different castes and tribes. Despite their types, they are all compiled as one garland and give a beautiful texture. Although people are from Mechi to Mahakali, they all share brotherhood and respect the nation. Nepal, as a whole nation, is a platform for millions of gifts and creatures from Nature. The country is genuinely prevailing in the case of natural beauty and scenario. It is home to thousands of mountains, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, religious temples, and many more. Nepal is a country of mountains with dozens of the highest peaks, including Mount Everest. Besides, it is also the birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha. Nepal alone comprises 10 World heritage sites.

      1. Pashupatinath Temple
      2. Swayambhunath Stupa
      3. Boudhanath Stupa
      4. Kathmandu Durbar Square
      5. Patan Durbar Square
      6. Bhaktapur Durbar Square
      7. Changu Narayan Temple
      8. Lumbini Nepal
      9. Chitwan National park
      10. Sagarmatha National Park

      Travel to Nepal

      Nepal is a developing country, and sadly, it is not economically prosperous. However, we have lots of natural things to feel proud of. These world heritage sites uplift our tourism industry, which is Nepal’s primary income source. Kathmandu is the city of temples. The beauty of Nepal makes discovering new places possible. Besides, the people of Nepal are friendly and cooperative. I assure you that you will have an incredible journey in Nepal.

      Another great thing to be proud of is that Nepal is forever independent. No country has ever ruled Nepal, and this is only possible because of our great warriors. Many people have sacrificed their lives to protect our nation, and their contribution to Nepal’s independence is commendable. We celebrate Matarys Day on Magh 16(January 30), Loktantra Day on Baisakh 11(April 24), and Democracy Day on February 19.

      The theme of the National anthem of Nepal song also describes Nepal as the land of Knowledge, a Land of peace all over Terai, Hill, and the Himalayas. The land is inseparable from any force and power. It is the land of multi-racial, multi-lingual, and multi-religious people.

      The culture is vast, with many festivals to celebrate. It is a progressive nation, constantly developing and protecting its people. This is Great Nepal, oh Great Nepal. Thus, the overall summary of the national anthem describes Nepali sovereignty, unity, cultural and biological diversity, Progress, peace, scenic beauty, and national pride.

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        Some of the interesting facts behind the national Anthems of Nepal of Different countries in the whole world:

        Shortest national anthem= Ugandan anthem

        Most extended national anthem= Greece’s anthem

        The national anthem comprises the oldest word in Japan’s anthem

        Wordless National anthem=Spain’s Anthem

        The national anthem of South Africa consists of 5 different language

        Country sharing the same tune in their national anthem= Estonia and Finland

        The national anthem of France has incredibly blood-thirsty lyrics

        Everyday Writer of the national anthem of India and Bangladesh=Rabindranath Tagore

        A country with no national anthem of its own=Cyprus

        The initiation of Ukraine’s anthem is “Ukraine is not yet dead.”

        The composer of Costa Rica’s national anthem=was put in prison

         Final Say,

        The new national anthem of Nepal is all about unity, courage, pride, the scenic beauty of Nepal, praising Nepali sovereignty, peace, Progress, and much more.

        Nepal’s national anthem includes all its great features: culture, people, independence, revolution, etc. The words are arranged beautifully so that they give a precise meaning.

        We Nepali are always ready to serve you with our natural scenic beauty. Exploring the stunning mountains is a dream for everyone. Thus, visiting Nepal would surely fulfill your dream to experience trekking, hiking,

        जय नेपाल! जय देस!!!!!!

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