Manakamana Temple Tour – History & How to get there

Manakamana temple

Manakamana temple is a well-known temple in the Gorkha district, about 140km from the Kathmandu valley. It is a sacred place in Nepal with many beliefs. The history of Manakamana has been written in many books. Manakamana is the reincarnation of the then-queen of Gorkha during the 17th century.

The queen had divine power, and only Lakhan Thapa knew this. One day, the king of Gorkha also finds that his queen is a goddess, and after that, he suddenly dies. Again, a farmer found a stone in his farm from which milk and blood were poured. The flow stopped when Lakhan Thapa started worshipping. After that, the site became the foundation of the present Manakamana temple.

An interesting fact about the temple is that the priest of Manakamana must be a descendant of Lakhan Thapa. Many devotees visit Manakamana every day, and most newly married couples come to worship there for their longer lives. Along with its religious importance, Manakamana is the best spot for trekkers near Kathmandu.

Trekkers prefer to hike, as the route to the temple is beautiful. It takes about four hours to reach Manakamana, where you can enjoy the orange field and local lifestyle. The most attractive thing about hiking to Manakamana is the awe-inspiring view of the Trishuli River. People come to Manakamana to experience the cable car ride, as the view of the Gorkha Valley from the cable car is impressive. From the temple premise, you can catch the thrilling glance of Mount Manaslu, Himachal, and Annapurna ranges.

Structure of Manakamana temple

The structure of the Manakamana temple is pagoda-style, with four roofs and an entrance facing southwest. Only temple priests are allowed to see and perform the daily prayers and rituals before entering the devotees inside the temple premises. Manakamana is a Nepalese word in which “Man” means heart and “Kamana” implies desire.

Therefore, the temple fulfills the desire of the heart. People widely believe that the goddess Manakamana blesses with success with all her devotees. There are only two ways of going to Manakamana, i.e., walking up or by cable car. People prefer cable cars because it is the easy way.

Manakamana tour is not just trekking; it gives us a chance to learn about and observe its religious importance. The national and international people inside the temple worshipped the goddess wholeheartedly. Many hotels and lodges promote Nepal’s culture outside the temple.

Visiting the Manakamana temple is a worthy experience. Manakamana has great potential for promoting and preserving culture. The view of the mountains, the cable car, and the temple have been the main attractions of Manakamana Tempe. Many Indian people also believe in visiting Manakamana to fulfill their wishes.

Hindu people of Nepal and India think we should see the Manakamana temple once in their lives. The route to Manakamana is very well-constructed and easy to travel. The staircase that leads you to the main temple is smooth and perfect for people of people of all ages.


The different histories of the Manakamana temple are related to the unification of Nepal. The great king Prithivi Narayan Saha attempted to unite the country several times but could not succeed. However, in his dream, the goddess helped him to unify the nation with several small nations. The following day, he began to worship the goddess. Due to Devi Manakamana’s power, Prithivi Narayan Saha successfully unified the country.

According to this history, Lakhan Thapa was an essential part of the unification of Nepal. Therefore, after constructing the temple, he became the priest of Manakamana. Due to the temple, Gorkha has been the top spot for local and international travelers. You can get a fantastic view of the hills and the grand Annapurna range. You can get an aerial view of the Gorkha district by cable car.

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    How to get there

    The gateway of the Manakamana temple is Kurintar, which is in the middle of Kathmandu and Pokhara. It takes about 3 hours to drive from Kathmandu to Kurintar. Kurintar is the place to operate cable cars. This place remains crowded throughout the year. The cable car ride from Kurintar to Manakamana temple takes 10 minutes. The cable car ride is the most thrilling experience. You will be in the middle of the mountains and get an exhilarating aerial view.

    The length of the cable car ride is 2.8km with the two stations. The cable car is operated from 9 am to 5 pm. To avoid the crowd, you should visit early in the morning. Most people are afraid to go on the ride, but the company guarantees 100 percent safety. Manakamana is at an altitude of 1320 km with a delightful view of the entire Gorkha.

    If you have enough time, you can go rafting on the Trishuli River. Abulkhairene is another beautiful place to trek in the Manakamana temple. People mostly visit the Manakamana temple during Dashain and Nang Panchami to worship the goddess.

    Manakamana Cable Car Tour

    It is famous for its fantastic cable car ride. This is most cowardly during the month of Shrawan. People worldwide visit Manakamana to fulfill their wishes and pay homage to the goddess. The goddess meets with devotees’ wishes by praying with their hearts, so Manakamana is called “wish of heart’.

    Earlier, people used to sacrifice goats and chickens in the temple, but now this tradition has ended. The cable car goes up and comes down significantly. The high hills add beauty to the tour. People from Kathmandu, Chitwan, Pokhara, and Biratnagar can get a ticket for the cable car from their place. Also, if you are traveling with the trekking companies, they will arrange the ticket for our visit to Manakamana.

    Here is the detailed itinerary for the Mankamana Temple tour

    1. Arrival in Kathmandu

    The Manakamana tour is short and can be completed within a day, but you will not have enough time to observe. On this first day, you will arrive in Kathmandu Valley. We will pick you up at the airport and transfer you to your hotel rooms. You will be staying in a luxurious hotel with all the facilities. If you have enough time, you can even roam around the streets of Kathmandu and Thamel.

    1. Sightseeing

    The second day is the sightseeing day for this trek. After finishing our morning routine, you will be sightseeing with our guide. On this day, you will be observing the art and culture of Kathmandu Valley. Sywambhu is the best tourist place in Kathmandu, with the Monkey Temple P, Pashupatinath Temple, and Boudhanath Stupa. Patan Durbar Square is another ancient monument that reflects the country’s tradition. Thamel Bazar is another tourist place in Nepal. Here, you can get local Nepal stuff. People buy Nepali stuff here as a memory of their country.

    1. Kathmandu to KurintarFrom here, you will start your trek; the drive from Kathmandu to Kurintar is 258 meters, with a time of 3 hours. The rail to Kurintar goes through the Prithivi highway. After reaching Kurintar, you can roam around Gorkha Bazar. People believe that Manakamana is the sacred place of goddess Bhagwati, the wish-fulfilling goddess.If you have enough time, then you can visit the surrounding villages. Most people do not know Manakamana, so it is the gateway for lower Manaslu. Manakamana provides the best view of the hills, mountains, and lakes in one trek. Bakreshwori is another short trek from Manakamana, which will be great fun. This temple has both religious and economic significance. Manakamana has an excellent scope for economic development.
      1. Back from Manakamana

      This is the last day of your tour to Manakamana temple. From here, you will be returning to Kathmandu via road. It takes 3 hours to reach Kathmandu from Gorkha. If you have enough time, you can roam around Gorkha and Kathmandu in Indrachowk and Ahsan. Our team will escort you back to the hotel and transfer you to the airport before your flight. Hope to see you soon!

      What is the price of a cable car?

      Since many people visit the Manakamana temple yearly, the price depends on your get and nationality. A single cable car has a room of 4 to 6 people simultaneously. Since people of all age groups can ride cable care, here are the price rates for students, older people, and children. The rate of cable cars for people of the same age group is always the same.

      For people aged 60 or above, it is Nrs 260(one-way) and Nrs 525 (both ways). Age 20 – 59 is Nrs 325 (one-way) and Nrs 675 (both ways). Children aged up to 19 – Nrs 230 (one way) and Nrs 525 (both ways). Students (ID card is compulsory) Nrs 230 (one way) and Nrs 525 (both ways)

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        What is Manakamana temple Cable Car Timing?

        You will be shocked to know that about 200 people complete their cable car ride each hour. You will have to stand in line for some time. There is a massive crowd in the cable car queue during Vacations, holidays, and festivals. The cable car runs from 9 am to 5 pm each day.

        At noon, the staff has a break for snacks in the mill, so the cable car will not operate for 1 hour. Before going on the tour, you will have to consider these things. The cable car carrier moves at a speed of 6 meters per second. Therefore, it takes about 8 to 10 minutes for a carrier to reach the temple.

         Is Manakamana Cable Car Safe?

        The cable car company in Manakamana ensures that all the riders are safe and comfortable. There is no such case of an accident in a cable car. The carrier’s technology is very new, and the facility has a hydraulic emergency drive for any emergency. In addition, sickled and highly trained staff members work in the emergency rescue force of the cable car with digital technology.

        Which is the best time to take the tour to Manakamana temple?

        Although you can travel to Manakamana temple throughout the year according to the wither you will have to choose the time:-

        • Manakamana temple Weather in February:

        February is the best time to visit Manakamana. The temperature of Gorkha during February ranges from 41 degrees to 79 degrees Fahrenheit. The weather also becomes OK with the clear view of the sky. You can explore nature more during February as the forest is full of oak trees and a beautiful bird flying all over. Precipitation during February is 87.46 mm. The crowd also increases due to the best weather conditions, So if you want to avoid crowds, start your trek early in the morning.

        • Manakamana temple Weather in April-May:

        April and May are perfect time temperature-wise. This time of the year is not too and not too cold. You can travel this month to enjoy Manakamana temple without any temperature problems. Acing about the temperature ranges from 57 degrees to 97 degrees Fahrenheit. Manakamana temple also remains crowded during this month.


        Manakamana temple is one of the best religious places in Nepal. Thousands of people come to worship the Manakamana temple every year. Suppose you visit Manakamana and wish for something with your pure heart; then the goddess will grant your wish. Hiking and traveling are enjoyable, and you will not feel tired. This trek will make all your stress disappear, and be thankful for your life. If you manage your itinerary, you can visit the beautiful city of Bandipur in Pokhara. We hope to see you soon and do more trekking with you.

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