What is Trekking – is Trekking for me and its Advantage

Nepal winter trekking

What is trekking?

Trekking is an active activity where we go on multi-day day trips or hikes. It is mainly through rural, often rugged territory. We can also say Trekking is a form of walking undertaken to explore and enjoy the scenery. It usually takes place on trails in areas of relatively unspoiled wilderness. Trekking is also the best way to explore the world’s hidden beauty. Trekking in Nepal will take you to the base of the mountains and hills and get across beautiful landscapes that others dream of. It is a journey of exploration through walks.

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Many people go trekking to explore the beautiful scenery. People also do it for fitness and health. The best part of Trekking is that anyone can go on Nepal trekking. People of any age can enjoy this fantastic activity. Also, you do not need any experience or special training to enjoy trekking. It has become so popular that thousands can wander the world daily.

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    Nepal Trekking is not only about walking, but it is also a lot more about experiencing and learning more things. Along with that, it is also about reaching new heights of achievement and boosting self-confidence. It makes you feel better about yourself and also looks at the world from a different perspective.

    What is trekking

    Can I trek, or is traveling for me?

    Yes, it is for you. No matter where you live or your age or experience, you can still go on a trek. The only thing to care about is whether you are healthy and fit. You can trek if you are healthy and fit for travel. Furthermore, it is even cheaper than a lot of other adventures. So, your financial budget will also not limit you from enjoying Trekking.

    Also, you don’t need a particular degree of fitness, and no age barrier exists. However, extra care should be taken in areas over 3000 m altitude. So anyone with a healthy body and the spirit for adventure to explore the exotic will enjoy the thrills of Nepal trekking in the hills. Usually, for weary trekkers, we have a list of short, easy, and exotic treks, and for experienced trekkers, we offer a longer trek with lots of excitement and adventure.

    We invite everyone from the world’s families, students, honeymoon couples, friends, and solo female travelers to enchanting Trekking in Nepal. You can join us as an individual team member or with your group. We commit to arranging the best Trekking delights for you in the Nepal Himalayas.

    Anyone who can work 4 to 6 hours in the ups and down hills to Nepal, pack your luggage and join us for an exhilarating and unforgettable journey. We arranged all the things needed to trek in the Himalayas. Therefore, what you can do is enjoy the beautiful scenery and magnificent view of the Nepal Himalayas.

    Annapurna base camp trek via poon hill

    Do I need a guide?

    No matter how experienced and fit you are in outdoor adventures. It is essential to have an orientation to a new area. Hiring a porter and a guide can add significantly to your trek experience in Nepal, especially if this is your first time and if you are traveling on less frequented trails. A good guide gives you the best experience for your Trekking. They help you enhance your enjoyment and understanding of the region as they double as companions and interpreters.

    If you decide to hire a porter and a guide, remember that you are their employer and thus should take full responsibility. Tourists can also learn about the country’s lifestyle, culture, tradition, history, and Nature from our experienced guides. During the trek, our guides assist you with issues like first aid, Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS), emergency, rescue methods, etc.

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      Furthermore, having a guide in  Nepal trekking helps you to know about the place. Such a guide can provide meaningful information about the place and local people. In addition to that, you can also learn about the local culture and lifestyle in a better way. I also got to know about the better trekking routes and new places. Thus, having a trekking guide with you in a new place becomes helpful.

      Am I too old to do the Trekking in Nepal?

      We don’t think you are too old. Many old travelers do Nepal trekking. We have arranged travel for many old trekkers up to 78 years old. Many older trekkers walk much better than younger trekkers. And remember, the most former lady to climb Everest was 73 when she did it. The most men to climb Everest were 76 years old from Nepal.

      Also, after all, age is just a number. It is the willpower and passion in you that matters. So, not just for Trekking but for anything, age does not matter. And there is a first time for everything. So, why not add memories to your life and make it better by going on a trek? Moreover, Trekking will help you to remain fit and acceptable, and you will also have unique experiences and memories to cherish forever.

      What about security during Nepal Trekking?

      The security of our clients is foremost essential for us too. We choose all our guides and porters carefully. We have Government-certified and well-trained trekking guides and good porters. They are sincere and reliable. But we would also advise you to take care of your personal belongings.

      We ensure your every kind of security during the trek. We will provide you with the best service along with complete security.

      Nepal Annapurna Trekking

      Can I charge my Gadgets during the Nepal Trekking?

      Most trekking areas like Annapurna, Everest, Langtang, Dhaulagiri, Mustang, and Manaslu have an electricity facility. You can charge the batteries along most of the trek in USD 2,3. Most of the guesthouses have electricity facilities. There are telephone facilities in many villages along the popular trekking routes from which you can make international calls in major cities of Nepal, and yes, you can use your Cell Phones too.

      Everest base camp trek in June

      How Should I Dress?

      The clothing you bring has to be suitable for both the warmth of the days and the chill of the nights. It is better to wear lightweight trekking trousers and T-shirts while trekking during the day at lower altitudes. Carrying a waterproof jacket and warmer clothing with you is always a good idea, as mountain weather is unpredictable.

      What type of shoes should I buy?

      Good, comfortable trekking shoes are the most important for the trek; tennis shoes or Snickers are ok for shorter treks. In contrast, longer treks require functional boots, excellent ankle support, plenty of tow room for long descents, and a bit of timberland.

      They are a bit heavier, but most importantly, you want to get those that wrap the angle; this prevents you from twisting your ankles on uneven grounds. Functional, lightweight trekking boots or light all-weather boots are perfect. Boots should be a proper fit for you, and you have to wear them lightly before using them on Trekking.

      What if I get sick while on a trek?

      It depends on the Nature of the sickness. Generally, if you get sick, you will descend to a lower altitude with the help of support staff and have a rest. But we will arrange an emergency helicopter evacuation service if the case is critical. For this, you need to have ( travel insurance).

      Our guide will take immediate action according to the situation. Altitude sickness is the primary concern during trekking in high elevations. It can affect everyone while traveling, including young and healthy people. Return immediately to a lower altitude if you feel dizzy or suffer palpitations or severe headaches. Do not take altitude sickness lightly. It can be fatal!

      These are most of the questions we get from our customers, and we hope that you will find the answers helpful. If you have more queries about your trekking holiday in Nepal, you can always contact us. We hope that you will find the answers helpful. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have further questions or want to discuss the trek.

      Kathmandu Pokhara Chitwan tour


      Here are some tips before starting your trek

      • Ask your questions and share any doubts with us before booking your flight.
      • Book your trek and the flight of the arrival.
      • Consult the doctor to check your health and ensure your physical health condition.
      • Before coming here, purchase your travel insurance from a reliable company.
      • Check the needed clothing and equipment for your travel and what is trekking in Nepal.
      • You can get a Nepal visa before arrival at the Nepalese Embassy.
      • Bring official papers like a valid passport, three extra passport photographs (for trekking permits), travel insurance, airline tickets, and luggage tags.
      • Bring all your credit cards and necessary other payment cards.
      • Inform your relatives and friends where you are going and the kinds of uncertainties.

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        Advantage of Trekking

        Advantage of Trekking: Nothing can compare with the satisfaction we get from traveling and spending time in Nature. Walking in the beauty of Nature is a refreshing activity that anyone will enjoy. Trekking is the best way of exploring and enjoying the beauty of Nature. Similarly, there are lots of benefits that we get from Trekking. Here are some Advantages of Trekking

        1. Good for health

        Trekking is beneficial for the body. Hiking in Nature and fresh breathing can give the perfect workout to the body. It also improves strength, cardio fitness, and walking comfortably and quickly. Therefore, during Trekking, the muscles of our body get stretched as Trekking means constantly waking and moving. One will feel the change in the body after trekking as it helps in blood flow, improves the digestive system, and forms energy in the body.

        1. Peace of mind

        Getting into Nature and exploring it can remove the negativity and stress from our minds. The main advantage of Trekking is that it is one of the best ways to reduce anxiety and boredom, Which will result in peace of mind.

        1. Learning a new culture and lifestyle is the advantage of Trekking

        Trekking, especially, means walking to remote regions. We can experience an isolated lifestyle and culture while walking to those places. Anywhere you go trekking, you will learn about a different culture than yours.

        1. The advantage of Trekking is the Social benefit.

        The main advantage of Trekking is you will find different people and make new friends. There will be one kind of bonding between you and the group or team you are traveling with. You will be far from your home and social media, so it is possible that the friends that you make while Trekking will be lifelong, memorable friends.

        1. Encounter natural beauty is another advantage of Trekking

        Nature includes different varieties of flora and fauna, rivers, lakes, mountains, glaciers, and so forth. So this is the advantage of Trekking: you will be exploring and encountering all those gifts of Nature. The blue sky above, birds flying, waterfalls, and the smooth air of the environment will make one feel relaxed.

        advantage of trekking

        Trekking safety in Nepal and its advantage

        The destination is not what makes us different; it is the quality of the services that make us stand out from the crowd—at the same time, exploring the local villages and trekking through beautiful forests and underwater falls. Over the suspension bridge, we focus on promoting the local economy using local providers and products. You visit these Himalayan countries with us, which will also support the local community.

        Nepal undoubtedly is a country of spectacular beauty, and it has been recognized as a top trekking destination in the world. However, travelers coming to Nepal should remember the possible dangers during Trekking in the Himalayas, such as Altitude sickness, Landslides, Occasional theft or extortion, etc. Planning, playing by the rules, and realizing human limitations are the best ways to evade risk.


         All the trip leaders and guides are almost medical trained and have worked permanently for the welfare of trekkers, and each year, they are trained wisely and update their skills in the wilderness of First-Aid training.

        With our widespread networks of local partners, we can arrange custom-made trips as our clients request. Our services are not limited to guiding, transportation, and accommodation. Along with these, we make sure you can enjoy your holidays. We take care of your health and safety issues and provide you with memories that will last forever. To make your trip successful and offer you the most vivid and luxurious environment, visit our website, www.abovethehimalaya.com.

        Nepal is a relatively safer country to travel and trek, provided the basic rules are explored. When a reputed trekking agency organizes the Trekking. The staff handles most complications; safety is always at the top of any agenda. At the same time, you are holding any adventure trekking and climbing trips in the Himalayas. If you’re planning your dream trip, you can always visit Nepal. Numerous websites and agencies can be seen while visiting Nepal. Choose wisely and enjoy your best time here in Nepal.

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        advantage of trekking

         Fitness Tips

        Even though physical fitness is a paramount part of any open-air movement, you don’t have to be a contender or marathon runner to revel in trekking in Nepal. Physical fitness is presumably less of an issue at begin than you may suspect. Most trekkers of high fitness for their age can finish the Nepal trek. Most first-time trekkers are worried they won’t keep up; however, they soon uncover that a relentless pace will have them in camp well before they might have anticipated.

        These treks are not preparing runs for the fit; however, they are strolling occasions for individuals of all ages. A nervous disposition is significantly more significant at this stage in the diversion. You might be the fittest on the planet, yet provided that you have no certification in Trekking, it won’t turn into a long-haul movement for you.

        Trek preparation, by definition, implies that you will reinforce actual form muscles, specifically legs, and train your cardiovascular framework.

        Get a day pack and start your journey.

        So, raising your heart rate throughout a preparation session is basic. There is no preferred preparation over trekking itself. Get a day pack on and get out there as frequently as possible. As opposed to long, progressively climbing trails, most Himalayan trails focus just about specifically up, obliging a considerable measure more exertion, particularly when plummeting, a ton more fixation.

        The majority of the people believe that the grandest test while trekking on High Mountain is going up, yet it is while slipping that makes the most issues. We regard this to be a direct trek, and on a straightforward excursion, you will be strolling for six to eight hours every day at elevations up to a most extreme of 5,700 meters.

        You will adapt to a directly evaluated trek if you can deal with several valley floors to edge line risings for every bush walk. Speed is not the substance; stamina, trust, and progression are. Assuming that you are an experienced walker and regularly trek a maximum of 15 km per day with a pack, a trek may as well demonstrate no challenge.

        Nepal winter trekking

        First-time Nepal trekking?

        Usually, Trekking in Nepal is straightforward, and following intelligent methods with well-trodden routes, Nepal’s most well-liked trekking routes, like Everest, Annapurna, and Langtang, are well provided with tea looks and lodges. Therefore, the trails between these are well-used and provide straightforward walking conditions. We’ve got short easy to lo, ng, bandage advantages.

        You’ll take the trek as per its speed and fitness level. Commonly, our trekking permits. Lots of time to thoroughly complete the itinerary. To confirm that everybody is in excellent condition. I am on the steady ascent to the path, like the Annapurna Base camp trek, Everest Base camp trek, Throng la Pass, and alternative Trekking.

        Our entire trekking itinerary includes associate acclimation days. This ascent presents no real problem and may be among the capabilities of the match and active hill walkers. However, there are a couple of long trekking days, and it should be noted that trekking at altitudes higher than 5000 meters is essentially strenuous.

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