Hot Air Balloon in Pokhara – Enjoy the Nepal’s thrill adventure

hot air balloon in pokhara

Hot Air Balloon in Pokhara is one of the most thrilling adventures, giving you the sensation of flying through the sky. Flying in a hot air balloon in Nepal provides a stunning view of the sunrise, the captivating lake in Pokhara, towns, and the Himalayan range. Hot air ballooning is more popular in Nepal, mostly in Pokhara, where you may enjoy the breathtaking views of the landscape and the city of lakes and caves. Kathmandu is 204.4 kilometers from Pokhara. You may drive there in around 6 hours or take a sightseeing flight that lasts for 30 minutes to get there. Then you will be taken to the place where the balloon flight will start, from Dhampus or Landruk.

Hot air balloon in Pokhara, Nepal, may provide you with an experience that exceeds your expectations. Hot air ballooning is a popular way for tourists to satisfy their desire for adventure
in Nepal, which is known as the country of adventure.

Flying over the Annapurna ranges is included in the package, giving you breathtaking views of the mountain ranges’ size and incredible beauty, including Machhapuchhre (Fishtail), Annapurna, Nilgiri, Dhaulagiri, Himchuli, and several more magnificent peaks. Along with the scenery, you enjoy the cool, refreshing breeze as you continue to drift above the clouds. Due to this exciting activity, you can experience a remarkable moment that you have always wanted to see.

Hot Air Balloon in Pokhara Nepal: All the Information

Long ago, hot air ballooning was started in Nepal, but due to some reasons, it was stopped. However, it has now restarted with the possibility of having the chance to fly five times every day, meaning that balloons are now allowed to fly five times per day. But mostly, the flight will take off in the morning and afternoon only. It will rise 500 meters above Pokhara, offering a breathtaking perspective of the valley of mountains, lakes, and forests. The scenario is still amazing on a clear day.

The bank of the Mardi River is where the  Hot air balloon in Pokhara lands. If you want to make this experience memorable, we have a variety of packages available, as it is the opportunity to enjoy your precious moment above the sky. If you want to take pictures and videos of yourself in the hot air balloon, that option will be available.Similarly, the package includes easy pickup from and drop-off at the hotel while paying close attention to safety and comfort. The Hot Air baloon in Pokhara package also includes insurance coverage to protect your journey from any problems.

Above the Himalaya trekking provides you the chance to take part in this exciting Hot air baloon in Pokhara  activity without having to worry about expenses, timetables, or preparation/training programs. You may reserve this activity with us, leaving all the burden on our shoulders, and simply take pleasure in this adventurous journey. We will plan the entire vacation for you, including hotel reservations, meals, lodging, and any other services you choose. You are always welcome in Nepal, a country rich in natural beauty where you may soar through the air like a bird and take in its splendor in
total peace.

Hot Air Balloon in Pokhara Nepal: Facts

Duration: 1 hour
Trip Grade: Easy
Trip Destination: Pokhara
Starts at: Pokhara
Ends at: Pokhara
Max altitude: 2300 meters
Trip type: Sightseeing
Transport: private car
Group Size: Max up to 8 People in 1 Basket (Less than 500Kgs)
Availability: General Hot Air Balloon Ride, Hot Air Engagement Ride, Hot Air Anniversary
Ride, and Hot Air Birthday Ride

 Hot Air Balloon in Pokhara Highlights

Adventurous sports that have just been restarted in Nepal
Online booking system that is quick and secure.
Booking with a credit card is free, i.e., without charge.
Both private trips and group excursions are available.
Pictures and videos were taken by experts
30 to 45 minutes spent in the chilly air above Pokhara, a lake city
Panoramic views of mountains like the Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, Lamjung Himal,
Hiunchuli, and Machhapuchhre (Fishtail), among others. View of Pokhara City and Valley from the top-down, including Bindabasini Temple,
Phewa Lake, and the entire city.
Fly above the clouds and enjoy the view from the eagle’s eye.
View of the city, village, mountain, lake, and stupa

When is the best time of year for hot air baloon in Pokhara?

With the exception of the months during monsoon season (June, July, and August), the ideal months for a hot air balloon trip are September, October, November, December, January,February, March, and April. During these months, hot air balloon flights are conducted every day, although they also depend on the wind and its direction of flow. Different mountain flights and aircraft movements are recommended, but hot air ballooning is by far the most appealing since you will be in the basket and able to take in the beauty of the natural world as it sways in the air.

Hot Air Balloon Packages in Nepal (Pokhara)

The most fascinating and exciting new activity in Nepal is riding in a hot air balloon. There are other activities to do in Pokhara, including paragliding, zip lining, rafting, and bungee jumping.
However, Nepal's newest and most exciting trip is hot-air ballooning. When compared to other adventure sports, it maintained the highest level. We offer a variety of balloon ride packages.
Each is unique from the others in many ways. Depending on the height range we fly to and the amount of time we swing in the air, the price of the packages varies. The following is a list of
several packages:

Hot Air Balloon in Pokhara Ride Packages

One of the most incredible moments one may have in a lifetime is flying above Pokhara, the lake city of Nepal, while taking in the views of the Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Hiunchuli, Fishtail, and
Lamjung Himal mountain ranges for around 40 to 60 minutes. This wonderful journey departs from Pame and arrives at the edge of Phewa Lake. Get a bird's-eye perspective of the entire
scene as you float around in the clear sky, among the clouds and birds. According to your request, a group ride or a private hot air balloon trip may be organized.

Hot Air Engagement

Hot Air Ballooning in Nepal has developed the novel idea of holding an engagement ceremony while floating through the air. This exclusive hot air balloon ride lasts for 40 to 60 minutes,
reaching a height of 1,000 feet above sea level. During this time, you fly like a bird, walking through the clouds that pass over the mountains and Phewa Lake into the lovely lake city.

Your imagination will really soar with this spectacular flying experience. Getting engaged in a hot air balloon while enjoying the crisp, cool air of the day with your beloved is an experience you
won’t soon forget. From Pame, the balloon will fly, then land on the Phewa Lakeside.

Hot Air Anniversary

One of the most spectacular parts of the hot air ballooning plan is the Hot Air Anniversary. You may spend 40 to 60 minutes in the air in a balloon over 1,000 feet above sea level. With this
balloon ride, you can celebrate the anniversary while taking in the scenery of the Himalayas, Phewa Lake, and the entire Pokhara Valley. Your journey will be more meaningful because of the chilled air and cooler environment. Pame is where the balloon takes off, and the Phewa Lakeshore is where it lands. Enjoy this wonderful opportunity to celebrate the Hot Air Anniversary and make your day extraordinary.

Hot Air Birthday

A Hot Air Birthday is the best way to spend your birthday with loved ones in the most breathtaking natural settings. It is a 40–60 minute flight, 1,000 feet in the air, over Pokhara. It is beyond the capacity of travelers’ expectations and imaginations to fully comprehend the mountain panorama, Phewa Lake, and the entirety of Pokhara’s city attractions. The balloons fly off from Game, and Phewa Lakes edge is where they land. Celebrate your birthday while enjoying the natural beauty of Nepal with the Hot Air Birthday package.

These are the bundles that are currently exclusively offered by our company. You may easily make a reservation for one of these fantastic packages through our booking area. If you have any
questions regarding hot air balloons in Nepal, you may reach us via different communication modes whenever you want. Since the activity will begin in Dhampus village, 22 kilometers from
Pokhara, we may go here using any transportation method.

It will be simple to reach you from our Pokhara office if you are already there. But if you are not in Pokhara, we will take you to your destination using any kind of transportation you specify.

Hot Air Balloon: Price/Cost in Nepal (Pokhara)

Hot Air Balloon in Pokhara: Cost and Itinerary
Day 1:

Booking a flight and maintaining the schedule for the whole trip depend heavily on the hot air baloon in Pokhara itinerary . You will take a 1-hour ride from Pokhara to Dhampus or Landruk. Transportation from Pokhara
Lakeside Hotel is included in the above price, as well as tea and coffee in the sky. There are two shifts every day, morning and evening, according to the schedule. With our morning shift flight and sunset shift flight, you may see both the sunrise and the sunset while in the balloon. The routes are as follows: Schedule: Sunrise Flight at 6 a.m. and Sunset Flight at 4 p.m.If Sunrise Shift Flight

5:00 AM Pick-up at your hotel (only within Pokhara) 40- to 60-minute drive to Pame
06:00 AM to 6:40 AM flight starts
Sunset Shift Flight
04:00 PM Pick-up at your hotel (only within Pokhara)
40- to 60-minute drive to Pame
04:50 PM to 05:30 PM Flight Starts
Please keep in mind that all flights are subject to local weather conditions.

Hot air balloon in Pokhara Cost: Solo

Rs. 10,000/- for Nepali Nationality.
USD 110 /- for Foreign Nationality.
Includes: Pick up Drop from hotel or lakeside /Light Tea or Coffee.
Duration: 30–40 minutes. depend on the weather.
Photo & Video: Rs. 1500 for each additional cost applicable, which can be paid directly on the spot,
Take Off Point: Dhampus Village
Landing at: Laurukh

For Special Occasion

The cost of traveling may be different from a single flight if you have a special event, such as an engagement, wedding, birthday, or hot air balloon anniversary.
COST: Group
Rs. 80,000/- for Nepali Nationality. family or group including 4 to 6 people per basket
USD 650/- for Foreign Nationality. family or group, including 4 to 6 people per basket.
Includes: Pick up Drop from Lakeside / Buffet Breakfast / Tea or Coffee.
Duration: 30–40 minutes. depend on the weather.
Take-Off Point: Dhampus Village
Landing at: Laurukh

Cost excludes

Personal expenses
Additional Charges: (Nrs 1500)
in-flight professional Photo
Time-lapse Video of your flight
Things to Bring
Use the equipment without damaging it.

How to reach Pokhara from Kathmandu for a Hot air ballon in Pokhara

There are around 200 kilometers between Pokhara and Kathmandu. Therefore, this distance may be traveled by airplane as well as by private vehicles like a jeep, car, etc., and a tourist bus.
Kathmandu-Pokhara Tourist Bus You will ll be using the Kathmandu-Pokhara Tourist Bus Service to get there. It provides travel by road between these two locations. Around 7 in the morning, the bus departs from Kathmandu Tourist Bus Park for Pokhara.

You will arrive in Pokhara between 2:00 and 3:30 PM because the trip from Kathmandu to Pokhara will take around 8 hours. The tourist bus arrives and departs at different times depending on the amount of traffic and the condition of the roads. The tour bus also makes a dinner stop at the hotel or tea house en route. The list price for this tourist bus from Kathmandu to Pokhara is $15.

Kathmandu Pokhara Private Car

You may also get where you are going by making a reservation for Kathmandu Pokhara Private Car Service. It provides exclusive road service connecting two cities, Pokhara and Kathmandu.
The private vehicle departs the city at your convenience and pace. The vehicle waits in readiness and will go forward once you command it. The type of vehicle (car, jeep, van, etc.) and its price
are determined by how many passengers it can accommodate. Private transportation from Kathmandu to Pokhara will take approximately 6 hours, including time for a meal along the way.

Kathmandu Pokhara Flight

The quickest and most convenient method to get from Kathmandu to Pokhara is via plane. If you dislike long, hectic road trips, this mode is incredibly useful. The distance may be covered in 25
to 30 minutes. The one-way flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara will cost you USD 100 per person. Preliminary information or reservations regarding your journey are essential because
airplane tickets are difficult to come by in Nepal in two main travel seasons (autumn and spring).


You never would have thought the journey would be so enjoyable. A delight for the eyes was the vista of the mountain ranges from the hot air baloon in Pokhara. The Pokhara Valley appeared to be a
magnificent place just below you. The Phewa Lake, the lush surroundings, and the snow-covered mountains were simply so pleasing to the eye. You may have taken a helicopter journey to the
nearby peaks of Mounts Annapurna, Machhapuchhre, and Dhaulagiri.

But this hot air balloon experience is much more wonderful and superior. It will feel like a dream to view the crimson sun through the clouds from the basket. The higher you ascend, the more pleased you will be by the refreshing air.

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